Discover The Pearl of Hue – Lap An Lagoon

Hue is not only well-known for its ancient tombs, but it is also blessed with a magnificent natural environment. Lap An Lagoon, with its captivating beauty, is featured in that. It is an 800-hectare brackish water lagoon in the west of Lang Co Bay, Phu Loc District, Hue.


What makes Lap An Lagoon special?

Lap An’s water is brackish, consisting of a mix of fresh and salted water. The lagoon is particularly beautiful during sunset and morning. It appears to be a massive sky-reflecting mirror. Travelers who visit Lap An Lagoon can take in the magnificent sight of white clouds floating on high mountain ranges against a unique bright blue sky background. The lagoon is as beautiful as an enigmatic haven in Wonderland, capable of making people fall in love at first sight.

lap an lagoon

Aside from the charming natural beauty, Lap An Lagoon is home to a variety of animals and aquatic plants, the majority of which are oysters. Lang Co’s oyster is superior to oysters produced in other parts of the country in terms of nutritional content and flavor, and is a must-try while eating in Lap An. As a result, the locals regard oysters as a “jewel of heaven” and rely on them for their livelihood.


Lap An lagoon is also associated to the rustic and basic way of life of the locals. Spending a day walking through old fishing villages allows you to get close to the daily lives of the locals while also learning about the sea culture of this great destination. Observe how people cast nets in the vast lagoon to catch fish, harvest scallops deep on the sand, or farm oysters in the sea. Visitors will then be immersed in the story of how the people of this lagoon have lived in harmony with nature for ages.

life of the locals in lap an

the beautiful cau hai lagoon

When is the ideal time to visit Lap An Lagoon?

Every season brings a different beauty to Lap An Lagoon, and we highly recommend visiting between March and June (when the city is the dry season). The most beautiful times to see the lagoon during the day are when the sun rises and sets. During this time, the water’s surface served as a border between light and darkness. The smooth water surface, which appears to be red, yellow, and dark blue,… in color, resembles a colorful silk.


What is the best way to get to Lap An Lagoon, Hue?

The Lap An Lagoon lies near the highway 1A axis, which runs through Lang Co town and Phu Loc district on its way from Hue to Da Nang. It is located at the foot of Phu Gia Pass. Surrounding the lagoon is the majestic Bach Ma Mountain, in front of it is Lang Co Bay.


Visitors can take the Hung Vuong – An Duong Vuong – Nguyen Tat Thanh – National Highway 1A route from Hue. Drive along National Highway 1A until you see the sign for Phu Gia Mountain Pass, then continue straight to Lap An lagoon.

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