What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife

A trip to Hue City is never complete until you venture out from your hotel room to experience the Hue nightlife. Of course, this decision may have you wondering what to do in Hue at night, but the answer to that is fairly simple.  After all, this part of Vietnam is filled with so many things to do, so it is inevitable that you will find something thrilling and amazing once the sun sets.

What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife

1. Venture Down to the Perfume River to Listen to Hue Folk Songs

Out of all the Hue nightlife options, venturing down to the Perfume River to listen to the Hue folk songs is one of the best.  The locals have been performing these folk songs down by the river for hundreds of years now, so it is a tradition you will not want to miss during your time in Vietnam.

Hue Folk Songs - hue nightlife

(What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife)

2. Head to the Bars to Listen to Music

If the folk music down by the river doesn’t interest you, or you simply want to grab a drink while listening to some music at the same time, then you may want to consider heading over to a local bar.  There are many different bars in Hue City, but it should be easy for you to find the exact Hue nightlife you want to experience at one of them.

Head to the Bars to Listen to Music

(What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife)

3. Check Out the Ambiance on Pham Ngu Lao Street

Pham Ngu Lao Street is not very large, but there are many restaurants, bars, and shops lined up along it.  While you can visit this popular street during the day, the ambiance totally changes at night, because this is when the crowds form.  This is the perfect place to grab a drink and something to eat, while also doing a little souvenir shopping.

pham ngu lao street - hue nightlife

(What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife)

4. Explore Hue City by Cyclo

Riding on a cyclo during the day in Hue City is amazing, but if you are wondering what to do in Hue at night, the answer is as simple as ride along the streets on a cyclo!  The streets and local attractions will look even more spectacular under the glowing lights, so make sure you add this to your list of options when it comes to Hue nightlife!

Explore Hue City by Cyclo - hue nightlife

(What to Do in Hue at Night – Hue Nightlife)

5. Grab Some Street Food on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street

This is the best street to grab street food from at night, especially because you can then eat the food you purchase as you walk along the shores of the Perfume River.  You can also grab a few souvenirs and look at the sights, as you are walking around trying to determine which street food you are craving that night.

Street Food on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street - hue nightlife

6. Visit Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel is an attraction in Hue City that is quite popular.  While you will want to spend some time there during the day, you will be more impressed with it when the lights go on at night.  This is one of your best options when considering what to do in Hue at night, but you must be prepared to only see a few of the magnificent sights inside.  A few of the areas you can see at night include Hoa Binh Door, Dien Tho Palace, the Mieu Temple, and Truong Sanh Palace.  Certain cultural activities take place at the Hue Citadel at night when it is open, so make sure you plan your Hue nightlife hours carefully.  After all, you don’t want to miss a moment of the magic at this incredible destination!

Visit Hue Citadel - hue nightlife

7. Wander Through the Diem Phung Thi Sculpture Garden

This gorgeous garden can be found near Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, so you may want to plan one night where you check out both areas at the same time.  The villa within the gardens is where more than three hundred works of art are on display, but it is only open during the daytime hours.  All those works of art were created by Madam Diem Phung Thi and they were all made using five different elements.  If you arrive early enough, you can wander through the villa before heading out to the gardens.

However, if you don’t, you are still able to wander through the garden.  This garden is open all day and all night, so you never need to worry about missing the uniqueness of the area.  Many of Madam Diem Phung Thi’s sculptures have been placed outside within the garden area too, so you can easily appreciate her work and the foliage at the same time.

Diem Phung Thi Sculpture Garden

These are seven of the things you can do whenever you stop and wonder what to do in Hue at night.  While you may not love all these Hue nightlife options, you can at least do the ones that resonate with how you want to spend your time in Vietnam.  That way, you won’t find yourself sitting in your hotel room with nothing to do at night, because your options include so much more than that!

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