Hidden Beach Hoi An

There are many beaches within the area of Hoi An, which means you will have ample opportunities to spend a little bit of your vacation in the soft sand and the water.  However, you may find yourself drawn to the more popular beach options like Cua Dai and An Bang.  While this is okay, after all they are jam-packed with five-star resorts, restaurants, and thousands of tourists like yourself, there are a couple magical beaches you would then overlook.

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One of those magical beaches is Hidden Beach Hoi An.  You will find this spectacular beach approximately six minutes from An Bang and five minutes from Cua Dai.  Since it is tucked away between the two popular beaches in Hoi An, it has a quieter and more peaceful ambiance.  This is an excellent option if you are tired of the crowds or are looking for some tranquility and even inspiration for your time on the beach.

Hidden Beach Hoi An

As you are walking, or driving, to Hidden Beach Hoi An, you will want to keep an eye out for a sign that is labeled, Tararind Cay Me.  There is a narrow road to the right of the restaurant by the sign and it will take you directly to this beautiful beach destination.

One of the best times to visit Hidden Beach Hoi An is early in the morning before the sun comes up, because you can watch the locals arriving on their boats from further out in the water.  They are coming back in from their morning of fishing.

the best times - Hidden Beach Hoi An

It is also best to enjoy this sandy delight from the months of February through July, because it is the dry season in Vietnam.  The earlier months are comfortable temperature-wise, but the months of June and July are usually hot and slightly uncomfortable.

the best times to visit Hidden Beach Hoi An

There are many things you can do when you are spending a little time at Hidden Beach Hoi An.  While the main activities are swimming and relaxing on the sand, there are a couple others you can choose from as well.  We recommend trying a little parasailing before venturing out on a banana boat or zooming around on a jet ski.

While there are no hotels or resorts directly on this beach, you will find quite a few within walking distance.  There is an accommodation for every budget, so do not think that you are stuck staying really far away from this beach during your Vietnam vacation.

A couple options for accommodations near Hidden Beach Hoi An include Hidden Beach Bungalow, Hidden Beach Pool Villas, and Boutique Hoi An Resort.

hidden beach restaurant

You will never need to worry about being hungry during your visit to Hidden Beach Hoi An, because there are many restaurants nearby.  None of them are considered fancy, but they serve food that tastes much better than all those fancy restaurants you have been to in the past.  The best part is that the prices at each restaurant are reasonable and very affordable, so you won’t break your budget if you need to eat out when you were not planning to.

restaurant on the beach

A couple of the best restaurants are the Golden Bay Restaurant and Bar, Hidden Beach Restaurant and Bar, Wild Beach Restaurant, and Beach Waves Restaurant.

Most of the nearby restaurants also have an on-site spa, so you can have an incredible massage after your meal.  The massages are fairly cheap, so again, your budget will not take a hit as you are relaxing.

As you can see, choosing a beach in Hoi An, Vietnam that is not as popular does not mean that you will be bored when you are sitting in the sand.  While there won’t be as many people wandering around on Hidden Beach Hoi An, you will still have plenty of options when it comes to striking up a conversation with the locals.  Plus, all the different water sports will keep you busy, so you won’t even realize how long you have been at the beach!

It is not unusual for people to arrive at Hidden Beach Hoi An before the sun comes up, to watch the local fishermen come in, and still be there when it comes time for the sun to set hours later!  This is a clue as to how much fun, and relaxation, is available at this amazingly tranquil sandy destination.

If you know you want to spend time at a beach while in Vietnam, you can check out the more popular options.  However, we also recommend that you visit Hidden Beach Hoi An, because it is an area that simply should not be missed!

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