Ba Na Hills Cable Car Price – Bana Hills Ticket 2022

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Ba Na Hills is a resort and theme park that can be found high up on a mountain, which means you need to ride up there on the cable car.  The Ba Na Hills cable car was not opened until 2013, but since that time, it has qualified as the winner of many different Guinness World Records.  A couple of the records include the longest cable car ride, the biggest change in elevation, the longest gap, and the heaviest cable used for a cable car ride.

ba na hills cable car price

While most people will ride these cable cars to go wander through Ba Na Hills and have fun, others will simply ride up for the extraordinary views of Danang and the surrounding area.  There are three different cable car lines, but only two of them leave from the base of the mountain.  Those two cable car lines are the Dream Spring Station and the Toc Tien Station.  They can both be found at the Sun World Ba Na Hills Gateway.

things to do at Ba Na Hills - Bana Hills ticket

(Ba Na Hills Cable Car Price – Bana Hills Ticket)

You will want to purchase a Bana Hills ticket at the Dream Spring Station, which is also known as the Mo Stream – Ba Na Line.  You will ride this cable car line if you are interested in visiting the Linh Ung Pagoda or the massive Buddha Statue.  When you reach the Ba Na Station, you can also hop onto the Funicular to head over to Le Jardin D’Armour.  This is a garden area that has been influenced by the French and there is an ancient wine cellar there.

If you some time available, you can then take the Debay-Morin cable car line up to the Ba Na Hills Resort without returning to the bottom of the mountain and starting all over again.

Ba Na Hills cable car price - French Village Ba Na Hills

(Ba Na Hills Cable Car Price – Bana Hills Ticket)

There may be a time where you have no desire to see the sights mentioned above, or you have been to them before and simply want to enjoy the gorgeous views of the area.  In those scenarios, you can head over to the Toc Tien Station cable car line.  This cable car line has the longest one-wire sling and you can stay on it the entire time going to the top and then back down again without stopping and getting off in between.  The entire ride up and down takes approximately seventeen minutes, and that includes the time you will be traveling over the Toc Tien Waterfalls.

toc tien station - Ba Na Hills Cable Car Price

(Ba Na Hills Cable Car Price – Bana Hills Ticket)

While you can purchase your Bana Hills ticket when you arrive at one of the cable car line stations, you can also purchase those same Bana Hills tickets online.  The lines for a Bana Hills ticket are always long, so you may want to make your purchase online to save some time.

The Ba Na Hills cable car price is currently 850,000 VND for adults and 700,000 VND for children who are between one meter and almost a meter and a half in height.  If you happen to have a child who is under one meter in height, their Bana Hills ticket price is nothing, because they are allowed on the cable car for free.

ba na hills by private car

There are many ways to reach the Bana Hills ticket counter and entrance to the cable car rides.  Most of the time, taxis, private cars, and buses will drop you off nearby.  If you drive yourself, whether in a car or on a motorbike, you will need to park in the parking lot, which is a few minutes from the main gate.  While you can walk from the parking lot to the gate, there are electric carts to take you there as well.

While it is best to arrive with very few belongings for your cable car ride, there is a place where you can store your luggage for free at Ba Na Hills.  You will find this storage area to the right of the ticket booth and you will be given a numbered ticket after you check your luggage in.  This is a secure storage area that is open from eight o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock at night.  Of course, you must make sure you do not lose your numbered ticket, or you may have difficulty getting your luggage back at the end of your visit!

things to do at ba na hills

There are so many things you should do during your vacation in Vietnam, but the Ba Na Hills cable car is one that should be as close to the top of your list as possible.  It is easy to find the Ba Na Hills cable car priceBana Hills ticket options online, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you arrive at the entrance of the cable car line stations.  We do recommend purchasing your tickets in advance, so you can avoid the long lines.  However, do not worry if you forget, or want to ride the cable car again, because the long lines do move fairly quickly.

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