Best Area to Stay in Da Nang

Da Nang is the city that you have to visit if you are planning for Hoi an or you can specially visit it. You will find the name of this city in the top tourist locations because its popularity is increasing every day. The beauty of the city is enhanced with the natural landscapes, sea front, river and mountains. Tourists used to visit the Da Nang airport to travel for Hoi an but now they spare a couple of days and explore Da Nang city as well. There are many locations in the city to stay without including Hoi An. Almost all the locations of accommodation are very beautiful and you cannot decide the best area to stay in Da Nang is by the river, sea or mountains. Some of the best places according to frequent travelers and locals are:

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City Center

The Downtown or city center area is located in between the airport and Han river. This looks like a small town with business and administrative infrastructure. There is a variety of clubs, bars, restaurant and street food options along with many shopping areas selling clothing, accessories and souvenirs. If you have plan to go to Hoi an and you have small time to stay, then plan a proper itinerary. Stay close to Han river bridge and Dragon bridge in one of the amazing accommodations facing the river. You can have a nice walk to explore the bridges, Han market and the central point where you can easily get bus and train tour.

City Center - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(City Center – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)


The amazing street Pham Ngu Lao in Saigon is famous among the backpackers and the trend is now reaching Han Market. Increasing crowds of backpackers is demanding more hostel. This is the best option for solo travelers if they want to remain in a limited budget to get a hostel room. One of the modern designer hostel in Da Nang is the Vietnam Hostel.

Hostels - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Hostels – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Budget Hotels

There are a variety of hotels available in affordable prices. Some of the budget hotels are Evelyn hotel (near the river), Vanilla hotel Da Nang is a nice option and Fulmar hotel Da Nang is another nice example of budget hotels in Vietnam. The budget hotels are clean, nice and comfortable but it is important to check the reviews on the tour websites.

Budget Hotels - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Budget Hotels – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Luxury Hotels

You cannot specify the best area to stay in Da Nang but the luxury hotel is the place that gives you extra perks and comfort. You can find the distinctive community in the North side of Han River bridge. You will find a number of new towers with all the luxuries. Some of the best luxury hotels in Da Nang are Hilton Da Nang, Premier Han River and Novotel Da Nang.

Hilton - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Luxury Hotels – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Stay on the Beach side

This place is described as the “Miami of Vietnam” in New York Times because of the amazing beachfront. You can decide the authenticity of this statement by viewing the skyline of the beachfront boulevard (Vo Nguyen Giap). The start of the beach is at the Son Tra Peninsula that passes to the Marble mountains, and reaches Hoi an. This is an amazing coastline filled with restaurants and resorts. You can find a number of new constructions so you can easily see the future of this area. The soft white sand beaches make this place among the best beaches in the world. This is an amazing tropical city with stunning beaches due to that its tourist is increasing very quickly.

muong thanh luxury - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Stay on the Beach side – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Some more places to stay

  • The famous China beach is the one that got fame due to appearing on American Television. It was closed down during the war and after that it started getting the crowds of tourists. This is filled with backpacker areas, seafood restaurants and many more places.
  • The other section to stay is the Hoang Sa beach road. There is Man thai fishing village near it that you can also visit to observe the local life of people. However, you will feel some smell of the fishing village in the area.
  • Some areas are under construction so you can find the places to try the seafood but not very good options to stay.
Some more places to stay - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Some more places to stay – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Cheap priced hotels

There are many hotels which cost you as low as $10 for a night if you book by yourself whereas if you take help from the booking agents and websites then you might get a higher price. Some cheap priced hotels are between Nguyen Van Thoai and Phan Tu which are good to stay. One of them is My An Ward that also offers monthly apartments on rent for digital nomads. This is the perfect place for backpackers and small budget travelers. There are some cafes and restaurants which are very low priced. Among the cheap accommodations there is Holiday beach Da Nang hotel and resort the other one is the Avatar hotel. These both are four star hotels in the My An Ward area.

Cheap priced hotels - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Cheap priced hotels – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Beach Resorts

There are a number of beach resorts you can easily find to stay. The areas Vo Nguyen Giap, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang southern district, My an Ward and this line continues to Quang Nam Province (Hoi an). After this, the Hoi an beach section starts where you can find a lot of places to stay. Some of the resorts in these areas are Premier Village Da Nang resort, Pullman beach Resort, Hyatt Regency Da Nang resort and Spa and Crowne Plaza Da Nang.

Beach Resorts - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
(Beach Resorts – Best Area to Stay in Da Nang)

Marble mountain location

Marble mountain is an amazing site to explore and you can live near it to enjoy the surroundings more. Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang is a very famous luxury hotel of Vietnam. It is well known among the locals so you will not be worried about its location. It vacations packages appear in many well-known Asian magazines.

Areas divided by Beaches

While you are visiting Da Nang and confused about the locations of the places you have booked online. We have simplified it all for you and divided the areas according to the beaches. You can easily decide where to stay and what to explore. You can select the best area to stay in Da Nang according to your choice.

  • If you want to explore the UNESCO world heritage sites and you are a fond of exploring the city, then you can stay in the 100 km radius Da Nang city center. There are restaurants and hotels along with many adventure places. You can explore park, museum, animal sanctuary and many more.
  • The best area is the My Khe Beach because of the most stunning landscape, white sandy beach and natural beauty. The attractions near it are Phing Nga caves and imperial city of Hue. You will find a variety of hotels restaurants and bars at the location with all the price ranges. There are all sort of local and international cuisines. There are different luxury hotels as well which are perfect to enjoy the beach. You will also find bars and casinos to spend a wonderful evening.
  • Non Nuoc beach is another amazing area to stay that was explored by the US soldiers. They took a break and stayed here for a while during the war. It is only 20 minutes away from the center of Da Nang. This is an exquisite beauty of white soft sand. You will find Non Nuoc beach in the itinerary if many travel writers.
  • Bac My An beach is the beauty with a peaceful surroundings. You can find it in the south of the My Khe beach. This is the best place for the searchers of relaxation and serenity. Some of the area is non touristy, you can easily enjoy the evening strolls or day activities at this beach front.

Some activities to do in Da Nang

When you get the right accommodation, then it is the perfect time to start exploring the city. There are a lot of wonderful things to do in Da Nang. After selecting the best area to stay in Da Nang it is better to go out and visit the nearby location very first or you can decide the activities first, then select the place to live. Some amazing options are

Ba Na Hills

Visit the Ba Na hills if you are tired of the warmth of the weather. This is a very beautiful place with cool climate. Spare a day for it because there is a fantasy park, wax museum, cable car and a must visit Golden bridge is also near.

garden ba na hills - things to do at ba na hills

My Khe beach

My Khe beach is the most beautiful white sand stretch. If you are staying at this place, then you will get a lot of chances to enjoy otherwise never forget visiting this amazing place to enjoy the sun and fun activities.

my khe beach

Marble mountains

Marble mountains is a must visit site. It is not one mountain but a set of five mountains with their own specialties and beautiful things to see. You should climb them and view the panoramic views of the surroundings. These are stunning natural wonders.

marble mountain danang - what to do in da nang - marble mountains from hoi an

Dragon bridge

You will always listen the name of Dragon Bridge with Da Nang or probably have seen it in the images of Vietnam. This is an enchanting sculpture and bridge in Da Nang that is considered as the mark of identity. Every Saturday and Sunday night the bridge is illuminated with the lights and it appears as the dragon is spitting fire and water.

Dragon bridge

Cham Museum

Visit the Cham Museum to know about the Cham people and their culture in Vietnam. This is the only Cham museum in the world that exhibits their terracotta sculptures, stones, cultural things and many more. It was constructed in the French colonial period.

Cham Museum da nang

Son Tra Mountain

Son Tra mountain is also a must visit site. The other name of the mountain is the monkey mountain that has its national park. You can plan a hiking and cycling trip of this place. This mountain is named after a rare species of red faced monkey that is the native animal of this area.

son tra peninsula

Tips to Remember

There are a lot of pagodas, museums, parks and even golf courses in the city that you can enjoy during the visit. The entertainment, eateries and accommodation places are increasing in the city with the passage of time because of the increasing tourism. There are some tips to enjoy the place the most

  • Bring your sunscreen that is not harmful for environment and marine life
  • Keep your trash bags to avoid spilling your garbage
  • Never carve your name on trees or stones of mountains. Most of the areas are very well preserved.
  • Always negotiate with the taxi before riding it or it is better to book Uber or Grab.
  • Majority of the Vietnamese locals are very careful about their culture and country so respect this thing.

Be a sustainable tourist not only for Vietnam but wherever you go.

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