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Chan May Shore Excursions

Typically, the Cruise ship stops for one day at Chan May international port and leaves in the afternoon. So, there is a lot of demand for private taxis during this time. Therefore, taxi drivers charge a lot of money. So, your best bet is to hire a private car transfer to Hue or Da Nang Hoi An. If you have no idea what to do once you are at Chan May Port, you can ask us to make a plan for you. You can hire our private cars to leave for Hoi An, Hue or Da Nang. We charge the most affordable prices. Therefore, you don’t need to book a cruise operator or group tour.


(Chan May Shore Excursion – map at meeting point)

Since we are local car rental transfers, we offer a range of vehicles for car rental, seaport transfer, and airport transfer.


This small industrial port is based in Thua Thien-Hue province. In other words, it is based in the centre of Vietnam, amidst the Hue and Hoi An. Therefore, Chan May is often associated with Hue. This city is 61 km away. Also, shore excursions are also popular, especially for Da Nang. If you travel around 80 km, you can visit Hoi An.


Group of pax 1 2 3 4 >=5
Price 168$ 104$ 87$ 78$ 71$

Book Here: Chan May Port to Hue Tour



Group of pax 1 2 3 4 >=5
Price 170$ 100$ 80$ 71$ 62$

Book here: Chan May Port to Hoi An Tour



Group of pax 1 2 3 4 >=5
Price 219$ 141$ 119$ 110$ 100$

Book here: Chan May Port to Golden Bridge Tour

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Group of pax 1 2 3 4 >=5
Price 170$ 100$ 80$ 71$ 62$

Book here: Chan May Port to Danang Tour


  • High quality vehicle
  • Pick up outside the port, 500m from your cruise.
  • All the Entrance fees
  • Lunch
  • English speaking Guide during the trip
  • Beverage in Meal
  • Pick up at your Cruise, inside Chan May Port (25 $/person)
  • Travel Insurance
For Children
  • Kids under 5y: free of charge
  • Kids from 5y to under 10y : pay 75%
  • Kids from 10y and older: as adults.

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    • HUE
      Between 1802 and 1945, Hue was Vietnam’s capital, but it is still one of the major economic and cultural hubs of the country. Embedded in a mountain landscape and a picturesque hill, Hue refers to “harmony” in Vietnam.

    hue imperial city entrance fee

    ( Chan May Shore Excursions – Chan May Port to Hue)

    The Imperial city of Hue who was home to the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty emperors in the former capital. Actually, in the citadel, an imperial palace was constructed according to the structure of the forbidden city in Beijing. This site was marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

    Hue is near the Perfume River aka Huong Giang River. Besides, you can sail on this slow-flowing river on dragon boats. There are many theories as to how the name of the river was originated. According to a theory, this name was given because of the flowers and pollen drifting on the river in the blooming season.

    According to another theory, the name comes from a specific kind of noble wood, such as a cinnamon tree or sandalwood. The wood was transported on boats to other areas.


    This Buddhist monastery is built on a hill near the Perfume River. In 1601, it was constructed under the rule of Nguyen Hoang of South Vietnam. It features seven storey Tower, which is the tallest pagoda. According to folklore, a holy woman showed up on this hill and said that a noble ruler will bring prosperity and Justice to the area by building a Pagoda. This is the reason the Pagoda is known as the “Pagoda of the heavenly woman”.

    linh-mu pagoda

    (Chan May Port Shore Excursions – Chan May Port to Hue)

    In Hue and around it, you can find a lot of tombs and gravesites. In Vietnam, ancestor worship has huge significance. Therefore, you can find countless tombs and gravesites over there. During the last dynasty, there were 13 emperors in Vietnam. And you can find only 7 tombs in the area. You can find these magnificent tombs in the southwest of the citadel.

    Minh Mang tomb from above( Chan May Excursions – Chan May Port to Hue)

    The most popular attraction of the area is the tomb of Minh Mang Emperor. This Storm is popular for its amazing architectural design. Minh Mang himself planned it and the construction happened between 1840 and 1843. It was constructed like a palace on a small scale. If you look at it from above, it will appear as a human body. The Tomb of the emperor is located on top of the structure. This structure covers 70 acres and has a 1,700 meters wall around it. Since 1993, Minh Mang Tomb is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

      Ba Na Hills was turned into a resort in the 20th century. Over the years, this resort fell apart. In 1990, they revived Ba Na Hills and transformed it into a modern Resort that has three hotels, several tourist facilities, and a 27m high Linh Ung Pagoda. In 2009, they started a cable car that takes you to the high summit of Ba Na Hills. In one hour, this cable car can transport up to 1500 people. The amazing thing is that this cable car received two awards and got a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Chan May Port Shore Excursion - Chan May Port to Golden Bridge(Chan May Shore Excursions – Chan May Port to Golden Bridge)

    Golden Pedestrian Bridge aK Golden Bridge is the centre of attraction in the area. It emerges from the Ba Na Hills. It looks like as if two large hands carry or support the bridge, which is what is special about this bridge.

    The famous Cloud Pass, aka Hai Van Pass, is a meteorological and natural boundary between south and north Vietnam. It is situated between Da Nang and Hue. The highest point of it is at 496m and length is around 20km.

    Hai Van Pass Top Gear

    (Chan May Port Shore Excursion – Hai Van Pass)

    You can get a unique panoramic view of the sea Son Tra and Da Nang peniinsula when the weather is clear. You can take a train or car to drive over the Hai Van Pass. Hai Van tunnel was constructed and opened for public in 2005. It is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia.

    • HOI AN
      Hoi An is a visually attractive coastal town with a wooden look. In fact, it is among the most popular destinations in Vietnam. Therefore, Da Nang is an ideal starting point if you like to have shore excursions to this coasal town.
      During the day, the town shines with Japanese, Chinese and vietnamies architecture. In the evening, you can find numerous sparkling lanterns across the city. Plus, there is a combination of various cultures that adds to the charm of the town.

    hoi an

    ( Chan May Shore Excursion – Chan May Port to Hoi An)

    The good thing is that this old town remained intact in the Vietnam War. In 1999, it was Mark as UNESCO World Heritage Site.