Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation in Elephant Springs Vietnam

Elephant Springs Vietnam is a gorgeous treasure that you will find approximately fifty-three kilometers outside the city of Hue. That means you can reach Elephant Springs Hue within an hour’s drive or a little longer if you make a couple of stops to enjoy the views along the way.  If you are wondering what type of treasure Elephant Springs Vietnam truly is, you will be happy to know that it is the elephant waterfall Hue.  This sparkling waterfall comes from a natural spring and the water flows down into the water pools below.

elephant springs vietnam - hai van pass

When you decide you want to visit Elephant Springs Hue, the best way to get there is via the Hai Van Pass.  This coastal road is considered one of the best coastal rides in the entire world, so do not think you will be the only one traveling along it to reach your final destination.  You also shouldn’t plan on being the only person at Elephant Springs Vietnam.  Due to the untouched and tranquil feel of this area, many locals and travelers love to spend quite a bit of time there.

However, you won’t find tons of people there, since the elephant waterfall Hue is off the beaten path.  The location allows visitors to feel as if they have stepped away from the rest of the world, into an area of seclusion and privacy.

Elephant Springs Hue

When you first arrive, you will see a large boulder that looks like an elephant.  Yes, this boulder is where Elephant Springs Vietnam got its name.  You may hear some of the locals referring to Elephant Springs Hue as Suoi Me, which means colossal elephant.

Reasons to Visit Elephant Springs Vietnam

There are so many reasons to visit elephant waterfall Hue, but here are our favorites:

  1. Opportunities for Relaxation

There are a few huts at Elephant Springs, so you can easily rent one for the day.  These huts will give you space to store your belongings, have something to eat, and maybe take a nap.  If nothing else, you can easily relax when you are inside one of these huts.

Relax elephant waterfall hue

  1. Sparkling Water

The water at elephant waterfall Hue is crystal clear and very clean, which makes it sparkle under the sun.  When you are in the stream, you can easily see the large stones on the bottom.

Sparkling Water elephant waterfall hue

  1. Available Games

You wouldn’t think that there were games at Elephant Springs Hue, but there are, and you can enjoy them all during your visit.  While you can catch crabs and snails, you may prefer to swing across the stream and drop into the water below.

Available Games Elephant Springs

Dining at Elephant Springs Hue

While you won’t have dozens of restaurants to choose from when you are visiting Elephant Springs, you will have a couple different options when it comes to the foods that you eat.  While we recommend the grilled frogs and fish, you can also get snails prepared any way you wish.  There is no shortage of food in this part of the country, so take advantage and imbibe in a few favorites while you are there.

Dining at Elephant Springs Hue

Food is only available on peak days though, so you must plan your trip carefully or pack your own food as a backup plan.  You definitely won’t want to have nothing to eat as you are visiting this spectacular destination!

Best Time to Visit Elephant Springs Vietnam

You can visit Elephant Springs at any time of the year, but the best times are truly between the months of January and September.  This area is slightly busier when the water is not as cool, although you must use caution if you plan to visit when it is raining.  The reason for this is the pathways can get very slippery and it is easy to fall without notice.

Best Time to Visit Elephant Springs Vietnam

Entry Fees to Elephant Springs

There is a cost to visit Elephant Springs, but you must use caution when you are paying this fee.  Some people try to take advantage of tourists and ask for more money than they should.  Currently, the entry fee is about 55,000 VND, but that doesn’t include the cost of food or the huts.

elephant waterfall hue

There are no set open and closing times, since this is a public space, so you may arrive long before payment is accepted.  No worries, simply enjoy the time you are there and don’t worry about when others are going to show up.

Elephant Springs Vietnam is a gorgeous destination that you will love!  In fact, you will fall in love with the entire area the moment you arrive, and you will never want to leave to venture anywhere else in the country of Vietnam.  If you have never seen Elephant Springs Hue, you must plan a vacation there to see it right away!

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