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Hoi An is compact and beautiful so it is very convenient to explore by foot. However, sometimes you need to hire a taxi or car because you have kids or simply you are tired to walk further. The public transportation is also available that is very budget friendly but sometimes taxi becomes cheaper especially if you are with family or group. There are numerous pedestrian lanes, pristine beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites, local villages, mountains, hotels, restaurants and a lot more to explore in Hoi An. You need to hire a taxi for some places like central blocks of ancient towns or some crowded places where it is not easy to drive or park the car. The other benefit of getting the taxi service is that they drop you nearest to the destination.

While roaming around you will find a number of taxis available freely. The hassle occurs when they charge extra amount and make the trip longer intentionally to increase the fare. You have to find reliable companies that you can hire online. You will find the car standing outside the airport with your name as you reach. They have fixed charges that never change due to traffic or anything else. Hiring a taxi through hotel is also not recommended because it is a bit expensive than the normal charges.

Taxi services

Taxi service usage is increasing day by day as the tourism is taking a boom in Vietnam. Majorly they are used by the larger cities where the living standards and tourism are a bit higher than other parts. Hoi An taxi service provided by the private drivers are not considered very reliable. They are divided into two types, the official taxi services which are those who belong to a proper company, lesser charges, safe and has a proper system of counting the fare. However, the unofficial ones are the individuals who mostly avoid following rules or having meters in their taxi. They try to scam people especially the tourists by different means. They are not safe at all because there is no check on them. The most reputable national taxi services with reliable and good profile are listed below. You can call them from railway station or airport and by asking your hotel.

hoi an private car - hoi an taxi service
(Hoi An taxi service)


Mai Linh Taxi

It is a proper brand of taxi in Vietnam that is considered as the most reliable and reasonable by the visitors and locals. They have a proper system of tracking their drivers and keeping their trip records. The sub brands or products of the Mai linh taxi are

  1. Gia Dinh Taxi
  2. Mai Linh Linousine
  3. Saigon Taxi
mai linh taxi - hoi an taxi service
(Mai linh taxi – Hoi An taxi service)

You can recognize the taxi by the green and white color that represents all of their products. This is recognized by the local visitors of Hoi an as well. They have updated application that can be downloaded and used. The drivers are well trained and the vehicles are well maintained and nice. They meaning of their name is also very interesting “Mai” relates to the apricot flowers expressing traditional new year of luck and happiness. It also represents future or a good tomorrow. “Linh” means fast, and flexibility in solving tasks.

  • For the Gia Dinh taxi contact number is
  • Limousine
  • Saigon Taxi contact number is or you can download their app or setup your trip from their website.

Vinasun Taxi Service

Vinasun is another widely used company among the Hoi An taxi service that is considered as the most reliable one. The rates are reasonable according to the meter and fixed. Contact number of Vinasun Taxi is You can also use the app to hire from the huge network of 3500 cabs. Usually, taxi drivers increase the charges when they go from airport the hotel with the tourists. The Vinasun cabs can be recognized by their white color with red and green stripes or the arrow circle. This is important to remember because some taxi drivers say that they are from the company but they are unofficial drivers. They wear uniform with the same colors and have the same stripes with a little different name or no name printed. Before sitting in the taxi check the name carefully when the driver approaches you and make sure that they have the name and logo printed on the vehicle.

vinasun taxi
(Vinasun taxi – Hoi An taxi service)

Uber service

People from almost all around the world know the usage of Uber app because it is available almost everywhere. In Hoi An Uber service is easily available and can be booked. It is very convenient for the tourists because they can use it in their own language and hire a car from this if no other option seems fine. However, trying the taxi service for longer trips is a good option if Uber costs more.


Grab is exactly like Uber and you can use it in the same way. It works all over Vietnam even where the Uber is not available.


Motor bike taxis

The other very common vehicle among the Hoi An taxi service is the motorbike taxi. This is the perfect option to go to the narrow streets area or old town center. It is cheaper than the car or cab. You can ask your hotel if you want to book from there but the charges are slightly higher because of the hotel commissions. However, you can hire one from a rental shop. You can even get an electrical bicycle with a helmet from a shop instead of a bike. The helmet checks are on many sides of the road so it is a must to ask because the bike is confiscated in the result of breeching this rule.

The motorbike taxi is a good option if you are travelling solo but beware because there are many scams associated with it too. Negotiate the charges first and tell the drive that you will not pay extra after reaching.

Motor bike taxis - hoi an taxi service
(Motor bike taxis)

Rent a bike

Renting a bike is the better option for two people because you can explore more and enjoy the mountains and beach sides better. To rent a bike, it is necessary to fill the tank with fuel because the fuel stations are not frequently available in the mountain areas. The other thing to take care of is the filling at the station. Sometimes the filling station worker do not fill the tank completely to give service to the next customer. They suddenly close the meter and tell you the amount of full tank. You can get the fuel a little more than the quantity required to reach the next filling station.

Rent a bike - hoi an taxi service
(Rent a bike )


Cyclo started long time ago during the French colonial period. It is a double seat bicycle with three wheels and the driver sits behind. This is a very economical and fun vehicle to travel but it is available for the nearby locations. However, in some major cities cyclo is treated as the fun activity so the charges are higher. It was once used as the major service of transportation whereas now people rely more on the taxi and buses. Other reason behind the lesser usage is that they are restricted on many main roads and areas of the city due to traffic hazards. While hiring a cyclo same taxi rules are applied. Negotiate before riding because after that the driver asks for more money and gather crowds by creating fuss and blackmail you. The drivers of Vietnam believe that the tourists are rich and they can afford paying any amount.

Cyclo - hoi an taxi service

Private car service

You can choose the private car service instead of the Taxi. However, these services are offered by many taxi companies as well. The drivers and fares are more controlled because the charges are fixed by the company when a car is booked. The terms and conditions are already clear so it becomes easier and hassle free. Private car service is cheaper that taxi because you plan the trip and already decide the multiple places you want to visit instead of hiring taxi or cab again and again. The waiting time is also not charged extra. It is simply like a more convenient taxi service that you can pre book and get to the destination safely and without hassle. Some popular and recommended companies are:

Uber service
(Hoi An Private CarHoi An taxi service)

Hoi An Transfer

Hoi An transfer is a five star service recommended by most of the tourists. The rates are cheaper as compared to the others. Cars are well maintained, equipped with basic facilities and the drivers are well trained. You can hire them for across the country travel or for going from Hoi An to any other place. The car service is confirmed in less than 4 hours and available early in the morning and very late at night. you can book the car during 8:00 am to 9:00 pm but the customer service is available all the time.

Sky’s Hoi An Tours

Sky’s Hoi An has a very powerful team with trained drivers, managers and other people with a very good tourism knowledge. The staff is cooperative and friendly. Apart from car booking or taxi service they provide sightseeing tours of the city and nearby destinations. The guides are multilingual so it is easier to interact with them.

Bana Home and Spa

It is more than a spa and relaxing spot. They provide different transfer services, tours, car and taxi services. They have a highly skilled and professional staff in their beauty salon, spa and tourism services. The tours are offered to individuals, groups and companies.

Hoi An private car

This service is owned by Vietnam local travels Co. Ltd. They provide day tours, group tours and company tours. Airport transfer service is also available that can pick you up or drop you from airport or hotel. They also offer private tours and biking tours so you can hire then for your complete fun in Hoi An. Bilingual travel guide can be booked as well. Booking hours are from 12 am to 12 pm.

Hoi An Da Nang Private transfer

The quick and affordable service is available by the Hoi An Da nang private transfer. The prices are very reasonable and fixed so you can easily use it. Payment is charged after the trip is completed so you can easily book it without advance. It becomes easier to book the car through website before arriving so you find the car outside airport as you reach. Most of the drivers speak fluent English and are ready to help about travel guidance. Your itinerary is shared with them when you book by the company so your driver already knows about you travel.

There are a lot of transportation available in Hoi An so you can select most suitable one. However, being careful about the things in the new destination is a standard thing to do that applies for every place. Save the names of your hotel, passport picture and other important things in your phone and keep their copy as well. The taxi scams are almost everywhere in the world so it can be easily avoided by following the simple things.

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