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Tien Sa port is located in Son Tra, Peninsula. In Central Vietnam, it is the deepest and biggest and welcomes a lot of tourists from across the world. Use your opportunity to visit Danang City, Hoi An Town, or Hue Imperial city to get a deeper insight into the people, history, and culture of Vietnam.

Usually, the Cruise ship stays at Tien Sa international port for about one day and leaves in the afternoon. During this time, you can hire a car for travelling. A private taxi can cost you a lot of money as the prices are not stable. Therefore, you can check out Transportation at Tien Sa,  Tien Sa car hire or Tien Sa port car rental.

We offer high-quality services and friendly English speaking drivers. Besides, all our cars are new and feature an air conditioner and free Wi-Fi. You don’t need to deposit any money in advance. You can book your desired car by Viber WhatsApp phone or email. You will pay the driver directly at the end of your trip.

All you need to do is book Tien Sa of Danang Transfer, Tien Sa port car hire or Tiensa port car rental. In Central Vietnam, you will have an amazing experience if you travel with us.

You can visit Hue city check out the relics of the Imperial City or you can go to Hoi An and Da Nang to enjoy the highlights of the city and eat your favourite food. Rent a car from Tien Sa port to Hue and Tien Sa port to Danang for a day trip.

Our Explore Vietnam can help you to enjoy a convenient trip. If you book with us, our professional English speaking drivers will take you to your favourite destinations. You will have an amazing sightseeing experience along the way.

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