Places to eat in Da Nang

Places to eat in Da Nang Vietnam? Vietnam is a heaven for food lovers. There are huge variety of local and international cuisines in the city. The local cuisines have a lot of diversity because of the French, US and many local cultural influences. Government of the province promoted the local villages along with the cities due to that many eateries of the city has delicacies made of organic food and herbs. The transportation is easily available to different parts so the people of village can sell their products in the cities. You will find a lot of farmers selling their fresh grown in the local markets of Da Nang.

Pro tip: Book a food tour with a nice company when you reach the city to have a quick look on the places to eat in Da Nang. It will help you gather the information to what to eat every day.

You will find a huge number of tourists everywhere around the world visiting the famous locations of Da Nang like Dragon bridge, Ba Na Hills, Golden bridge and many more. They not only try the local cuisines but learn the cooking skills of their favorite flavors from the local people. Most of the western tourists love to visit the historic areas, old Cham culture places and villages more than the cities. Digital nomads and backpackers find a plenty of food and nightlife places by staying in the city. You will find a lot of places to eat in Da Nang from local street food to luxurious meals and international cuisines. Here are the complete lists of food in Da Nang.

Some local Dishes

Pho Bo

Pho is the golden flavor of Vietnam that you will find everywhere whereas every part of the country has its own specific flavor of Pho. The central Vietnam pho is famous for its unique taste. You can find the beef Pho at a lot of places in Da Nang.

Pho Bo

(Places to eat in Da Nang)

Bun Thit Nuong

This delicious recipe has grilled pork covered in the cold vermicelli noodles. The dish is garnished with whole peanuts, peanut sauce and fresh herbs. You can find it among the street food stalls and can eat whenever you want.

bun thit nuong

(Places to eat in Da Nang)

Bun Cha Ca

This is a noodle soup but made with fish. The Limey fish broth is cooked with pineapple and tomato to make this finger licking recipe with fish cakes. The best Bun Cha Ca is available on the city sides. The taste is more enhanced because freshly caught fish is used.

Grilled fish cake noodle - what to eat in Da Nang

(Places to eat in Da Nang)

Xoi Ga

It is a bowl of typical sticky rice covered with the shredded chicken, crispy fried onions and Thai basil. The dish is garnished with the chili jam and lime while serving. If you do not feel like having veggies and fish, then this is best option for a meal.

xoi ga - Places to eat in Da Nang

Banh Xeo

Pan fried rice crepes are filled with the turmeric, bean sprouts, pork and shrimp. Then the filling is rolled in the rice papers with fresh herbs, pork skewer and cucumber. Peanut sauce is served with it as a dip but it needs some practice to dip and eat it. Locals eat Banh Xeo like a pro and you can practice while trying with them.

Fried Pancake and Lemongrass Pork Skewers - what to eat in Da Nang

(Places to eat in Da Nang)

Banh Beo

You will find steamed rice cakes with tea and coffee at a lot of places in Da Nang. They are the specialty of Central Vietnam. The rice cakes have the mung bean paste and scallion oil topping with toasted shrimps and shallots. Chili fish sauce is added while serving to add extra zesty kick. They are available commonly at the city sides.

banh beo - Places to eat in Da Nang

Banh trang tron

This is an absolutely amazing salad that you can even get some packed in your backpack while going to explore different places. The main ingredients of the recipe are green mangoes and rice paper that is mixed with beef jerky. It is garnished with cilantro, mint, fried shallots, peanuts and different local spices. This is a very delicious treat.

banh trang tron - Places to eat in Da Nang

Bun Cha Hanoi

This is the dish basically from Hanoi but if you try that in the places to eat in Da Nang then you will forget the other one immediately. It is the grilled pork in sweet and sour broth. The noodles are served on the side with crab spring rolls. You can put the noodles in the broth and use the broth as sauce with the crab spring rolls.

grilled pork and noodles

Banh Canh Ca Loc

Fish and seafood is the local specialty of the entire country because it is surrounded by the beautiful water bodies. The major business of the country side and villages is fishing. Banh Canh Ca Loc has specific style noodles which are made with rice flour and tapioca. They are chewy with thick consistency. They are mixed with the marinated snake fish head and scallions.

banh canh ca loc - Places to eat in Da Nang

Mi Quang Ca Loc

This is another dish made with snake fish head. It is mixed with the rice noodles and served in the turmeric sauce, garnished with peanuts and aromatic herbs. You will find it mostly on the beach sides.

mi quang ca loc - Places to eat in Da Nang

Com Ga Xe

This is a delicious one available at the late night food street Pham Hong Thai. The spicy fried rice is topped with shredded chicken, herbs and caramelized onions. Chicken broth and chili jam is added while serving.

com ga xe

Vegetarian Foods of Da Nang

There are different places to eat in Da Nang which serve the best vegetarian food.

Da Nang Com Chay

You will find a variety of delicious cuisines made with vegetables and herbs. This is the place where meat lovers fall in love with vegetable dishes. The best dishes served at Da Nang Com Chay are coconut shaved salad, turmeric baked tofu, steamed dumplings, chili char- grilled caramelized mushrooms and stuffed pumpkin with brown rice. The surrounding is very interesting with a zen music, jolly Buddha and a group of monks. The food is very low priced and you can get a full meal in around 5 USD.

ve gan restaurant - Places to eat in Da Nang

Mi Quang at Giac Ngo

This is a favorite spot for many locals and they visit it for a wonderful lunch or dinner. The meal portion is very big containing noodles cooked in turmeric sauce. The toping is made of mushrooms, sweet potato, marinated tofu, peanuts, thai basil and other herbs. It is served with homemade chili jam. The portion of the noodles is very huge that it cannot be finished by one person.

mi quang chay

Rice plate at An Lac

“Com Binh Danh” in Vietnamese means rice plate that is the specialty of the restaurant and it is served with the veggies of the day. You can visit it for the lunch and you will get a plate of rice having a lot of veggies and tofu cooked. You have to get there early because at lunch time it becomes filled with the crowd of locals and tourists to try their dish of the day.

an lac restaurant - Places to eat in Da Nang

Vietnamese Restaurants to Sit and Relax

Bep Hen

This is an amazing place with vintage decoration. You can sit there and enjoy some delicious food in the adorable ambiance. This is a very nice place to relax and eat in very reasonable price.

bep hen - Places to eat in Da Nang

Den Long

This is a very cozy and comfortable restaurant to sit. The menu contains almost all dishes of the central Vietnam. It is one of the best places to eat in Da Nang for the local food option. You can get a variety of the street food as well.

BBQ – Hue Ngon

If you are craving BBQ then this is the best place to enjoy some charcoal cooked food. You will see a lot of people having beer. Order a glass of chilled beer and select some from the menu. You can enjoy some delicious BBQ while having chilled local beer.

BBQ Hue ngon - Places to eat in Da Nang

Nom Bistro

The Nom Bistro is inspired by the Vietnamese fishing basket. It is a mix of modern and classic Vietnamese style in ambiance and food menu. You will find a variety of international and local cuisines in the beautiful restaurant near the beach side.

Nom Bistro - Places to eat in Da Nang

Western Food places in Vietnam

Some western food places to eat in Da Nang are


This is run by a Spanish couple from Valencia. They opened this amazing restaurant serving authentic tapas after moving to Vietnam. This is a bit expensive than the average Da Nang places but a perfect treat for the tapas addicts. The cost of the tapas is reasonable according to the international standard because high quality imported ingredients are used to keep the taste original.

Namaste Omar’s Indian Food

This is not western but the Indian food place serving some typical foods of the subcontinent. You will find it very unique because you will not find it anywhere else in Vietnam. There are not many Indian food places in the country. The restaurant serves some authentic Indian dishes made with the traditional spices and herb.

Taco Ngon

This is located at the beach side and you can try some delicious tacos. The menu has a variety of fillings and toppings that you can select according to your desire. Outdoor sitting is available and you can also take the taco in your backpack for lunch during a hiking trip.

Pizza 4P’s

This is the best pizza place in Da Nang. A Japanese chef manages it with a passion of making pizza. The taste is unique and authentic because the cheese, dough, sauces and other ingredients are picked and made by the team of Pizza 4P’s. This is a delicious place to try an unforgettable pizza flavor.

Fat Fish

Fat fish is the fusion restaurant run by an American chef. He collects the best ingredients locally and internationally to make some amazing cuisines. The fusion restaurant has different flavors like Vietnamese, American, Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean and many more. Their desserts are also worth trying especially the dark chocolate tart with salted caramel.

Eazy Pickins

You can try some BBQ ribs cooked on smoke in American style. There are many other dishes like pulled pork sandwich, mac n cheese and roasted chicken to try. You can enjoy this amazing beach side ambiance with delicious flavors made by American expats.

Six on Six

Usually the Vietnamese breakfast has soups and noodles in the menu. However, sometimes you feel like having some scrambled eggs, burrito, chorizo, avocado and cheddar. Six on six is the perfect place to have the typical breakfast and lunch with the yummy foods. It remains open from 8:00 am to 5pm so you can get there for breakfast or lunch. It is located on the beachside so you can have a nice coffee with the pleasant river views.

There are many places to eat in Da Nang. The food markets, night markets, restaurants, river sides, cruise, shopping malls etc. You can find a variety everywhere with a plenty of options. A guided food tour will help you a lot for finding some authentic flavors of central Vietnam.

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