Hai Van Pass Top Gear: The Most Marvelous Wonder in Vietnam

Hai Van Pass is an incredible scenic road, well, a mountain pass, that allows the locals and travelers like yourself a way to quickly get between Hue and Da Nang.  The Hai Van Pass is a twisting road that has oftentimes been considered dangerous and that is the main reason why the Hai Van Tunnel was constructed years ago.  While many people now utilize the Hai Van Tunnel, there is something about the pass that makes it quite the extraordinary journey.  That is why the Hai Van Pass Top Gear is such a popular tradition amongst visitors like yourself.

Hai Van Pass Top Gear

Due to the danger that can be present during a Hai Van Pass Top Gear journey, it is imperative that everyone takes the weather and a few other things into consideration.  When it comes to Hai Van Pass weather, the best time to travel along this scenic road is during the months of January through March.  It is at that time that the Hai Van Pass weather is dry and comfortable temperature-wise.

hai van pass on top

The Hai Van Pass weather for April and May is also dry, but it becomes hotter and more humid at that time of the year.  The months of June through August brings the most tourists for Hai Van Pass Top Gear, so if you do not like crowds, you may want to avoid it at that time.  The Hai Van Pass weather takes a turn for the worse from September through December, because the rains begin, and the roadway gets wet and slick.  However, do not let the Hai Van Pass weather sway you from conquering this stretch of road.  Just use caution while visiting at certain times of the year.

how to get from hue to hoi an - by motorbike

When you decide to tackle a Hai Van Pass Top Gear tour, you will find yourself going from Hue to Hoi An on a motorbike.  This is a phenomenal way to see attractions that include Elephant Spring, Mable Mountain, Lang Co Bay, and Tam Giang Lagoon, because you would miss many of those destinations if you simply traveled through the tunnel on the train.

A Hai Van Pass Top Gear tour is an excellent way to see as much of the area as you possibly can in only one day, freeing up your time for other parts of Vietnam.  Your journey will begin in Hue at the location where you are staying or another location of your choice.

lap an lagoon - hai van pass top gear

As you ride along Highway 1A, you will quickly discover a fishing village to stop at to meet the locals.  While there, you can walk around to see the sights surrounding the Tam Giang Lagoon, which happens to be the largest lagoon in all Southeast Asia.

Your next stop on the Hai Van Pass Top Gear tour will be Elephant Spring.  The locals refer to it as Suoi Voi and it is a natural spring that you will fall in love with the moment you see it.  The best time to be at this spring is during the months of April through September, because the air is warm, and the water is cool and refreshing.

The views from the very top of the Hai Van Pass route are the most spectacular part of the entire journey, so make sure you stop and take the time to appreciate the beauty of it all.  At one point, you will venture off the road to go through the mountain to see what is called the Sea and the Mist.

my-khe-da-nang-hai van pass top gear

My Khe Beach is an excellent place to relax and walk around after a few hours of riding on the back of a motorbike.  Plus, it gives you an opportunity to grab a drink and even a bite to eat.  It won’t be long before your Hai Van Pass Top Gear tour gets you up close to Marble Mountain, where there are plenty of caves and temples to explore.

Your journey is almost over at this point, because you will be reaching Hoi An and your hotel in that part of Vietnam.

viewpoint Hai Van Pass Top Gear

You will see all the attractions listed above during a one-day Hai Van Pass Top Gear tour, but you can see many others if you take two or more days for this amazing journey.  So, if you can find the time in your busy schedule, I recommend that you choose one of the longer Hai Van Pass Top Gear tours for when you are visiting Vietnam.  I know you will not regret your decision, especially once you see the stunning beauty that lies around every single corner of this destination!

Plan your Hue to Hoi An journey via the Hai Van Pass today and see how a motorbike can change the way you see and appreciate this part of the world!

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