My Tho City

Overview of My Tho City

My Tho City is the center of education, economics and technology located in the Mekong Delta region, Tien Giang province. This city can provide some of the most wonderful experiences such as exploring the culture, tasting fresh sea food, visiting entertainment places and doing many interesting things.

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Things to do in My Tho City

Enjoy a boat trip

Mekong delta region is a stunning area with idyllic river scenes from every city or town it connects. Lifestyle and culture of My Tho city is connected with the beautiful river. You can see the amazing city by a boat.

Boat tour of My Tho city picks up visitors from the pier to four different islands. These islands represent various animals such as Long, Lan, Quy and Phung represent dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix. You will also notice the association of locals with their culture, cottage industry and tropical fruit gardens. 3-hour boat trip offers a variety of activities. You can also book a tour according to your convenience.

floating market - tan-phong-island---Mekong-Delta-Cai-Be-Tan-Phong

Vinh Trang Pagoda

It is one of the most popular attractions in Tien Giang province. It was constructed in the 18th century as the biggest Buddha pagoda in the province. Its architecture has designs from Khmer, Vietnamese, European and Chinese styles. Three huge Buddha in the pagoda are Laughing Buddha, standing Buddha and reclining Buddha. There are various bonsai, flowers and lotus lakes to add beauty in the pagoda.

Vinh Tranh Pagoda My Tho city

Thoi Son Islet

Thoi son islet is a stunning landscape and it is also known as Lan or Unicorn islet. Main features of the beauty of the island are coconut gardens, orchards, crisscrossed canals and rivers. It makes the area more peaceful and relaxing. There are many ancient houses in the area. You can also listen to the traditional Vietnamese folk music called Don Ca Tai Tu in the local areas near the river.

Thoi Son Islet - My Tho City

Cai Be floating market

Mekong delta has six floating markets which are visited by locals and international visitors. You can see the colorful boats with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and many other goods. Shopping from the boat and trying different things are unique and interesting experiences. Floating markets are like other ordinary markets for the locals whereas for visitors it is a unique experience.

Mekong Delta - Cai Be floating market

Cai Be orchards

Most special thing about the orchards is that, you can pick and eat fresh fruits from there. It is mostly crowded with tourists for an interesting and beautiful experience. Tropical fruits are pomelo, orange, mango, longan, jujube, tangerine, guava, plum, jackfruit, durian etc.

the garden at Mekong Delta - Cu Chi Tunnels And Mekong Delta 1 Day

Tan Thanh Beach

This beach is an ideal space to relax in a mesmerizing surrounding. You can free your mind away from the bustling city. There are food places, cafés and bars to enjoy your time on the beach. This is the best place to try affordable and delicious fresh sea food like shrimp, crabs, fish and much more.


Dong Tam snake farm

Snake farm is a very interesting place to learn about this reptile. There is a big collection of animals including 400 snake types, turtles, bears, crocodiles and many more. This is a very informative place where visitors can learn about the living habitat of these animals, snake venom extraction, history of the farm and many interesting things about the city.


Accomodation budget moderate and expensive in My Tho City

Rang Dong Hotel

It is an average mid-range hotel with many facilities such as airport transfers, 24 front desk, free internet, free toiletries and room service.

Cuu Long Hotel

Accommodation has a free lounge, terrace, private parking, Wi-Fi and much more. Hotel also has a bar and a restaurant where people can try delicious food and drinks. Rooms have tea and coffee makers.

The island lodge – Mekong Delta

The luxury accommodation is located on the island in the Mekong river. Resort has a traditional wood exterior, rainfall showers, furnished balconies, soaking tubs, Wi-Fi and many other facilities. Hotel has a restaurant, 2 bars and an infinity pool.

Places to eat

Mekong Taste

There are two large halls with VIP meeting rooms, riverside bar, capacity of 500 guests in Mekong taste restaurant. This lively place is located among the coconut trees and a stunning natural setting. It serves Vietnamese and Asian cuisines.

Bo De Quan

It is a wonderful place that serves Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. You can also find many vegetarian options in the menu.

Kem Y Biwee’s Gelato

It is a home to delicious flavors of gelato. You can also find amazing pizzas for the meal. Entire menu has healthy and yummy flavors.

Airport info

Tan Son Nhat International Airport operates for domestic and international flights for My Tho city.



There are different ways of transportation which you can use to reach the city such as Taxi, scooter or motorbike and boat. You can also find various means of public transport.

My Tho city is a stunning and marvelous setting in the Mekong Delta where you can find a huge variety of activities and interesting things to do.

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