The Best of What to Do in Da Nang

When you are traveling through Vietnam, you may arrive in different areas and wonder what to do when you are in each different destination.  Usually people stop and think, “I am in Da Nang, what to do now?”

This is a valid question, because there are so many attractions and things to do in this part of Vietnam.  But a little careful planning in advance will have you knowing exactly what to do in Da Nang.

The Best of What to Do in Da Nang

Visit Ba Na Hills

One of the best things, when it comes to what to do in Da Nang, is visiting Ba Na Hills.  This massive resort can be found at the top of a mountain and you must take a cable car ride to reach it.  That mode of transportation offers breathtaking views, which is welcomed prior to the tranquility you experience as soon as you reach the top.  Once you are up at the top, you will find plenty of things to do, but I recommend spending part of your time over at the Linh Ung Pagoda.

golden bridge - what to do in da nang

Climb Up Marble Mountains

Okay, so you can only climb up Thuy Son over at the Marble Mountains, but that will be enough for you since there are plenty of caves, pagodas, and temples there.  The climb to the top is easy, because there are steps carved into the side of the mountain.  Therefore, no expert hiking skills are required to see this beautiful destination.

marble mountain danang - what to do in da nang

Take Time One Night to Watch the Show on Dragon Bridge

If you happen to be near the Dragon Bridge around nine o’clock at night on a Saturday or Sunday, you must take the time to watch the show.  This show lights up the bridge and you will even see water and fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth.  This is one of the best things when it comes to what to do in Da Nang.

the Show on Dragon Bridge - what to do in da nang

Visit Son Tra Mountain

If you simply love the mountains, and Marble Mountains is not enough, then a trip to Son Tra Mountain should be on your list of what to do in Da Nang.  This mountain can be found inside Son Tra National Park and it is a phenomenal place to hike or do a little bike riding.  When you are at this mountain, you must keep an eye out for the red face monkey, which is a very rare species that calls this mountain its home.

monkey mountain - - what to do in da nang

Stop at the Phap Lam Pagoda

This pagoda can be found inside a building and it takes up two separate floors.  The Phap Lam Pagoda is amongst fragrant gardens that create a tranquil setting for all the Buddha sculptures.  In addition to the Buddhas, you will see a statue of both the Goddess of Mercury and Dai the Chi Bodhisattva.

Phap Lam Pagoda - what to do in da nang

Visit the Cham Islands

If you have time to get away from Da Nang for a little bit, then the Cham Islands should make it to your list of what to do in Da Nang.  These islands are perfect for swimming amongst the coral reefs and fish and you can relax on the sand too.  The trip to the islands will take approximately an hour via boat, but the journey will be well worth it once you see the beauty that is everywhere over there.

cham island - what to do in da nang

Get a History Lesson Over at the Fifth Military Division Museum

If you want an in-depth history of the war, you must add the Fifth Military Division Museum to the list of things you want to do in Da Nang.  This museum is filled with antiques from the war, as well as photographs and even letters.  There are four main sections to wander through, but the popular items are the A-37 Dragonfly and the Cessna O-1 Bird.

the Fifth Military Division Museum - what to do in da nang

Visit the My Son Sanctuary

There are plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world, but none of them include as many ruins as you will see at the My Son Sanctuary.  Everything that you will see is from the last eight centuries.  Take the time to pay attention to the ornate carvings, as well as the buildings and the massive stone pillars.  It is usually best to experience this destination with a guide, but you can see it on your own if you do not mind missing out on some of the details.

Sunrise-at-Ruins-of-Old-hindu-temples-in-My-Son - what to do in da nang

See the Ho Chi Minh Museum

One of the last things on your list of what to do in Da Nang should be the Ho Chi Minh Museum.  The galleries are full of Soviet and Chinese weapons, as well as other artifacts.  There are several buildings to explore but pay close attention to the area where the model of Ho Chi Minh’s house is located.

Ho Chi Minh Museum - what to do in da nang

These are the best things when it comes to what to do in Da Nang and if you can, take the time to do them all.  Yes, your days will be busy, but you will learn so much during your visit and that will be something that you will remember forever.

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