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Hue DMZ Tour – Small Deluxe Group


DMZ Tour from Hue is an astonishing encounter with the war history and painful past of Vietnam. You can take a trip from Hue to the demilitarized zone with us. There are opportunities to learn about the war strategies, tactics, planning, the resilient spirit of the Vietnamese people, their hideouts, and much more. This tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Vietnam War. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a 5km narrow strip of territory stretching from the Laos border to the coastline. It served as a war-free buffer zone between the old northern and southern borders of Vietnam. These attractions and monuments honor local war heroes. The Truong Son National graveyard in this area is Vietnam's biggest war graveyard. There are over 10,000 Vietnamese troops buried there. To learn more about the harrowing details of war, go to the US combat station turned museum, which displays war artefacts. Dong Ha is the biggest settlement in the region. It is also accessible by day trip from Hue or Da Nang. Get in touch with us, to join one of our Vietnam specialists on this wonderful tour of the historic location....


  • Explore Ho Chi Minh Trail, the 17th parallel, the former headquarters of the US, the sites of the fiercest battles fought,…
  • Learn about the struggles for independence and the indomitable spirit of Vietnamese people.
  • Hear informative commentary from a knowledgeable guide.

Is this tour best for me?


Hue DMZ Tour: this is a one-day memorable journey of the turbulent history from Hue to the demilitarized zone which contains the severe hardships of the Vietnamese people, and the infamous war that remains in the mind of Vietnamese people. You can explore those battlegrounds to observe the hardships people faced during the war and stories of their resilience. One of our experienced and professional guides will assist you in learning about those battles and locations.


Dmz Tour from Hue itinerary:

– Early in the morning:

7:00 a.m. The guide and driver will meet you at your accommodation and drive you to the Quang Tri region. You will have the opportunity to visit some incredible locations along the way:

  • Dakrong Bridge marks the start of one of Ho Chi Minh’s major paths leading to the Laotian border. It was used as the main access point during the war.
  • Long Hung Church is a National Relic in the Vietnamese village of Quang Tri – BA5453. It is not only visited by Catholic pilgrims but also by people from all over the globe. The uniqueness and grandeur of the architecture of the cathedral compound are highly admired by visitors.
  • Khe Sanh Combat Base is one of the most important war locations. It is the site where the most famous battle in Vietnam happened. It can be accessed by Route 9 from Dong Ha to Khe Sanh Combat Base. There is a former campsite with a small exhibit of old interesting photos of the Vietnam War, a few reconstructed bunkers, and American aircraft.

– In the afternoon:

  • The Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge form a distinct dividing line between two parts of Vietnam. During the French and Indochina conflict, the 17th parallel was used to divide Vietnam into northern and southern sections, each with its administration. The French constructed the Doc Mieu Base in 1947. It is the main stronghold of the Mc Namara line, where their militia is stationed. Basement vault devices, ground artillery launching, and concrete mobile bunkers are all available.
  • Vinh Moc tunnels are well-known throughout the globe. Every year, large crowds of visitors and historical explorers come to the demilitarized zone. This underground network was not built for military reasons, but rather as private shelters. They are regarded as the most effective tunneling strategy during a conflict. You will be given complete information about the location as well as adequate time to tour the museum, subterranean passageways, hamlet with family rooms, gates, air ducts, meeting rooms, exits to the sea, and other attractions.

6.00 pm – 7.00 pm: Tour finishes after the car drops you back at Hue.

(Hue Dmz Tour – Map)

Some more Details about the amazing attractions:

  • Depart for Quang Tri province

Dakrong Bridge marks the start of one of Ho Chi Minh’s major paths leading to the Laotian border.

Dakrong Bridge was an essential component of the Ho Chi Minh Trail network and the Vietnam DMZ. It was constructed between 1972 and 1975 before the reunification of Vietnam. This point was the site of the brutal war of the US forces during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, it is the Vietnamese’s pride to demonstrate to the world that you cannot beat us and our powerful will. The Dakrong suspension bridge is on Ho Chi Minh road in Dakrong village, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province.

Dakrong-Bridge Hue to DMZ private car

(Hue DMZ Tour – Dakrong Bridge)

This is the beginning place for Highway 14, which connects Quang Tri to Binh Phuoc. The bridge is situated between mountains and forests, surrounded by magnificent natural scenery, and is linked with important historical places. This Dakrong bridge fell in 1999. With the assistance and help of the Cuban government, a modern suspension bridge was built for transport that became a popular tourist site. Many tourists visit the beautiful attraction.

The ancient National Highway 9 serves as an essential link between Dong Ha and Lao Bao. It is located alongside The Dakrong River. This is an essential component of the Dakrong scenic location compound.


  • Khe Sanh Combat Base

Ta Con or Khe Sanh Combat Base (also known as Ta Con) was a United States Marine Corps base in the south of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) during the war. It is open every day for visitors as a part of excursions beginning in Hue. Most of the area got a natural overgrowth of coffee and banana trees after it was abandoned. Visitors can see displays of historical photographs, weaponry, and the “impression books” found in the heritage museums and battlefields of Vietnam, in a small onsite museum. They can also see a C-130, Bell UH-1 Iroquois, a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, restored bunkers, artillery, armor, and sections of the airstrip.


(Hue DMZ Tour – Khe Sanh Combat Base)

  • Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai river

For more than 20 years, the Hien Luong Bridge and the Ben Hai River separated the nation into two sections, North and South. They are situated on the shores of the relic cluster, near the junction of National Highway 1A and the Ben Hai River. The northern area is the home to Vinh Thanh commune. Hien Luong Village in Vinh Linh district. Xuan Hoa Village, Quang Tri province is the Southern area.

Hien Luong Bridge

( DMZ tour from Hue – Hien Luong Bridge)

The Ben Hai River flows from the 17th parallel from West to East, between Dong Chan mountain and the Cua Tung Sea estuary. It separates the towns of Vinh Linh and Gio Linh in Quang Tri province by flowing over 100 kilometers. Hien Luong Bridge was constructed in 1928 with the help of residents of Vinh Linh District. The bridge was only 2m wide at that time and was constructed of wood with iron supports. It had limited space for pedestrians.

The bridge was rebuilt by the French with reinforced concrete in 1950 that was collapsed by the North Army to prevent enemies. It was 3.6m wide and 162m long.

After two years, a new bridge was constructed by the French to connect the Goi Linh and Vinh Linh Districts located on the two banks of the Ben Hai river. It is 178m long with 7 spans consisting of steel beams, a reinforced concrete bridge, and a pine paved surface.

  • Doc Mieu Bases

Dос Mieu Bаsеs are the American bases close to Demilitarized Zone. You can get to the bases by going a little higher up from Dоng Hоa. There is a rusted Shеrmаn tаnk, placed at the busiest bаsе during the winter.

Tourists make a short visit to this area. The Dос Miеu Bаsе was established by the French in 1947. It was named the impregnable fоrtrеss by the United States during wartime. Bases were arranged to рrеvеnt northern аrmiеs from attacking аnd соnnесtеd frоm соаst tо Giо Hаi Bеn, Doc and Cоn Tiеn.


(Hue DMZ Tour – Doc Mieu)

To prevent any untoward situation, the US Army constructed a fencing facility with barbed wires and оvеrlаррing lауеrs.

To avoid any aggressive attacks, strong bumper lights were installed. A ghost border was created and soldiers were posted there. It was the most significant defense post in Mc Namara, according to the records. There were bunker mobile systems, ground artillery fire mechanisms, and hangars along the Ben Hai River.

Most of the electronic fence was dismantled and this area became an important tourist attraction of Con Tien and Doc area. It is a very beautiful and attractive tourist destination. The monument of victory can be seen on the hilltop. There is an old tank and a sign at the Doc Mieu Base that is the most prominent sign in the area.


  • Vinh Moc Tunnels

The inhabitants of Vinh Linh, Quang Tri, resided in the Vinh Moc Tunnel for many years, deep beneath the black earth, concealed from bombers and harboring troops. They lived, and even thrived, in their improvised underground society.

vinh-moc-Hue DMZ By Jeep

( DMZ Tour Vietnam – Vinh Moc Tunnels)

17 children were born in the passageways, during that time. Each of their lives remained a witness to the network of caves and labyrinthine that safeguarded the lives of the people. This location became a tourist attraction and historical site with time. It is a great place to learn about Vietnamese history.

The DMZ (Vietnam’s underground network) is located north of the Ben Hai River and south of the China sea. Vinh Moc tunnel is situated within this Vinh Moc compound in Vinh Thach Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province. There are over 60 tunnels in the Vinh Linh complex including Mu Giai, Tan My, and Tan Ly tunnels. Vinh Moc tunnels are the most solid and firmest village tunnel, with three levels and a round stairway that is still in use today.

What's included?

  • Transportations
  • Entrance tickets
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Lunch
  • Pick up and drop off from hotel/stay in the center of Hue

What's excluded?

  • Beverages, breakfast, dinner
  • Gratuities and personal expenses
  • Pick up from your hotel/stay outside the center of Hue

Price: 49 USD/ People

= 1,176,000 VND/ People

  • Kid from 0 – 2 year old : free of charge
  • Kid from 3 – 10 year old : 39 USD
  • Kid from 11 year old and older as Adult

Condition & Faq


You can pay by cash after trip or pay online in advance by (Paypal/Credit, Debit Card). Some tours you must deposit some other dont need. And you will finish the balance of the booking for Tour Guide/ Driver when finish the trip. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will send you the confirmation of the reservation as well as the complete itinerary.

Cancellation policy

If the Customer cancels some or all portions of the booking regardless of the reasons, the Customer agrees to pay cancellation fees as follows:

  • - 2 days before departure day: No cancellation charge
  • - 1 day before departure day : 50% of the tour price
  • - Cancel after 12 hours, we will charge 100%


How will I know my booking has been confirmed?

When you receive an email starting: Your booking has been confirmed. To make sure that your booking has been confirmed, we will send you an ticket later. Please check itinerary to avoid any inconvenience.

How can I pay?

  • - Cash at tour guide when finish the trip
  • - Paypal (pay extra 5% for transaction fee)
  • - Credit card at our office (pay extra 3% for banking fee)

Who is offer this tour?

We and our partner are travel companies/ tour guides who work with us for selling their tours.


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Simon Scotland
Simon Scotland
Rate :

Had a drive with Tien today from Huê to Khe Sanh, thru the DMZ to Vinh Moc Tunnels. An easy day with lots of stopping for sights along the way. At each stop we had lots of info and local insights. An essential trip to learn about a sad time in the history of Vietnam. Considerate and polite service all day, everything we asked for was a pleasure, thanks Tien!

Code Booking
Rate :

Great experience with my lovley veteran guide! He knew everything I think this is my best tour so far in Vietnam!

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Catherine Lim
Catherine Lim
Rate :

Spent the day with Tien. Met at hotel and driven 400 kms. Stopped many places along the way and learnt about the sites. Was impressed by the scale of the DMZ, not big at all. With forts and patrols all along, with artillery and air strikes not at all far away, the destruction was overwhelming and at great cost to the people of Vietnam. An educational day, made special with local insight and feelings shared by our guide Tien.

Code Booking
Sam Farrar
Sam Farrar
Rate :

Discover some of the places through which Vietnam remembers the Vietnam War on this historical tour from Huê. Instead of exploring these memorials and landmarks with a distracting tour group and a guide reading from a script, explore these places at your own pace with a lovely guide. Visit landmarks like the Long Hung Church and Hien Luong Bridge, which marks the war’s Demilitarized Zone, and go deep into the Vịnh Moc tunnels that many Vietnamese lived in during the war.

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Organized by: Explore Vietnam
Product ID: CODE-HUE-20

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