Cu Chi Tunnels

Overview of Cu Chi Tunnels

Ho Chi Minh city is the perfect example of a modern and crowded area whereas it has a deep connection with the gruesome war history of Vietnam. There are many museums, tunnels and underground cave networks that remind visitors about the wars with French and English along with the resilience of the people of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh city locals are very proud about their strength and planning during those difficult times.

the entrance of Cu Chi Tunnels - Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi by car

Cu Chi tunnels is one of the war memories that worth a short trip from the city center. You can learn a lot of interesting things about the country and its people from there. This is a 60km long tunnel network in Ho chi minh city that spreads until the Cambodian border. It took 25 years to build them during the French war.


These tunnels not only played a role of shelter whereas they were a mean of communication between different villages and to keep an eye on French soldiers. When the American war happened the network extended to the area of 250kms. Many parts of the tunnel networks accommodated soldiers. It is a very interesting hidden maze to get a glimpse of the wartime.

Things to do at Cu Chi Tunnels

There are a lot of things to learn and appreciate in the tunnels. The most prominent feature is the architecture of the tunnels that played an important role in the communication and survival of different villages of the country. This was not just one long underground tunnel where people stayed but it was a structure of careful town planning such as there were schools, kitchens, hospitals, theatres, and many other important things.

Cu Chi Tunnels And Mekong Delta 1 Day

Their entrances were small wooden doors hidden with leaves. They were secret and small so only Vietnamese people know and fit into them. US army tried to bring down the system whereas it is planned with different escapes, bunkers and traps. Some closed doors have buttons to release toxic gas and other defense mechanisms.

underground Cu Chi

There are two sets of tunnels which are open to the public. The network has three layers whereas public can only access one layer. These two tunnel networks are Ben Duoc tunnels and Ben Dinh Tunnels. There are different activities that visitors can enjoy inside and outside the tunnel network apart from exploring the tunnels such as:

Shooting guns

There is a military spot where you can find appropriate gun for yourself. Most of the guns are from war times. You can try shooting some animal shaped targets. It is all under the staff guidance.



There is a swimming pool inside the Cu Chi park with a bathroom, dressing room, restroom and more. Adults and children pools are different.


Paintball guns

Paintball shooting is a mix of both sporty and military factors. Players get fully equipped with uniforms, armor, weapons and masks then they play it in a natural forest.


Kayaking and Pedaling

Kayaking or Pedaling in a swan shaped boat is the perfect way to admire the panoramic views of the surrounding. You can also book a boat tour to explore tunnels. Many hotels and resorts in the Ho Chi Minh city also book tours for their guests.


Accommodation (Budget, moderate and luxury) near Cu Chi Tunnels

You can reach Cu Chi tunnels easily if you are staying in Ben Duoc or Ho Chi Minh city center. Here are some accommodation options.


It is the best option for people, who want to stay in an affordable place. It offers free Wi-Fi, Free parking, 24-hours front desk, kitchen and much more.

Hung Phuoc Hotel

The mid ranged hotel is filled with many amenities and facilities such as free Wi-Fi, Air conditioning, breakfast, free parking, airport shuttle etc.

Places to eat

Ben Nuoc Restaurant

It is the perfect place to experience Southeast Vietnamese especially rural foods. You will enjoy a peaceful scenery of the river.

Shamsudin Restaurant

You can get delicious Asian, Malaysian and Vietnamese food from the restaurant. There are many vegetarian options in the menu as well.

Airport info

Tan Son Nhat international airport is a military and civilian airport that operates for Ho Chi Minh city flights.


You can choose different means to reach the Cu Chi Tunnels. Different companies in the city offer a guided tour to the tunnels whereas visitors can explore the tunnel by themselves. Cheapest way to reach the attraction is bus. You can also take taxi but it is an expensive means of transportation. You can also rent a motorbike or car to get around in the city.

It is the best way to explore different areas while travelling to the tunnels. You can take a boat from Tan Cang pier at 7:30am to Cu Chi 1.


Cu Chi Tunnels is a visitors favourite place for its rich history and a variety of activities. You can try delicious food with drinks.

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