What to do in Da Nang at night

The French colonial port, sandy beaches and the amazing coastline are the strengths of Da Nang. It is a very beautiful city with marble mountains, hill sides, limestone outcrops with pagodas and caves having Buddhist shrines. The city is one of the most famous tourist cities of Vietnam because of the variety of things to do. The city offers are lot of activities in the day time but what to do in Da Nang at night?

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The answer is simple the activities are nothing less than the day time. You can find some amazing music places, relaxation, dance, party, nightlife, shopping or just enjoy the surrounding and interact with locals. The bars, clubs and night places remain open till 3 or 4 am with completely lively ending at the dawn. Some night activities are:

Han River Night Cruise

You can watch the most prominent skyline of the city with stunning views of the Han River bridges, Thuan Phouc Bridges, Tran Thi Ly bridge and Dragon bridge. The cruise by the dragon boat on Han river is something fantastical to do in the night time. Da nang night cruise is available on weekends where you can watch the dragon bridge spitting out fire and water along with music, wine and delicious dishes.

Han River Night Cruise - what to do in da nang at night

(Han River Night Cruise – What to do in Da Nang at night)

Go Shopping at Da Nang Market

If you cannot decide what to do in Da Nang at night, then head towards to the market and observe the life of locals more closely. The biggest night market is Hoa Khanh where you will find almost everything you need. There are many low priced shops selling clothes, accessories, gifts, foods items, souvenirs and drinks. You can try some Vietnamese street food.

Go Shopping at Da Nang Market

Visit some night clubs in Da Nang

There are many popular nightlife venues with roof top bars, sophisticated lounges, nightclubs with huge dancefloors and the places to relax with urban skyline views. The places to spend a wonderful evening with nice cocktails, wine or beer are:

  1. Sky 36 club

An amazingly entertaining place in Da Nang that is located on the top floor of the Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River hotel. The place is vibrant and luxurious where you can enjoy some sophisticated and creative cocktails along with some snacks. There are some private VIP lounges on the same floor as well. There is a specific dress code but if by chance you are not in smart casual dresses then they provide you the dresses. The outdoor terrace offers the amazing views of the Han River bridge and the panoramic views of the city. It opens daily from 6:00pm to 2:00am.

Sky 36 club - what to do in da nang at night

(ky 36 club – What to do in Da Nang at night)

  1. Bamboo2 Bar Da Nang

Bamboo2 Bar is a beautiful and small place located in the Bach Dang street giving the beautiful scene of Han river and Dragon river bridge. The open air roof top terrace of the bar is one of the most famous attraction of Da Nang that welcomes hundreds of tourists and expats from all over the world. The main language spoken is English and the environment is very friendly. Live sports are broadcasted on the flat screen TVs including cricket, golf and other ones. They also show sports on request and the local DJ plays from every Friday onwards. The opening timing of the bar are from 10am to 2am every day.

Bamboo2 Bar - what to do in da nang at night

  1. Minsk Bar Da Nang

The truly relaxing place with good music is located in the An Thuong Quarter with cold beers in very cheap rates. Complete interior is designed in Rustic hippy and reggae style with old rock classic songs. The unique thing about the Bar is that it looks after the stray cats and dogs so people can play with them while chilling out. Opening hours of the bar are from 2pm until 2am.

Minsk Bar - what to do in da nang at night

  1. Golden Pine Pub Da Nang

Bach Dang street has a popular late night hang out spot for tourists and expats giving the views of Han river. The three storey building has the dancefloor, pool tables and the amazing terrace with city sight and the sparkling dragon river bridge.

Golden Pine Pub - what to do in da nang at night

  1. Luna Pub

Luna Pub is a western styled restaurant and Bar. You can have dinner in the wonderful restaurant and then head towards the bar for cocktails and live music. It opens every day from 11:30 am to 12 am.

  1. Oasis Tapas Bar

There is a wide range of cocktails, wines and premium gins in the Bar. It attracts expats and tourist crowds because of the authentic Spanish cuisines and the main dishes are Spanish omelette, duck crepe and 40 types of tapas like stuffed eggplants, buffalo mozzarella and many more. It is located near the Bac My An Beach so you can have delicious dinner after an evening stroll at the beach. Mostly Spanish classic music is played along with funk, soul and chilled out music beats.

Oasis Tapas Bar - what to do in da nang at night

  1. Seventeen Saloon Da Nang

This is the branch of Saigon’s iconic live music bar where the waitresses are in cowgirl costumes. The fun loving and beautiful waitresses are very friendly and the musicians are very talented which keep on playing the live music till late at night. Ice cold beers and Western style surroundings attract a huge number of tourists and expats. The menu has imported and Vietnamese beers, shots, cocktails, wines and many liquors. You can enjoy everything with the views of Han river.

  1. Write’s Bar at Vinpearl Da Nang resort and villas

The classic European reading room styled bar is the perfect place for writers and literature lovers. There are book shelves, leather couches and professional pianist to make the place lively and relaxing. The bar has the beautiful views of Non Nuoc Beach and marble mountain. The bar is the perfect combination of literature and romance with exquisite wines and glasses, beers, champagnes, aged whiskeys and classic cocktails.

Write’s Bar at Vinpearl Da Nang resort and villas

Hat Tuong – Vietnamese classic opera

This is the perfect place to enjoy some cultural art of Vietnam. You can see the connection between the past and present of the local culture. The representation involves the traditional costumes, colors, movements and singing techniques. You can see the show on every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30pm.

Hat Tuong – what to do in Da Nang at night

My Quang

Enjoy the dinner with this delicious Vietnamese treat. The best noodles, roasted peanuts, rice paper, green onion, herbs, spices and lemons are used to make this delicious traditional dish. It contains the broth. You will find a lot of places serving this delicious thing.

my quang - what to do in da nang at night

Going to Asia Park

This attraction is the combination of unique agriculture, adventure and unforgettable moments. The main activities include free fall golden sky tower, queen cobra 34m ride with turns and twists and lots of fun. It opens every day from 3pm to 10pm so you can enjoy a fun evening here. Do not have dinner before going to the park because the rides will create some disturbance in your stomach if you are loaded with food.

Going to Asia Park - what to do in da nang at night

Sun wheel in Asia Park

The extreme entertainment for tourists and locals has the impressive height of 115 meters. The neon lights wheel carries 384 people at one turn and they can view the city from different heights. It is a very fun activity that opens from 3pm to 10pm daily. It is located in Asia park so you can enjoy it with other activities. The huge clock tower shows different time zones. You can walk into small carriage for a 15 minutes ride because the wheel does not stop and you have to climb.

Wonder lust Danang

A lively small shopping complex has a variety of clothing and accessories shops along with some coffee places where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings. The roof is the glass dome that makes it open air with white color tones. This place looks modern and youthful with a lot of people enjoying it. Wonder lust Da nang is a perfect place to capture images for social media and have a beautiful experience. It remains open daily from 7am to 11pm so you can spend a nice evening with the view of sky from the glass dome and a nice evening snack.

Wonder lust Danang - what to do in da nang at night

Da Nang food street

Local food of Vietnam has its own uniqueness and flavor. You will find every kind of street food, traditional cuisines, cultural specialties and sea food in the food street. You can visit by yourself to try some delicious foods of Vietnam of you can book the tour of food street online to make a choice by a local guidance. Some of the must try things are Bun Cha Ca that is the noodle with grilled fish, lemon grass skewers or Nem Lui or some kind of sea food. If you are travelling solo, then you can hire a female local guide with scooter and have a quick go through of each stall.

Da Nang food street - what to do in da nang at night

Bach Dang walking street

The large side walk on the Han bridge has one direction to go. After 7m people starts coming for the evening stroll and this place becomes crowded. Han River becomes more beautiful in the evening that you can discover in the night. There are many cafes, restaurants, book stores and other shopping places along the Bach street where you can go and spend a nice evening. You can buy souvenirs, books or just sit and enjoy some coffee and snack.

Sea side Coffee

There are many places where you can sit and enjoy food and drinks in the evening. However, especially visiting a beach to have a coffee alongside river has its own charm. There are many beaches in Da nang where you can go for your evening stroll. Some of the beaches are Non Nuoc beach, Pham van Dong and My khe beach where you can sit and enjoy coffee with the views of sunset, water calming down, the white powdery sand and the pleasant wind. Vietnamese coffee is excellent, easily available everywhere and very low priced.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon bridge is one of the most popular attractions that you can enjoy when you have a question that what to do in Da nang at night. This golden dragon was constructed as the symbol of prosperity and good luck with the height of 666 meters. It is the longest and very beautiful bridge of Vietnam. Every Saturday and Sunday the bridge becomes more unique and attractive with the special display of LED lights. When the dragon spits fire from its mouth the entire view become unbelievable and stunning. It seems like a huge real dragon spitting fire on its full glory and this view should not be missed.

Dragon Bridge - what to do in da nang at night

The entire city of Da Nang has something special to offer for the people of every interest in the night. There are many historical monuments as well which can be visited in the evening. You cannot sit in the room for sure because the list of what to do in Da Nang never ends.

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