How to Plan a Day Trip to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An

Ba Na Hills is an amazing resort, and hill station, that can be found within the Truong Son Mountains.  There are many different attractions at Ba Na Hills, as well as other things to keep you busy and entertained.  A couple of the more prominent features include theme park rides, castles, and multiple pagodas.

It is important that you know that the area where Ba Na Hills is located is much cooler than most of the other areas of Vietnam.  This is due to its location at the top of a mountain and you will want to be prepared with the proper clothes.  After all, you will not want to be cold the entire time you are there!

ba na hills

(ba na hills from hoi an)

When you are thinking about how to plan a day trip to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An, you will be happy to find out that there are four different ways to reach Ba Na Hills from Hoi An.  Those four options include a bus, taxi, motorbike, and tour group.

If you decide to board a bus to go to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An, you will find that the cost is quite reasonable.  It will take you a little longer to reach your destination via bus, but the schedule makes it possible for you to come and go as you please between the hours of half past five in the morning and six o’clock at night.  Plus, the bus arrives at the stops every twenty minutes, so you will never need to wait too long if you miss one.

hoi an to ba na hills by bus

(ba na hills from hoi an)

Choosing to take a taxi to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An is a little more expensive, but you should reach your destination a little faster.  Plus, you won’t need to adhere to any special schedules, because you can simply call for a taxi when you are ready to leave.

hoi an to ba na hills by taxi

(ba na hills from hoi an)

Renting a motorbike to drive to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An is the best way if you do not want to adhere to a schedule or wait for anyone to come pick you up.  While this is also a pricey option, you can usually negotiate a really good rate if you are renting the motorbike for multiple days.  Plus, this way, you do not need to stay at Ba Na Hills for any length of time if you do not find it as appealing as you thought you would.  This never happens, but you know….

rent a motorbike - ba na hills from hoi an

Taking a tour is an excellent way to go to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An, especially if you want someone else to figure out your schedule for the day.  Your guide will be with you throughout the entire day, leading you from one attraction to the next, while sharing useful tidbits and lots of local information along the way.

ba na hills from hoi an

Most tours are reasonably priced, but the downside is you are stuck with the schedule you are given.  Therefore, if you find an area of Ba Na Hills completely fascinating, you will have no choice but to leave before you are ready.  This can be enough of a deal-breaker for some people, so make sure you keep it in mind before you book your tour.

It is best to arrive at Ba Na Hills from Hoi An as early in the day as possible, because it does get crowded most days of the year.  As soon as you arrive at Ba Na Hills, you will find yourself riding on the cable car to reach the top of the mountain where the resort is located.  This is the longest cable car ride in the world!

cable car

Once you have reached the top, you will find yourself wandering along cobblestone streets before reaching the indoor park and the massive Buddha statue.  You should also check out the Golden Bridge, which is one of the newest attractions.  This bridge passes through both the Buddha’s hands and it offers stunning panoramic views.  There is something for everyone at this theme park, so make sure you plan your time accordingly, unless of course, you are on a tour.  This will ensure you can have all the thrills you want before you finally sit back to relax with a glass of wine and eventually make the trek back to your hotel.

cable car

Ba Na Hills has been said to be a magical destination that everyone must experience for themselves during a visit to Vietnam.  While there is no designated timeframe of when you should visit during your trip, or how long you should stay, there is no doubt that a trip to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An is necessary.

Therefore, start working on how to plan a day trip to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An as soon as you know you will be visiting Vietnam, so you do not miss out on all the fun that this area offers.

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