Introduce Hue City: Some Experience When Traveling to Hue City

Hue City is a gorgeous city within the country of Vietnam, and it is full of history that dates back centuries.  When a person takes the time to introduce Hue City, they normally begin by telling a person that they can find Hue in the center of this wonderful country.

Many changes have taken plan in Hue over the years and most of those changes involved new Emperors and Dynasties.  For example, from 1738 until 1775, Hue was the capital of the Dang Trong Kingdom.  Then, from 1802 until 1945, it was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Introduce Hue City, Vietnam

(Introduce Hue City)

To introduce Hue City, a person must also share the fact that it is located along the banks of the Perfume River.  It is a little further from the East Sea, which is where you will find a couple nice beaches.  A visit to Hue will have you in close proximity to many other cities and towns in Vietnam as well, so you can choose to do a couple of day trips during your visit.

The weather in Hue is quite warm year-round, but you should expect a lot of rain if your visit is during the months of November through March.  You will also see rain during the months of August and September, but it won’t be as much as what will come down during monsoon season.  The hottest month of all in Hue, and the rest of Vietnam, is August, so if you do not like the heat, consider visiting in April or May!

Vietnamese cuisine is quite delicious, and the traditional dishes should be devoured by all visitors when they are introduced to Hue City.  A few of the most popular dishes include Banh Beo, Banh Khoai, Com Hen, and Banh Bot Loc.

Introduce Hue City: What to Do During a Visit

There is so much for you to do when you take the time to visit Hue City during a vacation in Vietnam.  We understand that this might not be the only city on your list for your vacation, but we know it will hold a special place in your heart when you leave.  The reason might be the friendly locals, the delectable cuisine, or the incredible beaches.  However, we think it might be the attractions that you fall in love with the most.

Here’s a few attractions you must visit when you introduce Hue City to yourself and your fellow travelers:

Imperial Citadel

Out of all the attractions within Hue, the Imperial Citadel is the one that every traveler must make time for.  In fact, for those travelers who are simply passing through this city, this is the attraction that must be on the top of the list.  You could spend hours walking around this part of the city, as you soak in the sights and the sounds of the moat, royal pavilions, and even the gates carved with intricate details.  The best part about this attraction is the main galleries, so focus on those first if you are short on time.

hue imperial city - Introduce Hue City

(Introduce Hue City)

Royal Tombs of the Emperors

Almost all the Emperors who ruled over this area of Vietnam have their own royal tombs.  Some of the Emperors chose the sites themselves and at least started to oversee the construction process, while other tombs were designed by the Emperors that succeeded them.  There are seven royal tombs in Hue, but if you don’t want to see them all, you should at least take a little time to visit the royal tombs of Minh Mang, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh.

minh mang tomb - Distance from Chan May Port to Hue

(Introduce Hue City)

Tu Hieu Pagoda

Out of all the pagodas in Hue, the Tu Hieu Pagoda is considered the most popular.  A visit there will have you listening to the monks chanting throughout different parts of the day, as you visit both the temples.

tu hieu pagoda - Introduce Hue City

Huyen Tran Princess Temple

With so many different temples, and other important attractions in Vietnam, it is so easy for travelers like yourself to skip over certain ones.  Sometimes, it is lack of time, while other times, it is the fact that you simply do not understand the importance of a few attractions or the fact they are actually on the local’s must-see list!  The Huyen Tan Princess Temple is one of those attractions and when you arrive, you will see that the entire complex is filled with lotus flowers.  A walk through the orchard garden is a must, as you visit the Emperor Tran Nhan Tong Monastery.  One of the best features of this attraction though is the library, which is filled with ancient documents about all the historical people of Vietnam.

Huyen Tran Princess Temple

(Introduce Hue City)

These are a couple of the best attractions within Hue and they are the perfect way to introduce Hue City to yourself when you arrive.  While we love these sites, you may find that another attraction piques your interest even more, so feel free to put that one on your list of things that you must do during your amazing vacation in Vietnam.

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