Tam Giang Lagoon

Phong Dien is the home to this beautiful brackish lagoon. Tam Giang Lagoon is almost 24 kilometers long. The O Lau, Bo and perfume river meet at this place before reaching the Thuan An Beach. It is the largest fresh water lagoon in Southeast Asia.

It is a part of the Tam Giang Cau Hai lagoon system, almost 15km away from the Hue city. This lagoon system expands on almost 4 districts of Thua Thien Hue province. It was dangerous open water area with no boundaries and roads, recognized as Hac Hai until 1821. Later it was converted into a beautiful tourist destination named Tam Giang.

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tam giang lagoon

Admire the sunset

There are different birds and plants species in the Tam Giang Lagoon area. This is a unique sunrise and sun set observation spot. When the red sun appears on the surface of water it appears like turning into gold. The off beaten paths, majestic landscape and boat trip makes the lagoon, a very special place to spend time.

people fishing each day in cau hai lagoon

Local people are very friendly and hospitable. They catch fresh fish for living. Sunrise and sunset on the Tam Giang Lagoon become more special when fishermen boats are there to catch fish. Boats add a dramatic and picturesque effect in the view. You can capture many special moments in your camera.

Tours to the Lagoon

Rustic and beautiful natural wonder welcomes tourists for its serenity and uniqueness. 5:30am to 7am is the sunrise time in the lagoon and sunset is on 5:30pm to 7pm. You can explore the lagoon and interact with locals from morning to afternoon. Different companies offer tours from Hue city to the lagoon. You can select sunrise tour or sunset tour according to your choice.

the beautiful lagoon in hue

How to get to the Tam Giang Lagoon

Most interesting way to reach the lagoon is by a motorcycle tour. Motorbike is easily available on rent that you can drive to the lagoon. If you visit from 4am to 6pm, then you can enjoy sunrise and sunset both. Many small villages are located on the small rural roadsides that you can visit while going to Tam Giang Lagoon.

Cau Hai Lagoon

Local Life of Tam Giang Lagoon Area

There are many other things to enjoy in the area like local farm houses, rice fields, ancient temples, duck farms and much more. Men catch fish and shrimps whereas women collect clams and oysters. They soak their body in the lagoon water to get a good amount of sea food.

the beautiful cau hai lagoon

Sometimes, kids also help their parents to collect snails and oysters from the shallow water. However, grown up kids go for fishing on the boats with their fathers. They sell a variety of seafood in the whole sale market. You can stop and interact with other people on the places to learn more about the culture of Vietnam. Tam Giang locals earn through these things so you can capture their routine with camera.

If you love exploring rural life and natural views, then Tam Giang Lagoon is the best place to plan a holiday. It has a fascinating biodiversity and rare marine resources.

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