What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam? Buying souvenirs is one of the best tourist experience, bringing back something that reminds us about a place. Souvenirs serve as evidence of special moments and hunting for mementos in Ho Chi Minh City is so much easier due to accessibility and affordability.

Ho Chi Minh City is the second most dynamic city in the world and it cannot be denied that there are a lot of things that the city could offer. One stroll at Ben Thanh Market and you will be bombarded with colorful and different kinds of stuff. If you are thinking of exactly what to buy in Ho Chi Minh City, then this article would help you decide properly. 

1. Tea and Coffee

If there is one thing that Vietnam is famous for aside from their banh mi and pho, it’s their coffee and tea. Vietnam is the top exporter of tea and coffee in Asia, it would only be proper to take home one of the country’s pride. Tea and Coffee are usually found in the local market like Ben Thanh Market but if you are looking for a souvenir but with a better packaging, then you should head to Phuc Long Tea and Coffee or The Coffee House. The staff would also help you pick the best coffee and tea depending on your preferences.

tea-and-coffee - What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

(What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam)

2. Ao Dai (Vietnamese National Costume)

Silk production is part of Vietnamese culture and history. When you find yourself in one of the markets in Vietnam, you’ll surely get offered a lot to avail an elegant and charming Ao Dai, most especially if you are a woman. In a tailoring shop, there are different designs of ao dai which you can purchase or you can also design your own ao dai. It normally takes just 4 hours for an experienced Vietnamese Ao Dai tailor to make the ao dai depending on the design. 

ao-dai - What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

(What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam)

3. Non La (Conical hat)

Probably the most common souvenir to buy when in Vietnam. Non La or conical hat is considered as a cultural symbol, it was commonly used by farmers mostly women to shield their faces from extreme sunlight and rain. The conical hat best suits your ao dai, Vietnamese national costume for women, but it is widely used by Vietnamese both men and women even up to date. 

(What to buy in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam)

4. Marou Chocolate

Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou founded the Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, who are both from France. Marou Chocolate uses local ingredients from the Mekong Delta. Cacao plantations are mostly found in the Mekong Delta and the factories are located just a few kilometers away from the Ho Chi Minh City. Dark chocolate is their best sellers but you can try out some unique flavors as well, how about a chili hot chocolate?


5. Propaganda Art

Propaganda Art in Vietnam were created during the war to raise the spirit of the people. The art is now being incorporated in postcards, t-shirts, canvas totes and calendars. It could be a perfect gift for someone who is into history or retro style.


These are the top five souvenirs you should be buying when in Ho Chi Minh City. Other items are great purchase as well like authentic ceramics, hand made paintings, silk and even some Vietnamese snacks. These items are normally found in the public market but there are also specialty shops that offers premium quality like the Saigon kitsch or Duy Tan. Souvenir shops are usually found in just one big place most especially when in Ho Chi Minh City, so tourists will not have to walk around so much just to shop.

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