Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

If you go through the profiles of the visitors of Da Nang on social media, you will see a lot of people on a lovely bridge with padlocks. Some of the love Bridge Da Nang locks have the name of lovers written on them. It seems more like a ritual then a tourist activity of the bridge. It is located on the Han River an attracts thousands of tourists each year. It is inspired by the Pont des Arts France , Milvio bridge in Italy, Hohenzollern in Germany and the Russian Tretyakovsky. All of those are love locks tourist attractions around the world.

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About the Bridge

The Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is the project of Yacht Wharf and Water Sports Club that was funded by the DHC Marina JSC for the construction. Different couple prove their love and togetherness by putting the lock with their names on the pier of the bridge. This was made as one of the major attractions to attract young tourists from everywhere. The 6 meters wide bridge is a 68 meters long arc in the middle of the river. Two meters wide foot path allows the visitors to watch the beauty of Han river and catch some cool breeze. The Carp images and octagonal concrete pillars are made in the railings of the bridge. You can clearly see the inspiration of the bridge from some of the well-known beautiful love bridges of France, Germany, Russia and Italy.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang at night

(Love Lock Bridge Da Nang)

You will see hundreds of couples visiting the love lock bridge every day, promising each other the lifelong togetherness and love bond. However, the bridge becomes more enchanting in the night when the thousands of heart-shaped red lanterns show their glitters in the water and make it sparkle. The lanterns are heart shaped and they are fixed in the form of trees which are 3D heart shaped. This is a very unique design. The padlocks are available on the bridge that do not have a key. They can just be placed in the sides to bridge to remain locked forever. This is the Cau Song Han or Han river bridge that is named as the Love lock bridge due to these love marks. The places from which you can see the amazing light show clearly is Novotel sky 36 bar, Azura Hotel or Dragon bridge.

History of the Han River Bridges Da Nang

There were only two bridges for Da Nang one to access the road and the other one for the Railway station. The construction began in 1998 after Da Nang became under the government management. Before the making of the bridge the third way to travel was from boats or ferries. It was a very important decision to do this project because the West side of the city was wealthier because they got the perks of trade and tourism. The east side remained poor by relying only on fishing or small works like farming and boat construction.


(Love Lock Bridge Da Nang)

It was opened on the 25th anniversary of the event when the north Vietnam government took control of Da Nang. An interesting fact about the Han river bridge is that it is the first swing bridge of Vietnam so you can also see the timing of the movement of the bridge. The love lock bridge was named in a big corruption case but it is a very important attraction for the locals. This is among the best options of inspiration for photographers, wedding couples and lovers.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang at night

(Love Lock Bridge Da Nang)

You can make your visit to love lock bridge Da Nang more interesting by planning it on weekends to see the Dragon Bridge spitting fire and water. Never forget booking a cruise dinner or a boat trip to enjoy the river as well. You can also watch some interesting activities of the visitors. They sometimes dance, sing or play musical instruments on the bridge while chilling out. Make a visit to see the Han river bridge, Dragon bridge and love lock bridge to enjoy the amazing view of the river.

Where to buy love locks?

These are metal padlocks which have no keys. They are sold on the bridge and the designing and name engraving is done on spot. You can get name initials, full name, dates, or message engraved on your lock. After that you can lock it on the side of the bridge. Some people place two locks, locked together with their names.

love lock da nang

(Love Lock Bridge Da Nang)

Da Nang Night tour

Da Nang has a lot of day time activities to enjoy however you can have an unforgettable evening because the city becomes more vibrant in the lights. The evening environment of the city becomes more lively and romantic. You can enjoy the mix of modern and traditional things like bridges sightseeing, night markets, food tours and many more. Trips planned with the local tour companies has the duration of almost 4 hours with the pick and drop from the hotel. They give a quick guided visit to the best destinations, scooter ride and the local food tour.

Dragon Bridge - what to do in da nang at night

(Love Lock Bridge Da Nang)

Local Food tour Da Nang

The food tours usually start at 6:00 pm by picking up the guests from their accommodations. The first thing is the dinner according to the meat or vegetarian choices. Vietnam is the heaven of vegetarian and sea foods. You can select according to your choice or the tour guide. The tour guides for the food tours are locals and they know the best dishes to recommend tourists.

Fried Pancake and Lemongrass Pork Skewers - what to eat in Da Nang

Cruise trips

After the dinner, the cruise trip starts that gives the guided tour of four famous bridges. They are Han River bridge, Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Love bridge Da Nang. You can enjoy the romantic lights and river views of the bridges.

Han River Night Cruise - what to do in da nang at night

Local Market Visit

The local market of Da Nang is visited by the tour group at 9:00 pm to try the famous sweet soup that is taken as Vietnamese dessert. After one hour the guests are dropped at their hotels.

This is the general tour timing and pattern. However, this is offered by almost every company with small modifications. You can ask your tour planner if you want to skip or add something. It is better to have the quick evening trip on the first or second day of your exploration so you can plan to spend more time on your favorite location with delicious food.

Go Shopping at Da Nang Market

Details of Bridges other than Love bridge Da Nang

There are different bridges in Da Nang with their own specialties. They are very important attractions to see. The major bridges are:

Han River Bridge

This is the most famous bridge of Da Nang one reason is that it is the first swing bridge and one of the many other reasons is that it shares tourism and trade to different parts of the city. It is situated between the Le Duan Street and Pham Van Dong street. It rotates 90 degrees to open and close way for different type of traffic. This bridge swings around 11pm on weekends and this is the best chance to enjoy the uniqueness of the Han River Bridge.

Han River Bridge

Dragon Bridge

Its unique architecture appears as the identity of old Vietnamese culture because it is one of its kind. The bridge has the largest Dragon made of steel in the world. The wavy dragon is constructed toward the river and it seems like the river is spitting fire on weekends. You can visit to see the show of lights and water on Saturday and Sunday nights. This is the best and fastest way to reach Da Nang airport. It connects two streets Tran Hung Dao with Bach Dang. The fire and water show happens at 9:00 pm on weekends and national holidays. You will find crowds of locals and tourists on weekends here. It is a wonderful entertainment attraction for locals. Love lock bridge Da Nang is located next to the dragon bridge.

Dragon bridge da nang

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

This is the oldest bridge among all of the Han river bridges that was built by the French during their colonial period. Its name was De Lattre De Tassigny and after that it was renamed Tran Thi Ly. She was a courageous activist during the French American period who suffered many tortures and kept the secrets of her nation. This unique cable stayed bridge is an important architectural and historical mark for the locals of the city. You can visit it with Dragon bridge and love lock bridge Da Nang because it is only 1km away.

tran thi ly bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

It is the longest suspension bridge Vietnam has that connects Tien Sa Port with the city center. It was completely constructed in 2009 and it is the most amazing place to visit for the city views. You can reach this bridge for an evening stroll with the stunning sunset of the city. This bridge is the mark of international expansion of Da Nang city by the extended wings in the direction of the sea. It connects the city to the Son Tra peninsula, Nguyen Tat Thanh street and Truong Sa Hong Sa street. These are the largest coastal roads of the city. It is not only famous among the locals but also internationally due to trade and connectivity of the major areas.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Golden Bridge

Golden bridge can be said as the most famous bridge that continuously appears in newspapers, publications and social media. This is a very unique and huge construction. The design of this bridge is like two giant hands are holding the bridge high. It frequently appears as the mark of social networking websites in Vietnam. Its construction was completed in 2018 that is 150 meters extended and the height is 1400m above the sea level. It is made with stress grade lumber and stainless steel. The bridge is located near the Ba Na Hills so you can plan the visit of both places at once. There are ample of attractions at the same location so you can plan a day trip to this area.

Golden Bridge - Love Lock Bridge Da Nang


Tips for Love Lock Bridge:

The love lock bridge and Dragon bridge are very close to each other so try to plan the trip on weekend night to see Dragon bridge light show.

  • There are many places to eat on all the bridges or near them so you do not need to worry about food.
  • If you want to plan a tour, then book in advance after checking the details online so you can modify the activities accordingly.
  • Do not throw your trash and plastic bottles in river or any other natural attraction. Be a sustainable tourist by keeping your trash bag with you.
  • Stay updated about the weather because all the bridges are on the river and get cold winds of the river. Wear comfortable things and keep essentials like sunscreen, umbrella and water bottle with you.
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