Places to visit in Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang is an amazing coastal city that offers beautiful mountains, stunning beaches and religious relics. Historical landmarks, attractions and natural beauty of Da Nang attracts tourist crowds each year. Here are some must-visit attractions in Da Nang:

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The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a new addition in tourist attractions of Vietnam. It appeared in different magazines and travel websites. Unique feature of the bridge is two hands holding the bridge. It is an architectural marvel that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains. It is located 4600 feet above the sea level.

The Golden Bridge
The Golden Bridge – Places to visit in Da Nang

Son Tra Mountain

 It is also known as Monkey mountain. Dense forest of stunning Son Tra mountain is a home to some rare monkey species. It was the US army base; some radar domes can be seen in the forest. Scooters are available for rent to drive and explore the area. Hiking trips are offered by local tourism companies. You can spot some playful monkeys in different parts of the forest.

monkey mountain
Son Tra Mountain – Places to visit in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills SunWorld

Ba Na hills Sunworld is a fairytale like hill station that contains castles, courtyards, Buddhist statues, temples and cobblestone streets. There is a cable car lift to witness the spectacular landscape and surroundings. It is the longest cable car lift in the world. Temperature on the top of mountain, always remains cool. Book tickets for Ba Na hills in advance.

Ba Na Hills Private Tour
Ba Na Hills – Places to visit in Da Nang

The Marble Mountains

 It is a wonderful place to explore mountains, labyrinth of caves and passageways. These five mountains are named after five elements of earth such as Tho (earth), Thuy (water), Kim (metal), Moc (wood) and Hoa (fire). Thuy mountain is accessible for tourists that contains passageways, caves, temples and stunning pagodas. Marble steps are slippery so wear a pair of trainers for some grip.

Marble Mountain - what to see in da nang Hoi An to Da Nang Private Car - Danang to Nha Trang private car
Marble Mountains – Places to visit in Da Nang

Museum of Cham Sculpture

Champa was an ancient kingdom in the beginning of 4th century. It existed in Southern Vietnam. Da Nang’s museum of Cham sculpture has a huge collection of Cham sculptures and relics. You can learn about the fascinating history of this amazing culture. This is the largest collection of Champa culture in the world.

Cham Museum Da Nang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights
Museum of Cham Sculpture – Places to visit in Da Nang

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is the cleanest, most beautiful and popular beach of Da Nang. Picturesque mountains and white sand makes the beach look more attractive. There is a variety of restaurants, bars and bistros which serve local, international cuisines and fresh seafood. Different sports and fun activities are also available like parasailing, snorkeling and jet skiing.

muong thanh luxury - Best Area to Stay in Da Nang
My Khe Beach – Places to visit in Da Nang

My Son Sanctuary

It is a UNESCO world heritage site having many abandoned units of Champa civilization. There are intricate carvings of religious figures. Many buildings and figures were destroyed due to bombing by Americans in the war. Large bomb craters can also be seen.

My Son sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary – Places to visit in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge

 It is the engineering marvel in Vietnam that won Diamond award for engineering excellence 2014. It is a 666 meters long, 8164 tonnes heavy bridge that changes color every few minutes. Fire breathing dragon is the best background for travel photos.

Dragon bridge da nang
Dragon Bridge – Places to visit in Da Nang

There are a lot of things that visitors can do in Da Nang from enjoying local meals to seafood, drinks and much more that Vietnamese culture offers.

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