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Within the Quang Nam Province of Vietnam, there is a group of Hindu temples that used to be gorgeous.  Nowadays, they are mostly in ruins, since they weren’t preserved too well after being constructed between the 4th and 14th centuries.  Some of the ruins were destroyed during the war, while others simply started to fall apart due to age.

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All these temples are part of the My Son Sanctuary and they are quite close to the Village of Duy Phu.  This area is approximately sixty-nine kilometers to the southwest of Danang.  The buildings that can still be seen within the My Son Sanctuary are believed to all be religious buildings.  The names of the types of buildings are kalan, mandapa, kosagrha, and gopura.

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All these buildings were constructed out of brick and stone pillars and there are many different sandstone sculptures and carvings throughout.  Each building honors Hindu Deities like Vishnu and Krishna, but they are not the only deities honored at this sanctuary.

A visit here will have you admiring the beauty of the area, while also looking for the inscriptions that are still visible in both the Cham and Sanskrit languages.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see as many inscriptions as you once would have, because only seventeen of the original seventy-one buildings are standing.

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Most people visit My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An, because it is a short forty-kilometer journey.  While you can do a half-day visit, you may want to plan on a full day in case you get completely intrigued and do not want to leave earlier than you have to.

It is usually best to take a tour bus to My Son Sanctuary, because the guide will ensure you do not miss any of the important details on the way to the sanctuary and while you are there.  However, if you do not want to stick to a strict schedule, you may want to consider renting a motorbike and driving there on your own.

The current My Son entrance fee is 150,000 VND per person.  This is a reasonable cost considering the money is used to protect the beauty that remains within these fabulous ruins.  While a few people might balk at the My Son Vietnam entrance fee, others will simply agree that the price is fair for the experience they have during their visit.

My Son Sanctuary Entrance Fee

(My Son Sanctuary Entrance Fee)

One of the first places you should stop when you reach the My Son Sanctuary is the My Son Sanctuary Museum.  This is not too far from the entrance gate where you pay the My Son Sanctuary entrance fee.  There is a lot of useful information within this museum and it will allow you to understand more of what you are seeing during your visit.  This is especially important if you are wandering around the ruins without a guide.

When you are done exploring the museum, you will want to hop into one of the electric cars.  This vehicle will take you directly to the sanctuary, so you do not need to walk the long distance in the heat.  There is no extra cost for the ride, so we recommend you take advantage of it.

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It doesn’t matter which direction you go when you arrive at the My Son Sanctuary, but some people prefer to see the mostly damaged ruins before heading over to the ones that look so much more stunning.

It is best to arrive as early in the day as possible, because you will not need to wait in long lines to pay the My Son Vietnam entrance fee at that time.  You can also avoid those longer lines later in the day, but then you will need to contend with the extreme heat of the afternoon.

My Son sanctuary

You will want to take a lot of pictures of the surrounding area, as well as the ruins, because the lush jungles around the ruins are just waiting for you to capture them on film.  You will be amazed at how well the natural beauty matches the stunning man-made pieces within this site, despite the fact it has been left in despair for so many years.

It is easy to spend at least half a day in this area of Vietnam, so make sure you plan your time accordingly.  Plus, the longer you spend at the ruins, the more you will get from your My Son Sanctuary entrance fee.  Basically, do not arrive and leave within an hour or less.  Instead, spend four or five hours embracing the beauty that surrounds you.  We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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