How Long to Spend in Hue

How Long to Spend in Hue ? Hue is a charming destination in Vietnam, although many have said it lost some of its charm during the war.  A few people tend to disagree, because the older buildings that managed to escape destruction blend wonderfully with all the newer modern buildings that line the streets.  Plus, where else in the world can you learn so much history without the need to deal with the crowds in a bustling area of the world?!

how long to spend in hue
(How long to spend in Hue)

Of course, while most people agree that Hue is a must-see destination nowadays, no one can really agree on exactly how long to spend in Hue.  Some people think that a couple of days is plenty of time, while others believe that you cannot place a time limit on the beauty and attractions that can be found in this part of Vietnam.

So, you may quickly realize that how long to spend in Hue is a personal question that only you can answer!

Best Things to Do in Hue – How Long to Spend in Hue

As you are trying to figure out how long to spend in Hue, it may be helpful if you know about some of the best things to do in Hue!

Visit the Imperial City

The Imperial City is a walled fortress that has many palaces and temples inside.  This area is also known as the Hue Citadel and it is surrounded by a moat.  Restoration of this historical attraction has been going on for many years, so you will not see as much damage as there once was.  It is best to take a couple hours to walk around the entire area, so you can truly appreciate what it looked like so many years ago.

Visit the Imperial City - how long to spend in hue
(Imperial City – how long to spend in Hue)

Travel Along Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is not a road for the weak, due to the twists and turns, as well as wet conditions at certain times of the year.  Most people stay away from this pass now, since the Hai Van Tunnel was created and opened.  However, you may want to travel along the Hai Van Pass to see the true beauty of this part of the country.  If you are still struggling to determine how long to spend in Hue, make sure you add at least a day to travel along this roadway.

Hai Van Pass Top Gear
(Hai Van Pass – how long to spend in Hue)

Quickly Visit the Hue Provincial Museum

This museum isn’t one of the best in the world, but it will give you a glimpse into the past of Hue.  There are a few exhibits on the inside, but there are no labels in English.  Therefore, while you can see the exhibits, you may not understand them as completely as you could.  The outdoor area of this museum is wonderful though with the helicopter, tanks, and planes sitting out in front.  There are labels in English for these items, so you will know where each one was captured during the war.

Hue Provincial Museum - how long to spend in hue
(Hue Provincial Museum – how long to spend in Hue)

Take a Boat Tour Along the Perfume River

One of the best ways to see the city of Hue from a different vantage point is to take a boat tour along the Perfume River.  Most of these boat tours will allow you to get out and see some attractions that can only be seen via boat in Hue, so you get that as an added bonus when you choose to do this during your stay.  If you are not comfortable with boat rides, you can always walk along the riverbanks and visit the shops and restaurants that are nearby.

dragon boat in Perfume River, hue city vietnam
(Dragon Boat – how long to spend in Hue)

Visit the Minh Mang Tomb

There are many tombs honoring the Emperors in Hue, but this is one of the most popular ones.  Emperor Minh Mang had the construction of his tomb started in September of 1840, but he never saw it completed since he passed away four months later.  It took three years before he could be laid to rest in his tomb.

minh mang tomb in hue city vietnam
(Minh Mang Tomb – how long to spend in Hue)

Visit the Thien Mu Pagoda

The tallest religious building in the entire country can be found in Hue and it is the Thien Mu Pagoda.  This pagoda is seven stories tall and it overlooks the Perfume River.  While the temple was constructed back in 1601, the tower was not added until 1844.  You must spend a few hours at this pagoda, exploring the history and seeing the sights.  One of the more unique sights is tucked away at the side of a building behind the main prayer hall.  The car that Thich Quang Duc drove when he went to Saigon and set himself on fire in protest is on display for those that know to take the time to find it.

thien mu pagoda
(Thien Mu Pagoda – how long to spend in Hue)

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how long to spend in Hue, so you will need to decide how long you need to explore this fabulous city.  It is recommended that you take as much time as you need, so you do not miss out on any of the important details and attractions this city has to offer.

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