Thanh Thuy village

Thanh Thuy Village is an amazing art village located 8 km from Hue City. There are a lot of interesting things to do in the village. This village is a wonderful tourist attraction with ancient architectural assets and cultural values. There are natural masterpieces like volcanic lava reef and columns of basalt.

Village locals are proud of their natural masterpieces so they worked hard and created amazing art pieces with the help of artists from Vietnam.

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Natural Wonders in Thanh Thuy Village

Lava from the nearby volcano cooled after pouring into the river, millions of years ago. This fluid cooled and became beautiful crystal formations. These formations are similar to Devil’s causeways in Australia and Ireland. It is a rare formation that attracts flock of tourists.

The beautiful crescent shape strait increases the beauty of the village. The structure of volcanic lava reef is the symbol of the province. The rock formation of Thanh Thuy spreads wide and most part of the rock formation is still untouched by crowds of tourists.

Thanh Toan Bridge by bike

Interaction with locals

Peaceful surroundings of the village make visitors to get indulged in the activities. Locals catch fresh seafood for their living. Tourists can also join them for fishing or diving into the sea to explore coral reefs.

Fishermen take basket boat for fishing in which they carry two tourists at a time. This basket boat is known as coracle. It is a very unique experience for tourists. Fishermen guide tourists to wear jackets and not to dive very deep in the water. They also help tourists to explore different areas and guide them about the village life.

Hue Cycling Tour To Thanh Toan Bridge


Art work of Thanh Thuy Village

The new development of art pieces by local artists attracted more people to the village and created extra income. They painted three dimension murals on 14 houses which are inspired by the local culture, marine life, local life and natural resources in the village. They are very colorful and some of them glow in the night.

These moss covered houses were painted by 16 artists from Kien Hoa group in five days. They are unique art pieces that made the village more popular among tourists. Their theme is “active youth, connecting culture to the world”.

Art work of Thanh Thuy Village

Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort

This resort is located near Thanh Thuy village in the west of the Da River. This is a very valuable hot spring in Vietnam. Spring water has minerals in it such as sodium and calcium that increase healing qualities.

The spring water naturally has Radon in it. This is a mineral that is used for the treatment of cancer. It improves the flow of blood in the body and helps in the healing of skin diseases and arthritis. After the discovery of hot springs, government invested in the project to promote tourism in the district.

Cold water is taken from the well to cool down the hot water in Sauna, bathtubs and swimming pools. Thang Thuy cold water is more valuable as compare to hot water.

Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort

You can visit Thanh Thuy Village to learn about the fascinating wonders and history. It is rich with natural resources and art.

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