Top 10 things to do at Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge

Nui Chua Mountain Da Nang is the home to this very attractive place. Ba Na Hills is a beautiful resort and destination that attract a lot of local and international visitors. The temperature remains cool and moderate that is perfect for sight-seeing and enjoying. “Ba Na” means my mountain and this word came from the local residents of Ba Na hills speaking Katu language. They were a small minority that lived in the form of a group before the French colonization. French inaugurated the Ba Na hill in 1919 as a hill station. It developed with time by the Sun World Corporation and now the place is a tourist complex and resort. The place is a perfect structure of French architecture and a lot of exciting entertainments.

things to do at ba na hills

(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

Ba Na hill is distributed into three parts

  • Lower part is the Linh Ung Pagoda, Golden Bridge, Debay Cellar and Le Jardin D’amour (garden)
  • Upper part is the Fantasy park and French village
  • Top of the mountain is the spiritual zone and Tru Vu tea corner.

Admissions and tickets for Ba Na Hills

The round trip of cable car ticket for Ba Na Hills is 850,000 VND for adults and 790,000 VND for children it includes

  • Admission of the Ba Na Hills areas
  • 10% VAT
  • Almost 105 games of the Fantasy Park and Alpine Coaster
  • Ticket for the funicular train that goes to Debay Cellar and Le Jardin D’Amour.

things to do at Ba Na Hills - entrance fee(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

The ticket you have to separately buy are

  • Wax museum entrance 100,000 VND per adult
  • Indoor activities and sports of Fantasy Park
  • Teddy bear grips

The tickets for these places are available at the counter in the Ba Na hills area or they are available online as well so you can pre book them. Some booking sites give nice discounts on booking if you book with them.

How to get to the Ba Na Hills

It is 35 kilometers away from the Da Nang city center so it is very easy to get there. There are different ways that you can select according to your choice.

  • Open bus

This is a very cheaper option. The two-way trip cost 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND but if you buy one-way ticket separately then it will be 100,000 VND. It is also convenient to book two-way trip so you do not have to do the hassle of finding a ride.

  • By Motor bike

The drive to the lovely complex is very interesting to explore by the bike. If you are travelling solo or as a couple, then you can simply rent a bike for 80,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day. The road Suoi Mo goes straight to the ticket counter of Ba Na Hills. It is not difficult at all or you can simply use the maps.

  • By Taxi

Taxi costs very expensive but it is the fastest way to get there and return. The charges are from 350,000 VND to 500,000 VND per ride for the round trip. If you are travelling as a group or family of 4 or 5 people, then compare the cost with the bus fare and select the most reasonable one.

Some fancy ways to get there

  • Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Cable Car is a very interesting means to reach the Ba Na hills. You will get to different areas from different places that you have to decide according to your location. This is a very safe and impressive system that holds records of the longest gap, the greatest change in elevation and the heaviest cable car. It is total 25 kilometers long and there are three lines from three locations that covers many other locations coming in between them. The beauty of this way of travel is that you will reach the top of the mountain and get some stunning views. There are some lines from where you can travel.

  • Dream Spring Station or Ba Na Station

This is the shortest line and while travelling from this you will visit Linh Ung Pagoda and the Giant Buddha Statue. After that the French garden Le Jardin D’Amour. After the garden you get to the Morin Cable car and go to the Chua mountain top resort complex and Fantasy Park.

Cable Car - French Village Ba Na Hills
(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

  • Toc Tien Station

This line holds the amazing world records for the longest line, Longest one wire sling, longest unpatched wire, heaviest cable roll and great elevation in the world. This is a 20 minutes ride that takes you over the amazing Toc Tien Waterfall. This is the best way to try the cable car to enjoy some astonishing natural views.

carble car in French Village Ba Na Hills - How to Get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang
(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

  • Marseille Station and Hoi An Station

You can get this ride from Hoi An station and reach the Marseille Station near to the famous Golden Bridge. From the station you have to get the funicular that will take you to the Le Jardin D’ Amour and then Linh Ung Pagoda. After that you can take the cable car from the Bordeaux station to get to the mountain top.

The cable car charges cost very reasonable because it includes all the fun and amazing panoramic views of the areas. This is a very adventurous and beautiful way to get to the Ba Na Hills.

1. Walk on the legendary Golden Bridge

The bridge was opened in 2018 and it became very popular even before its opening. The Golden bridge connects Marseille station to the French Le Jardin station. This is the most beautiful landscape bridge in the world according to the Time Magazine. The most amazing thing that made it very famous was its construction. The bridge design is very unique that two giant hands made of stone are covered with moss are holding the bridge. The view of the bridge is overlooking the Da Nang City. The views of the bridge are very stunning.

Best time to visit the Golden Bridge

This is a very stunning place that deserves to be published on social media. Most stunning images of Golden Bridge is taken from April to August and this the best time for photographers. It is spring and the entire area appears very beautiful. This is the time of peak of tourist crowds because Golden bridge is becoming more popular with the passage of time.

September to March is the lesser crowd times. The vacations are over and the atmosphere becomes quiet and empty. You can easily capture the Golden bridge to post on your Instagram. However, do not forget to be prepared for heavy rainfalls from September to October.

golden bridge - what to do in da nang - things to do at Ba Na Hills
(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

Tips for Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge

There are several things to keep in mind while visiting Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge to plan properly.

  • The timing if the Ba Na Hills is until 10:00 pm
  • You need a day to explore entire area
  • As you get towards the top of the mountain the temperature becomes more chilled so bring something warm especially for kids and an umbrella.
  • You do not have to worry about snacks and drinks because there are a lot of shops and restaurants.
  • After 4:00Pm you have to pay admission 550,000 VND of the Golden Bridge to watch sunset.
  • You can book everything online after comparing the prices and reviews of booking sites.

Other things to do at Ba Na hills are:

2. French Village Ba Na Hills

The medieval French architecture and the preserved history of French colonization makes this place appear like a mini Europe. The village has everything like a square with fountain, church, eateries, shops and hotels. The entire town is created in the form of French lifestyle. The cool mountain air makes you feel in Europe. The place becomes more lively because of the street artists performing in the streets. You can take pictures with them. You can book the hotel to stay in the French village and enjoy the night and mornings of the beautiful small village. You can book the hotel room online a good option is the Mercure French Village Hotel.

French Village - things to do at ba na hills
(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

3. Visit the French Garden Le Jardin D’ Amour

The garden is located near the Linh Ung Pagoda and giant Buddha and Debay wine cellar in the lower part of the Ba Na hills. You can take a short funicular ride to get to the garden. The garden is not a 1 place, but 9 different gardens. This can be better called as the garden complex. The entire place is a master piece of European architecture, flowers and botanical art. The nine garden names are:

garden ba na hills - things to do at ba na hills
(Things to do at Ba Na Hills)

  1. Love garden (the most beautiful one)
  2. Mystery garden
  3. Legendary garden
  4. Heaven garden
  5. Mystery garden
  6. Grape garden
  7. Brain storming garden
  8. Dream spring garden
  9. Sacred garden

4. Linh Ung Pagoda and Giant Buddha statue

Both of these attractions are located near the garden. The panoramic view appears as the sea of clouds floating around. The huge Buddha statue is the most famous part of this area that can be seen from the gardens. There is a pine tree in the front yard of pagoda that is discussed in the Red book of Vietnam. It is considered as very precious according to the details.

things to do at ba na hills

5. 100 years old Debay wine cellar

The Debay cellar was constructed during the French times in nineteenth century. This century old wine cellar is dug almost a 100 meters in the Ba Na mountains and the temperature always remains between 16 to 20 degree Celsius. The material litsea cubeba resin is used to make the cellar that is only available in this area. This place is a must visit for wine lovers because it serves some of the world’s finest wines.

Wine Cellar - things to do at ba na hills

6. Visit the Wax Museum

The wax museum displays the statues of famous personalities and celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth, Michael Jordan, Messi, Obama and many more. This is the best place to show some fan love to the famous people and click images.

Wax Museum - things to do at ba na hills

7. Alpine Coaster

The alpine coaster is a nice and fast opportunity to see a quick view of mountains while flying. It reaches the maximum speed of 40km/h and passes through the Chua mountain forest and Ba Na hills. You can enjoy this before going to the fantasy park.

Alpine Coaster ba na hills

8. Fantasy park

The fantasy park is inspired by “journey to the center of the earth” and “Twenty thousand league under the sea”. There are adventurous and thrilling games in the park. If you are feeling stressed, then enjoy some fast rides with your family. You can get to the drop tower first that goes to the 29m to get the highest views of the park. 4D death race and 5D cinemas are also must see attractions of the park.

Fantasy park- things to do at ba na hills

9. Tru Vu Tra Quan Tea House

This is located at a chilly place on the top of the hill. You can enjoy the tea in the chilly weather and landscapes. The furniture is inspired by Japanese culture like square table and cushion. The architecture of the place is traditional northern Vietnamese.

Tru Vu Tra Quan Tea House - things to do at ba na hills

10. Events and Festival of Ba Na Hills

You can plan your trip according to the events and festivals of the area which are organized in different parts. These are:

Events and Festival of Ba Na Hills -things to do at ba na hills

  • Flower festival (February – September)
  • Carnival (April – September)
  • Wine festival (May)
  • Beer festival (June – September)
  • Halloween festival (October)
  • Winter festival during the Christmas break

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