The Best Time to Visit Danang

The area of Da Nang in Vietnam is a beautiful destination that will have you walking along the riverbanks, dining on delectable cuisine, and relaxing on the sandy beach.  Add in the phenomenal museum, the quirky bridges, and unique nightlife, and you will have a vacation for the record books!

As with every other area of the world, there are better times than others to visit the stunning city of Danang.  Of course, if you visit when the weather is better, you will be fighting the crowds, but that could be a small price to pay if it keeps you out of inclement weather.

The Best Time to Visit Danang

1. Dry Season

Many people think that the best time to visit Danang is during the dry season.  This season is during the months of January through April and while it may rain a little here and there, it is nothing compared to the monsoon season.  The temperatures are fairly good too and you will find that most of the time, it is above twenty degrees Celsius.  Thankfully, not too many people have realized that this is one of the better times to visit Danang, so you will not face the major crowds yet.  This is perfect if you want to explore the main attractions without needing to take extra time waiting for your turn.

My Khe Beach - the best time to visit Danang

2. Summer

Some people believe that summer is the best time to visit Danang, because there is no rain and the temperatures rise substantially.  The temperatures rarely get above thirty-five degrees Celsius, but that doesn’t even happen until later in the season.  If you want to visit Danang during this time, you are looking at traveling between the months of May and August.  We recommend that you plan your itinerary carefully, so you can allow for the extra time that you will need at the different attractions.  If you forget to do this, you will end up not seeing as much as you truly wanted to.

the best time to visit Danang

3. Monsoon

Monsoon season is probably not the best time to visit Danang, as it can be terribly wet.  The temperatures do not drop below twenty-five degrees Celsius between the months of September through December, but it may feel much colder due to the pouring rain!  During this season, the rains will hardly ever let up and it gets dangerous to travel along the roads, because they are very slippery.  The water in Han River also rises, stirring up dirt along the way, creating a muddy, dirty mess that is never very appealing.  This is definitely not the time to go to Danang if you want to climb up the mountains and go swimming.

the best time to visit Danang

As you can probably tell, most people visit Danang during the summer months, since the weather is really warm, and the rain is non-existent.  If you choose to visit at that time, you must be prepared for lots of people, especially around the temples and monuments.

If you are looking to save some money on your vacation, you may want to consider the dry season.  You can find decent deals on accommodations and still have a fabulous time without all the people.  Of course, you can save a lot of money if you visit during the monsoon season, but you may not be able to do too much once you arrive.

4. Events in Danang

We know that choosing the best time to go can be a little difficult, so you may want to choose to visit when one of the popular events is taking place.

During what is considered the blooming season, which is January through August, you can attend the Carnival Festival in Ba Na Hills or the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival.  Street festivals and the International Lighting Festival also take place during this time of the year, which means you can stay busy in between all the sightseeing you will be doing.

the best time to visit Danang

The Carnival Festival is held in April and September and there are two shows each day.  During the show, you will see people walking in royal costumes in the beginning and they are followed by the band, circus performers, body painting artists, and more.

The Street Festival is held on the last Saturday of each month and you will find it on Tran Hung Dao Street.  There are spectacular performances and parades, plus hours of fun!  Fireworks are plentiful during the Fireworks Festival and LED lights create masterpieces at the Light Festival.

the best time to visit Danang

The rest of the year is almost just as exciting, and it is during those months that you can attend the Halloween or Christmas Party in Da Nang and the New Year’s countdown event.  Of course, the weather needs to cooperate for all these activities later in the year, but the locals are pretty hearty when it comes to going out and having fun in any type of weather!

Hopefully, you now know when the best time to visit Danang is for you, so you can easily plan your vacation and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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