Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue

Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue is a one-of-a-kind spiritual tourism destination that draws a large number of visitors in Imperial City. The temple is a memorial to a Tran dynasty princess who helped to expand the country.


Opening Hours: every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Entrance Tickets: 30.000 VND (~1,5 USD)

1. Huyen Tran Princess’s Biography and love story

Huyen Tran Princess is the adored daughter of King Tran Nhan Tong and Empress Kham Tu, and the younger sister of King Tran Anh Tong. She was born in the year 1287. She was a lovely and gentle princess in the royal family, but a Tran dynasty diplomatic event caused her life to be difficult, and she eventually turned to Zen.


More than 710 years ago, her farther fulfilled his promise to marry off his daughter to the king of Champa Kingdom (Che Man King). As a result of the country’s safety and his father’s promise, Huyen Tran Princess became Queen Paramesvari (wife of Che Man King) in the summer of the Year of the Horse (1306). Che Man presented the two continents of Chau O and Chau Ly (currently from Quang Tri to Thua Thien Hue province) as a wedding gift.

Unfortunately, Che Man King became ill and died one year after their marriage. According to Cham custom, when the husband dies, the woman is expected to follow him. Her Borther (Tran Anh Tong King) didn’t want to see that, so he sent Tran Khac Chung mandarin (a high ranking mandarin) to the Champa Kingdom to rescue her. Huyen Tran princess, after all, chose to become a Buddhist nun and live a simple life.

To respect for her contributions to the country and to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Thuan Hoa, the capital city of Phu Xuan. Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue was built in 2006 and has been open since 2007.

2. Where is Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue?

Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue is located at 151 Thien Thai Street in Hue City’s An Tay Ward. The temple is situated on Ngu Phong Mountain (in Ngu Tay village), which covers an area of up to 28.5 hectares. The temple stretches gently from the mountain’s base to its summit. Furthermore, there are hills and mountains with pine woods on all four sides. Standing on top of the mountain, you can view a large expanse, and in the distance, you can see the entire city of Hue.


3. What can you explore at Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue?

Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue features two main worship areas: the Huyen Tran Princess Temple and the Tran Nhan Tong Emperor Temple. There are four big pillars on the outside, each with a stone statue at the foot, followed by three large courtyards lined with Bat Trang bricks. Following that is a lake and a tiny bridge in front of the Tam Quan area and the temple of Huyen Tran Princess. The works are all arranged on a straight axis and very symmetrical.


Huyen Tran Princess Temple

Inside Huyen Tran Princess Temple, there is a statue of Huyen Tran Princess sitting on a bronze throne. The statue stands 2.37m tall and weighs 700kg, and it was hand-cast by workers from Hue Village’s Bronze Casting Village. The backyard is dedicated to Doan Nhu Hai, a high-ranking general who assisted the monarch in managing the territories granted by the Champa Kingdom (two continents of Chau O and Chau Ly).



Tran Nhan Tong Emperor Temple

The temple of Tran Nhan Tong Emperor, the father of Huyen Tran Princess and a notable contributor to building and defending the country, is located next to the Huyen Tran shrine. Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue completed this structure to commemorate Tran Nhan Tong Emperor – the founder of the Truc Lam Meditation. The magnificent statue of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong at the shrine is made completely of pure red bronze. People are welcome to enter the temple to worship and burn incense.



Specially, there are two of the longest Dragons in Vietnam (108m long), with 108 stairs going to the Temple and the pinnacle of Ngu Phong Mountain. It represents the apex of Hue artists’ originality, sophistication, and talent. In the Vietnam Record book, a pair of adoring dragons is recorded.


Tower of Peace Bell

There are also many other excellent architectural achievements on the Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue grounds. A tourist can observe one section of Hue city by climbing Ngu Phong Mountain via 246 steps. Not only can you enjoy the scenery, but you can also see the 7-meter-high Peace Bell Tower (Hoa Binh Bell) on top of Ngu Phong Mountain. The bell tower has a 1,6-ton, 2,16-meter-tall bell crafted by Duc ward artisans. The bell rings, as though extending throughout the tranquil world, providing people moments of rest and peace.


On your walk to the Peace Bell Tower, you’ll pass by the large Maitreya Buddha statue, who wears a perpetual full smile on his lips. As a result, you can relax and refuel before attempting to reach the summit of Ngu Phong Mountain.

Huyen Tran Temple Festival

Every year on the 9th of the first lunar month, the Huyen Tran Temple Festival was held to memorialize Emperor Tran Nhan Tong and Princess Huyen Tran, who have made significant contributions to the country’s progress in the past. As a result, the event is held on a grand scale and comprises largely of cultural ceremonies, art activities, and traditional games.


The festival’s opening ceremony will feature a one-of-a-kind epic art program that will recreate the Huyen Tran princess’s life and oreat merits. Then, there is a solemn ritual held at Huong Van Zen Monastery to pray for national peace and prosperity. They conduct it in accordance with ancient Buddhist traditions.



Furthermore, significant activities such as marital art performances, folk games, and a Chinese chess competition,… were held at the Huyen Tran Temple Festival. It helped to preserve and promote Vietnamese cultural values while also generating a cheerful atmosphere for locals and tourists visiting Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue.

4. How do you get to Huyen Tran Temple?

Huyen Tran Princess Temple Hue is easy to find.  You have the option of taking a helmeted scooter, a taxi, a bike, or renting our Hue Private Car with English Speaking Driver.

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