Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang Province Overview

Coastal side of Mekong Delta is the home to this marvelous province. It is the cultural and political center of the whole area of the delta. Best tourist destination is filled with natural beauty, historic sites, delicious food and many entertainment places. People are very friendly and they love to share information about their culture and history with visitors.

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tien giang province

There are many unique and charming tourist sites that you will not find anywhere else. Entire area is very well associated with Mekong Delta for their routine activities. It remains lively and perfect whole year. However, best area to visit the province is spring when the orchids are filled with color of fruits and fragrances.

Things to do in Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang Province is filled with many attractions and unique places to explore. There are a variety of things to do in the area. Here are some activities that you can enjoy in the province.

Cai Be floating market

There are a lot of things to see in the floating market. You will find many goods, fresh fruits, vegetables and local Vietnamese products being sold on the boats in the river. Buying things from the boat is a very different experience. Activities of the market start early in the morning until mid of the day. You can try delicious fruits, fresh seafood and other Vietnamese snacks from the boat sellers.

Mekong Delta - Cai Be floating market

Dong Tam Snake Farm

It is a very interesting place to learn about snakes and other animals. This is a very informative place where staff teaches about the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes along with their usefulness, characteristics and physiology. There are giant pythons, crocodiles and precious amphibians. Dong Tam snake farm has more than 400 different species of snakes.


Vinh Trang Pagoda

It is the oldest and largest temple in the province with many interesting features. Architecture of the pagoda is inspired by western and eastern cultures. It was completed in the 19th century. Buddha sculptures in the pagoda are hand carved to bring harmony and show the majesty of temple. Worshippers still visit the pagoda for their prayers and processions. You can learn about the beliefs of local people.

Vinh Trang Pagoda in My Tho city, Tien Giang province

Cai Be Orchard

It is considered as the largest fruit basket in the Tien Giang province because of the fruitful orchards. A huge variety of fruits are grown in the area along with many specialty fruits. Fruit variety contains star apple, mandarin, oranges, durian, rambutan and grapefruit. You can try many delicious fruit varieties in the orchards.


Tan Thanh beach

This is one of the black sand beaches in Vietnam. You will feel like soft velvet as you place your foot on the beach. Different types of fresh seafood are available on the beach that you can enjoy such as fish, shrimp, clam, snakehead, crab and more.


Man Dinh Hong flower garden

This is a very beautiful and color filled place with a huge variety of flower species. These flower varieties are changed according to the season. You can click many interesting and colorful photos in the park.


Thoi Son Islet

It is a 1200-hectare island located on the Tien river. The island attracts hundreds of tourists every day. This is a very different type of journey to explore the area. Boat trip takes the visitors among the rows of coconut trees, fruit gardens and romantic music.


Accommodation budget moderate and expensive in Tien Giang Province

There is a variety of accommodations available in the area alongside river and other interesting parts of the town.

Nha Nghi Taysa

It is a budget accommodation with many facilities such as free Wi-Fi, parking, AC, and room service. It is a pet friendly place.

Minh Quan Hotel

It is a very good quality hotel with luxurious furniture, spacious rooms with facilities and much more. Hotel staff is experienced and very friendly.

Places to eat

Mekong Taste Restaurant

It is an amazing restaurant with delicious Vietnamese and international cuisine. The restaurant is a large space with a capacity of 500 guests.

Le Longanier Restaurant

Le Longanier restaurant offers delicious cuisines from all over the world. It is a very beautiful place to sit and have food. You can also come to the restaurant for drinks.

Airport info

Mekong has two airports that operate for domestic and international flights. One airport is in Phu Quoc island and other in Can tho.


Tien Giang province can be accessed from different cities by various transportations such as bus, cab and boat. Bus stop is available in all the main locations of the province. Boats are available in the entire Mekong Delta to access different parts of the province.


Tien Giang province is a stunning location to travel. There are many unique and interesting tourist attractions with a variety of activities. Remember to bring your camera and stand to click very attractive photos.

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