Loc Cake – a symbol of Hue cuisine

Hue cuisine is known for its wide variety of specialties, particularly Hue Cakes. Each cake has its own individual flavor and a unique way to enjoy. Loc Cake (Clear dumpling) is a dish that originated in Hue, Central Vietnam, where it was offered as a snack to the emperors. It is for this reason that the clear dumplings are carefully wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a time-consuming manner. It is comes in a variety of distinct yet uniformly enticing variations. Speciall, Loc Cake recently received international acclaim after being named on CNN’s list of the world’s 30 most delectable steamed cakes, alongside international favorites.


Tapoica flour is used to make Loc cake that is clear and translucent when cooked. And, it has a shrimp and pork belly filling for flavor and aroma. While the filling of these clear dumplings is similar to that of many other dumplings, the chewiness sets them apart. The chewy and sticky is a texture delight, even if it shouldn’t be jaw-numbing.


When steamed, each dumpling is individually wrapped in a dong or banana leaf, which not only gives it a distinct appearance but also a pleasant herbal flavor. Loc Cake is traditionally wrapped in a small piece of banana leaf and boiled in large batches. This cake can, however, be steamed or boiled without the banana leaf wrapping, in which case it is known as Loc Tran Cake (“tran” means naked or bare). It is also popular because it cooks faster than slowly steaming the dumplings.

Hue Clear dumpling

The consistency of the batter and the method of cooking are two main differences between the two varieties of Clear dumplings. The batter for Loc Cake is thinner because it can be smeared on a banana leaf and stick to it while being steamed. Because there is no banana leaf to form the dough, the batter for Loc Tran Cake is thicker for easy handling. On the other hand, instead of being steamed, Loc Tran Cake is boiled. Steaming or boiling the cakes in their tightly wrapped bundles for 20 minutes helps them keep their characteristic flavor and shape.

a symbol of Hue cuisine

To entice guests and deliver a pleasurable snack that does not fill them up, the portions are maintained small (no bigger than two fingers). On the side, they’re usually served with a fish sauce. Your taste senses will be jumping for delight with the mix of chewy and slippery dumpling skin loaded with shrimp and pork belly filling and then dunked in a fish sauce dipping sauce.


Loc Cake is sold for 2,000-5,000 VND per piece at most local restaurants specializing in Hue cuisine. Clear dumpling is a popular snack dish that is very addictive. This clear dumpling ​can be consumed throughout the day.

Offer: Ba Cu, 23/177 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan Ward, Hue City

Ba Do, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Hiep Ward, Hue City

Di Hue, 91 Dang Huy Tru Street, Truong An Ward, Hue City

Chi Restaurant, 52 Le Viet Luong Street, Xuan Phu Ward, Hue City

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