Lang Co Bay

Blue seawater and white sand makes Lang co bay a must visit place. Romantic sunset and natural beauty win heart of every visitor. It is a fishing village where you will find flock of storks flying. Lap an Lagoon is a stunning beauty, famous for its clean blue water, clouds, mountains and mangroves. There are some other lagoons like Cau Hai lagoon which make Lang Co Bay, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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It has a population of almost 11000 local people. Their main profession is fishing and providing tourism services. A variety of attractions are within a radius of 150Kms to the bay like ancient citadel of Hue, My son sanctuary, Hoi an ancient town and Phone Nha Ke Bang National Park. Try to plan your trip from April to August because the weather is amazing in these months.

lang co bay

Things to do in Lang Co Bay

There are a lot of activities to enjoy in Lang Co Bay.

Dive in the crystal clear water

This Bay is in the list of clearest beaches in Vietnam. Take an early morning dip in the water to experience immense relaxation and clear all your stresses. Different resorts have their own access to the beach where you can enjoy some privacy.

Bach Ma mountain

Bach Ma mountain is the home to many unique plants and wild species. You can enjoy trekking and admire more than 500 plants, animals and bird species.

Bach Ma mountain

Check Panoramic views of Lang co Bay

Hai Van Pass is the best place to see the majestic the bay, fishing village and turquoise green beach covered in white clouds. There is a train track where you can see the train passing by. It adds a dramatic and picturesque effect to the overall view.

Lang co bay

Laguna Lang Co Canal

Laguna Lang Co Canal Cruise is the best activity for couples. The complex is a marvelous wonder of royal architecture. It represents traditional Vietnamese culture. You can enjoy different activities on special occasions like lantern making, folk singing shift, releasing candle flowers and many more.

Laguna Canal Cruise

Places to stay in Lang Co Bay

There is a variety of accommodations in the bay area including guest houses, hotels, home stays and resorts.

  • Lang Co Beach Resort
  • Da Nang – Mikazuki Japanese Resort and Spa
  • Banyan Tree Lang Co.

Food in Lang Co Bay

There is a variety of food in the Bay area. It is very famous for Hue’s specialties. You can try delicious cuisines in the stunning beach setting. There are small villages where you can fresh sea food and home cooked Vietnamese cuisines. Some of the specialties are Com Hen, Banh Bot Loc, NemLui and a variety of sea food. Popular restaurants are:

  • Be Den Restaurant
  • Be Lai Restaurant
  • Bien Ngoc Restaurant


How to reach Lang Co Bay?

There are a few ways to reach:

  • Taxi is the easiest and quickest way to reach the bay
  • Private Car is a convenient way but it will charge for the entire day instead of a trip only
  • Motorbike
  • Train
  • Bus

Lang Co Bay is a marvelous piece of paradise where you can spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

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