Everything You Need to Know About French Village Ba Na Hills

The French Village Ba Na Hills is a gorgeous resort that can be found up within the Truong Son Mountains, which are to the west of Da Nang.  This area was founded by the French colonists back in 1919 and it has grown in popularity since that time.

As you are planning your visit to the French Village Ba Na Hills, you must keep in mind that the temperatures there are much cooler than the rest of the country.  The reason for the lower temperatures is that the entire resort is fifteen hundred meters above sea level.  It is only ten to fifteen degrees colder, but it is enough that you will want slightly warmer clothing with you.

Best Things to Do While Visiting French Village Ba Na Hills

Take a Ride on The Drop Tower

If you really want an adventure when you are in Vietnam, you must take a ride on The Drop Tower.  When you get to the top of the tower, you can look out of the glass dome and see the views for miles.  However, don’t get too comfortable, because in no time at all, you will fall twenty-nine meters into a cave.  Once you arrive in the cave, look around, because it may seem familiar since it was what two of Jules Verne’s novels were based on.  Those two novels are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and the Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

The Drop Tower in French Village Ba Na Hills

Go for a Ride on the Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster is best ridden during the day, so plan your time accordingly.  You will ride in your own car, and while you can reach speeds of up to forty kilometers per hour, you can control your speed with the brakes that are in each car.

Alpine Coaster - French Village Ba Na Hills

Take a Stroll Through the French Village

The French Village is filled with European styled buildings and cobblestone streets, so walk around and feel like you are being transported back in time.  I recommend that you visit at night too, because the ambiance of the village changes completely.

French Village Ba Na Hills

Take a Ride on the Cable Car

The cable car system hasn’t been at French Village Ba Na Hills for very long.  It was only completed back in 2013, but it already has multiple Guinness World Records.  The best records include the largest change in elevation and the largest gap between stations.  The entrance fee for the Ba Na Hills cable car ride is 750,000 VND for adults and children are 600,000 VND.

carble car in French Village Ba Na Hills

There are three different cable car rides and they are Dream Spring Station, Toc Tien Station, and the Debay-Morin.  When you take a ride from the Dream Spring Station, you will be able to see both the massive Buddha statue and the Ling Ung Pagoda.  If you continue on the Funicular to the Le Jardin D’Armour, you can then take the Debay-Morin line up to Fantasy Park and the rest of the resort.

Cable Car - French Village Ba Na Hills

The Toc Tien Station is the best one if you are only interested in seeing the sights from the cable car and not making any stops anywhere.  This ride takes approximately seventeen minutes and you will see the stunning Toc Tien waterfalls at some point during your journey.

See Famous People at the Wax Museum

If you have ever wondered what some people look like up close, you must visit the Wax Museum at French Village Ba Na Hills.  This museum is filled with celebrity wax look-alikes, so you will never need to worry about what color a certain person’s eyes are ever again.

Wax Museum- - French Village Ba Na Hills

Conquer the 4D Death Race

Have you ever wanted to fly through a Formula 1 air race?  It is possible when you take the time to experience the 4D Death Race.  You simply sit in a seat inside the theater and let the thrills overcome you from the moving seats and the smoke, wind, and steam machines.

4D Death Race in French Village Ba Na Hills

Dine at the Kavkaz Restaurant

You are going to be hungry at some point during your visit to French Village Ba Na Hills and the Kavkaz Restaurant is going to be the best place to enjoy a bite to eat.  There are other dining options at the resort, but this one features excellent seasoned grilled lamb!

Kavkaz Restaurant in French Village Ba Na Hills

These are just a few of the things that you can do while visiting French Village Ba Na Hills in Vietnam and you will find much more after you arrive.  I recommend that you plan your trip carefully, so you do not miss out on all the exciting things that are available in this part of the country.  And if you have any questions when you are there, do not be afraid to ask the locals.  They love sharing information with those who are visiting!

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