What to buy in Hue Vietnam

Hue gets a lot of products to buy which you can carry as gifts or souvenirs. Shopping in Hue is typically characterized by some fascinating specialties and the highly regarded cultural souvenirs.

If you travel to Hue charming city, don’t forget to buy this 5 top souvenir products as the special gifts after a great trip.

1. Hue Conical Hat – Vietnamese Traditional Hat

One of the unique products of traditional handicraft villages in Hue is maybe Hue Conical Hat. Over hundreds of years establishing and developing, it is not only intimate accessories the sun, the rain and close to the daily life of Hue people, but also becomes a cultural specialty associated with the image of Hue women.

Hue Conical Hat - buy in Hue

To make Hue conical hat more special, Several hat makers will add paintings of Hue and poems and other things to make it look better between the two layers of leaves. The symbols often appearing in conical hats are Truong Tien BridgeThien Mu Pagoda, Ngu Binh Mountain, Huong River…  Especially, you can see the poems that craftsmen insert into the weaves when the hat is held up to the sunlight.

Conical Hat of Hue - buy in hue

Know that almost every local markets have a conical hat, such as Dong Ba Market, Ben Ngu Market, An Cuu Market,… and the most special address is Da Le Market  – the big clue introducing Hue conical hats.

2. “Ao Dai”

Ao Dai (means a “long dress”)  is the national dress of Vietnam. It has been from the beginning of the 18th century. This dress  was worn by both genders but now most commonly worn by the girls and ladies. Ao Dai is an elegant, demure and charming outfit.  It helps to flatter every figure and every different age.

Ao Dai - buy in Hue

You can buy an available Ao Dai at Dong Ba market or Pham Ngu Lao Street, Mai Luc Loan Street, Ben Nghe Street. If you have some days in Hue, you can order tailor-made Ao Dai.

3. Lotus Seeds

Hue has a lot of enormous lakes and lagoons which are good conditions to plant the lotus. Lotus seeds are the edible seed of the lotus plant. It is not only delicious but also valued for its medicinal qualities and culinary properties. It is very good for health (get better sleep,…) and beauty (keep skin beautiful,…).

Lotus Seeds - buy in Hue

In Hue, lotus seeds can be cooked with sugar to become royal sweet soup, or with rice and many foods. It couldn’t be missed in the list of Your Souvenirs in Hue. You can buy it at Dong Ba Market or other markets in Hue.

4. Peanut and sesame candy (Me Xung)

Peanut and sesame candy (Me Xung) is the traditional specialty. It is a mixture of peanut, sesame, flou, and sugar. This wonderful confection is sweet, soft and chewy as nougat. It is better that enjoy this candy while drink lotus tea.

Peanut and sesame candy - buy in Hue

You can find it in several parts of the country but still Hue would have a better version of it. A lot of reliable addresses to buy the good this candy are Thien Huong, Nam Thuan, Song Hy, Song Nhan,…

 5. Bronze products

The techniques of bronze casting in Phuong Duc village, Hue have always been acclaimed as the pinnacle of bronze casting. Phung Duc village is located Bui Thi Xuan Street, 2 km from the city center. Hue’s bronze products, which is very famous, appear everywhere in Vietnam, even in some markets abroad. The lines, decorations and patterns of each work, which are so fine and delicate.

Bronze products - buy in Hue

Great Bell at Thien Mu pagoda, numerous bronze pans and bronze fringes in the Royal Palace, the gates in the citadel, the nine dynasty urns,… are casted by craftsmen in Phuong Duc village. You can choose some nice bronze statues in this place for gifts.

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