Hue Vietnam Beach

There is a major river flowing through the city of Hue in Vietnam, but that doesn’t mean that there are any beaches directly in this magical city. However, you can easily find a Hue Vietnam beach not too far from the center of the city.  Yes, you may need to travel further than you like to reach what you consider the perfect stretch of sand, but the journey will be worthwhile from the views along the way, as well as at your final destination.

List of Hue Vietnam Beaches

1. Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong Beach does not get the thrilling reviews like many of the other Hue Vietnam beaches, but it can hold its own with those who take the time to visit.  A little time at this Hue Vietnam beach will allow you to see the beauty of the landscape with the massive rocks forming unique formations in the background.  Surrounding this beach is a dense jungle and it will invite you in for a little exploration of the authentic lush areas of this city and country.

Ham Rong Beach - hue vietnam beach

2. Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach is one of the Hue Vietnam beaches that is a little further from the center of the city.  You will need to travel seventy kilometers to reach this beach that has its own sparkling lagoon.  The beach itself has ten kilometers of sand, which is what makes the long journey worthwhile.

This beach is most crowded from the month of April through July, because the weather is quite hot and sunny.  If you do not like crowds, you may want to skip this beach during your visit or simply visit at another time of the year.  When you are not taking long strolls along the shoreline, or swimming in the water, you may want to consider participating in a little snorkeling or fishing.

Lang Co Beach - hue vietnam beach

3. Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach can be found approximately thirty kilometers to the south of Hue City, so it is a little closer than Lang Co Beach.  This Hue Vietnam beach is popular, because of the seamlessly non-existent traffic along the way.  Add in the fresh seafood that is served at nearby restaurants and you may find that you can never spend time on another beach anywhere in the world!

While you will need to spend an entire day at this beach, combined with the trip there and back, you won’t mind because of how relaxed you will find yourself afterwards.

vinh thanh beach

4. Canh Duong Beach

This Hue Vietnam beach is seventy kilometers from the city, but that distance will seem short, as you watch the sights zoom on by.  The area surrounding this beach has been untouched for many years, so the area will be lush, and the water is crystal clear.  The sandy shoreline is smaller, at only eight thousand meters, but you should be able to easily find your own stretch of sand if you arrive early enough.

Canh Duong Beach - hue vietnam beach

5. Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach is considered the most popular Hue Vietnam beach, because it is so close to the city.  Those people who do not want to travel too far to reach the sand will choose this beach.  There are twelve kilometers of sandy shoreline here and despite being part of the tourist scene, most of the surrounding area is as beautiful as it has been for many years. This Hue Vietnam beach is the perfect place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as part of the crowds.  Obviously, this beach will be more crowded during Vietnam’s peak travel season, so you may want to plan your trip around those times if you want to avoid lots of people.  There are a few shacks on this Hue Vietnam beach, and they are perfect for getting out of the sun whenever you need to throughout your time at the beach.  Of course, you must arrive early if you want to claim one.  It is also nice to share those shacks with others who seem to need them during the day.

Thuan An Beach

There is no right or wrong Hue Vietnam beach to visit during your vacation in Hue City.  We recommend visiting at least one or two of them, so you can find your own personal favorite.  If you are unsure of how to reach these beaches, simply look at a map or ask one of the locals.  They can easily point you in the direction of their favorite beach or the one that you want to visit the most.

Which Hue Vietnam beach do you think you want to visit first when you arrive in Hue City?  Do you already think you know which one will be your favorite?  Or are you waiting until you wander around a couple of them?

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