Abandoned Waterpark Hue – Thuy Tien Lake

Waterparks are hot commodities for travelers around the world, so imagine the surprise when the one that opened up in Hue City in 2004, abruptly shut its doors in 2006!  However, this abandoned waterpark Hue might be more popular now than it was when it opened its doors all those years ago.

The location of Thuy Tien Lake is approximately eight kilometers from Hue City, near Thien An Hill.  The cost to construct this now abandoned waterpark Hue was huge, thanks to the numerous entertainment areas that included the Aquarium Palace, Musical Fountain Stage, restaurants, the water park, and gaming area.

Abandoned Waterpark in Hue

No one really knows for sure why Thuy Tien Lake closed, other than the people who were in charge of running of it.  Of course, there are many different rumors in place, with the main one being the decreasing profits.

The demise of this Hue abandoned water park has turned the area into a gold mine today though, because people from all over the world clamor to see what everyone is calling the Abandoned Water Park of Hue!

Getting to the Abandoned Waterpark Hue

It is not that difficult to get out to the abandoned waterpark Hue.  You can walk the distance, depending on where you are staying, or even have a cyclo guide take you there.  It is best to have a plan on how you will be getting back into the city in advance though, so you do not find yourself stranded there at the end of the day when you are tired.  You can also drive to this attraction on your own motorbike or take one of the many motorbike tours.

Getting to the Abandoned Waterpark Hue

When to Arrive at Thuy Tien Lake

It is usually best to arrive at the abandoned waterpark Hue early in the day to avoid the crowds.  This will also ensure that you have the possibility of entering the park without being turned away.  While you used to be able to explore this Hue abandoned water park, safety issues have risen over the years and the attraction is now guarded to keep people away.  However, there is a chance that you can bribe a security guard to gain access.  This normally works best if you are with a local, or there are no other tourists in sight.

What’s Inside Thuy Tien Lake

One of the first things you will see upon entering Thuy Tien Lake is the massive dragon that stands three stories tall.  This dragon rises up from the lake, making an incredible sight!  It is possible to wander around the inside of the dragon to see the multiple rooms on all the different levels.  However, the inside is also full of debris, smashed aquarium tanks, and items that have long been forgotten.

dragon in thuy tien lake

It is best to focus on the stairs that lead to the mouth of the dragon, because once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the lake and the surrounding area.

The waterslide area currently looks forgotten, as the stairs and slides are beginning to rust.  Add in the moss growing on the slides and the brown water within the pool below and you may begin to wonder how this was ever a happy place so many years ago.

The waterslide area in thuy tien lake

It won’t take you long to get to the stadium from the waterslide section of the abandoned waterpark Hue.  All you need to do is walk over the two bridges and then follow the dirt path and before you know it, the stadium will be in front of you.  There is a café at the stadium, but most people do not stop there, since no one is technically supposed to be there to begin with.

The abandoned waterpark Hue used to be quite the attraction to wander around during a visit to Hue City.  However, since the entire site has deteriorated so much over the years, it shouldn’t be surprising that most people are not allowed in.

Abandoned Waterpark Hue – Thuy Tien Lake

While you still have a chance of bribing a guard, you should use caution when entering Thuy Tien Lake.  Most people who sneak in are basically asked to leave if they are caught by a guard, but you never know when that might change.  Plus, since it is so dangerous to be inside, you definitely will not want to do any climbing or slide down any of the slides.

It is also necessary to stay out of the lake, because crocodiles have been spotted in the water.  The last thing you need for your Hue City vacation is tangling with a crocodile, because you will be the one to lose!

Abandoned Waterpark Hue, Vietnam

The abandoned waterpark Hue is quite the sight to see if you can manage to get through the gates, but if you can’t, you can simply enjoy the experience of getting there, as well as the mystery that looms in the area to this day.

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