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Hoi An Tailor Price Guide? Anyone who loves clothes that fits perfectly must travel to Hoi An to have all their clothes made by one of the Hoi An tailors.  There are plenty of tailors in this charming town and they all work their magic to make sure everyone looks their best.

There is no limit as to what a Hoi An tailor can create for you, so do not worry about entering a tailor shop and asking for a clothing item that is slightly unique.  Basically, create a list of things you need, whether it is a new dress, suit, shoes, wallet, handbag, or backpack, and then meet with a Hoi An tailor.  They will help you choose the material of your dreams before quickly finishing everything on your list.

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(Hoi An Tailor Price Guide)

In fact, you won’t believe how quickly these tailors work and how wonderful the end result is.  While you won’t have your items in a couple hours, you will usually have everything on your list within three days.

The first day is usually spent meeting with the tailor, choosing the materials, and doing measurements.  The second day is for any measurement adjustments and an alteration or two, while the third day is when you will pick everything up.  Make sure you request any changes during the beginning of the second day or you may have something that you don’t love as much as you thought you would.

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(Hoi An Tailor Price Guide)

It is important to note that you should negotiate the price in the very beginning, before you put down a deposit.  Usually fifty percent is the required down payment with the rest being due when you pick your items up.

As you are looking for a tailor, you will find that there are many larger tailor companies and many smaller boutique options.  While you may think that bigger is better, when it comes to a Hoi An tailor, that is not always the case.  The boutique shops are usually your best option when it comes to quality-made items at reasonable prices.

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(Hoi An Tailor Price Guide)

Since there are at least five hundred different tailor shops within Hoi An, you really cannot say that you can’t find one when you are looking for one.  While there is a Hoi An tailor price guide, you must be aware that some places will charge more, while others will charge less.  This is common for almost anything you are purchasing around the world, but it is something you will want to keep in mind when you are choosing a tailor during a visit to Hoi An.

Today, we will focus on the average price for most items you would have tailored according to your needs when you are in Hoi An.  This will give you a general idea of what you would pay to have certain things made especially for you.

According to the Hoi An tailor price guide, the average price you should pay for a basic woman’s dress should be 1,700,000 VND.  A more complicated design will be 2,100,000 VND, while an elegant gown with extra fabric will cost 3,000,000 VND.

Hoi An Tailor Price Guide

(Hoi An Tailor Price Guide)

A men’s three-piece suit shouldn’t cost you more than 2,100,000 for a basic design and 4,000,000 VND for a slightly better material.  Of course, any three-piece suits made from luxurious fabrics will be approximately 6,000,000 VND.

A coat for men or women usually runs between 700,000 and 1,000,000 VND, while a men’s button-down shirt is around 400,000 VND if you negotiate properly.

It is always a good idea to negotiate the price you are given from any tailor in Vietnam, because most of them will give you a price that is between thirty and sixty percent higher than what they want to make.  While you can pay the price that is quoted to you, in the end, you will be the one losing out, because you could probably get twice as much for the same price!

As you are wandering around Hoi An, you will notice that many of the tailor shops have clothing items hanging up in the store.  While you can purchase these off the rack items, you must look for a few things first.  Most of these clothing items will have been in the shop for a long time, so they could have mold or mildew throughout them.  The material may also be faded from the sun if they were near the windows.  It is also important to note that these items were made as a general design and may not fit you as well as they should.

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(Hoi An Tailor Price Guide)

There are so many reasons why you should have your clothes tailor-made when you are in Hoi An, but the main one is the quality of the end product.  Of course, you will also save a ton of money, especially if you follow our information in the Hoi An tailor price guide above and are not afraid to negotiate.  So, when you are in Hoi An, stop by a tailor shop and see what you can have them make for you.  We are sure you will be impressed with the quality of what you receive and that you will wear it for a long time after you return home.

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