Shopping in Da Nang

Da Nang is a fabulous city with amazing historical and cultural importance. There is a variety of places to visit and things to do in the city. You can find every type of thing in the markets of Da Nang. You can fill your closet with amazing clothes in very reasonable prices with their accessories and Jewelry. There are variety of local and international things from average to brands and designer wear. You can get some amazing deals if you know the art of bargaining in the markets of Da Nang. The shopping in Da Nang is itself an entertaining opportunity because the people are very friendly and interact with tourists nicely. Some of the shopping places in the city are:

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Han Market

It is located inside a two storey building that belong to the times of French Occupancy during the 1940’s. You will find a variety of everything like clothing, accessories, shoes, handicrafts, local products, herbs, food etc. This is the best place to observe the culture of Da Nang and watch the locals doing shopping. You can try some local street foods of Da Nang at the market. This is the best place to enjoy the local culture of the city.

han market - shopping in da nang

Con Market

This is the biggest whole sale market of Da Nang that is located in a three storey building. This place is the best if you want to buy more than one pieces of different products in very economical price. Mostly there are locals and farmers selling their things along with many other vendors. There are fresh products, organic products, local handicrafts, fabrics, different services and many more. The prices are very cheap at the place whereas you can make it lesser by bargaining. There are a lot of local food stalls in very cheap prices. You can have a low priced meal at this market.

con market - shopping in da nang

Big C Supermarket

This is the biggest retail supermarket of the Da Nang city. This is the perfect place for the people who cannot bargain because the prices are fixed for every product and printed on it. You can buy everything under one roof but with the name labels of the supermarket. They have designed the system like a brand to make sure about the quality. They have everything from groceries to general items and electronics. You can buy some souvenirs from here or if you need some useful electronics. Although the prices are printed but they are not high. They are economical according to the quality and the market of Da Nang.

Big C Supermarket - shopping in Da Nang

Lotte Mart Da Nang

This is the perfect place of entertainment while shopping. This is the 4th largest shopping mall of Vietnam that sells a huge variety of local and international goods. The prices are very economical. They have many local and international products brands in the mall along with many food brands. You can buy everything from the mall. You can take your kids to the mall because it entertains both adults and kids equally.

Lotte Mart Da Nang - shopping in da nang

Da Nang Souvenirs and Café

This is the perfect promoters of the tourism of the city. This place has many specialties because it offers a variety of things. The main product are the souvenirs. You can find some amazing things to gift to your friends and family members. They give a lot of value to their city and promotes it by printing the name of Da Nang on everything. They have Coffee mugs, statues of local things and attractions, wall art, T-shirts, Jewelry, handicrafts and many more. They also have a coffee café where people can sit and enjoy some coffee. Sometimes people who visit the café also buy things from the shop.

Da Nang Souvenirs and Café

Vinh Trung Plaza

This is the best place for the short time visitors of Da Nang. It is a huge super market located near the airport. If someone has to go to Hoi an from the airport then this place is the best for some chilling for a while. It is filled with activities and products like Cinema theaters, shops, arcade center and a variety of restaurants. Many international food chains are available in the Vinh Trung Plaza like Highland coffee, KFC, Lotteria and many more. It is also located near to the Cham Museum, My Khe Beach or the Dragon River Bridge. This is visited by a lot of tourists while going back from Da Nang for a quick last shopping. This is the best place to have amazing shopping in Da Nang.

vinh trung plaza - shopping in Da Nang

Vincom Plaza

This is the shopping paradise of Da Nang because of its huge variety of the items for shopping. Almost all the famous international fashion brands of the world are available here like Nike, Ecco, Adidas, Bata, Ghurka and many more. It is also filled with a lot of well-known Vietnamese brands as well. This is among the biggest shopping malls of Da Nang. The unique feature of the mall is the ice skating ring that is available in very reasonable price. You can enjoy that with your kids and friends. This is a nice place to spend some entertaining time.

vincom plaza in Da Nang

Night Markets in Da Nang

There are a lot of places that you can visit but most of them are open until evening. If you love staying out until late then the night markets are the best option. There are some famous night markets of the city where you can try some foods and buy locals products with lot of fun by playing local games.

Night Markets in Da Nang

Helio Night market

Hellio night market is an amazing option to spend the evening. You can try some delicious local foods for dinner in very low price. There are a variety of vibrant and colorful shops selling clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, handicrafts and many more products. You can find local herbs and spices at the market. Another special feature of the market is the live music and local games that can be played with very little amount. You can buy a variety of cute low cost products as souvenirs. The grilled food and beer in the Helio market has its own taste that you will not find anywhere else. It opens every night from 5:00 pm to 10:30 and it is a must visit place in Hai Chau Da Nang.

Helio Night market - shopping in da nang

Son Tra night market

This is a very beautiful shopping place to visit in the night because of its location. The market sets up every night between the Dragon bridge and Love lock bridge Da Nang. You can have some stunning views of the bridges that make the market look like a carnival. There are local handicrafts, specialties, lanterns, potteries, conical hats, clothes and many other products in the shops. You will also find a variety of seafood and fried fish in the food stalls among the souvenir shops. You can buy some food and eat it while watching the river views, bridges and the hustle bustle of the boats and yachts. Plan a visit to the market on weekend evenings to see the view of Dragon bridge spitting fire and water. This market is open daily in the evening.

son tra night market

Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

You will see a lot of Da Nang youngsters among the tourist crowd in the Thanh Khe tay market because of its location. It is located near the colleges, universities and residential area. There are a lot of products from everyday consumer items to fashion products, foods and drinks are available. The specialty of the market is that, it has an outdoor stage where live events and music concerts are arranged. There is a lantern corner in the market where the local games are played in very low cost and a variety of gifts are distributed. This is a stunning night life venue to have a stroll along the river and amazing surroundings.

Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

Le Duan Night Market

This is a small market located between the luxury shops of Le Duan street. It has a lot of local products along with sugarcane juice, sandwiches, street food, baked rice paper and many more. There are many low priced clothing and accessories shops as well. You can do a plenty of shopping in Da Nang night market from 5000 VND to 15000 VND price range. It is not a very big place and has no space for parking the vehicles so you can travel here on taxi or scooter. It opens daily after 5 pm. You can get a variety of colorful small souvenirs that you can take back for your friends and family without having any burden on your luggage.

Le Duan Night Market

Hoa Khanh Night market

It is also located near the educational institutes and is super famous among the locals. You will find a lot of local students purchasing and running their small shops in the market. They do this as a part time job for extra earning. You will find fashion items, cosmetics, fresh products, sea food and many more in more than a hundred stalls in the market. The food area is very clean and spacious with a lot of sitting space. Some main food items are grilled quail, seafood, popcorn, clams, chicken feet and many other different items in very low price. You can get very good quality clothing and accessories from 50000 VND to 100000 VND. It opens daily after 6pm. You can plan a visit and have your evening coffee and dinner at the market.

hoa khanh night market

All the markets in Da Nang are very entertaining and relaxing. If you do not want to do some shopping, then you can sit in the clean food areas and try some local foods. The low priced items are very clean and mostly organic especially the vegetarian items.

Some FAQ’s about the Shopping in Da Nang

What are the best things to buy in Da Nang?

This is the best place for the shopaholics and you can buy anything according to your pocket. However, you can get a lot of small and light weight objects for souvenirs that will not be a burden on your pocket and luggage.

What is Da Nang well-known for?

The city is famous for a lot of things like amazing rivers and bridges, mountains, sunsets, temples, Pagodas, foods, amazing markets and many entertaining activities. Da Nang has something interesting for the people of every taste.

What is the location of Da Nang?

It is the largest city of the central Vietnam. It has some most important sea port, airport and railway system to reach the other cities of the province. One side of the city has mountains and the other is covered by South China Sea.

Best time to visit Da Nang?

The best time to visit is from February to May. This is the time for all the outdoor activities because there is no rainfall. Most of the markets, outdoor activities and festivals are closed during the rainfall season. You can easily explore most of the places by foot and scooter or motorcycle.

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