Tan Phong Island

Overview of Tan Phong island

Tan Phong island in Tien river is a hotspot with amazing orchards and stunning green gardens. Locals are very friendly and they love to welcome tourists. Some of them even offer tourists to visit their home. River plays an important role in the life of locals. Large farms are surrounded by channels and rivers. Thousands of tourists visit the island each year.

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You will love this place because it is away from the city noise, pollution, traffic and smoke. Fresh air and green fruit farms will make you realize that you have arrived at this piece of paradise, after a 10 minutes’ ferry trip. There are a lot of things that you can do while planning a visit to Tan Phong island such as visiting Cai Be floating market, Tien Giang province, Cai Lay district and many tropical forest farms etc. Mekong delta area has six main islands along with Tan Phong Island.

Things to do on Tan Phong island

There is a variety of things to do in Tan Phong island. You can have a memorable time filled with natural wonders, rich history, culture and much more.

Fruit Orchards

As you set foot on the island, you will realize that there are a variety of fruit trees in the entire area. There is a wide road that leads to the center of the island. You will find jackfruit gardens, longans and plants with bunches of rambutan. Iconic rambutan fruit is the specialty of the island and its picking time is from June to July. It has a wonderful sweet and crunchy taste.


Mekong Ecolodge

It is a complex of bungalows surrounded by ecotourism area. These 13 bungalows are made of natural materials with thatched roofs, wooden pillar and wooden roofs. They are designed according to the local traditional house styles with a small yard and garden. It is a completely different world to stay with serenity, tranquility, fresh air and unspoiled nature. These are modern recreational spaces with technological facilities and relaxing environment.


Experience the local life

Eco tour of the Tan Phong island includes many activities like harvesting fruits, catching fish on irrigation canals, mushroom farm, bee keeping farm and much more. You can try honey tea and fresh fruits in the farms and orchids. Farmers are very friendly and welcoming, you can explore local life of people. There are small workshops of local handicrafts. You can watch their process of manufacturing or learn making hammock, conical, handbags, baskets, jars, hats and many Vietnamese products.

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Cai Be floating market

Tien Giang is the home to Cai be floating market. It is a unique and wonderful market in Mekong Delta with many colorful boats. They sell fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, local crafts and many other things. This is an impressive area with traditional characteristics. There are hospitable people and areas full of charming attractions. Each boat has a pole hanging on it with a board that represent products of the seller. You can buy agriculture products, fruits, Vietnamese foods, beverages, beef noodles and many more things.

Mekong Delta - Cai Be floating market

Try rice snails

It is a very well-known place for rice snails. They are available in the island from April to May. These turquoise shell snails are usually very big in size. During rice snails season, there are many boats in the area which catch snails. You can enjoy baby clams and rice nails during your Mekong delta tour.


Accommodation (budget moderate and expensive) on Tan Phong island

Mekong Family Nam Giang Homestay

This is a budget accommodation that is located very close to different dining options and attractions. It offers free WI-Fi, car parking, airport transfer, 24-hours front desk and more.


Mekong Eco Lodge Bungalow

It is a mid-range hotel situated near many attractions and food places. Hotel offers bicycle rental, valet parking, free Wi-Fi and shuttle service.


Oakwood Residence Saigon

It is a contemporary apartment hotel that is located in a luxury building. The apartment is located near landmark skyscraper, observation deck and Bitexco financial tower and many luxury places. It has a restaurant, free Wi-Fi and outdoor pool.


Places to eat

Vi Que Kitchen

You can enjoy plant based Vietnamese cuisines. Menu contains many vegan options which are loved by tourists and locals.

Mars Venus restaurant – Garden in Island

This is the best place to enjoy a meal with your partner. Boat takes all the visitors to the romantic and private place. This is the best area for couples with dedicated service.

Airport info

Tan Son Nhat International airport in Ho Chi Minh city can be used to reach the area. You can travel by a ferry to reach Tan Phong Island.

tan son nhat airport Ho Chi Minh airport transfer


You can easily reach Tan Phong island from different parts of the province. There are various means of transportation such as ferry, car or cab.

A traditional boat Tan Phong Island Tour

You can reach this fantastic place by ferry. Tan Phong Island is a marvelous home to tropical fruits, fresh seafood and many attractions to explore.

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