What Souvenirs to Buy in Hoi An for Friends, Family, and Yourself

Every time you travel to one destination or another, you know that you are going to grab at least one souvenir to remember your time there.  The item that you choose may be small, or it can be quite large.  But the best souvenirs are the ones that are items that the locals in that area use and love or the ones that are made by their own hands. When it comes to what souvenirs to buy in Hoi An, you have a plethora of options.  So many in fact, that you may spend more time shopping and choosing the perfect items than you planned.

A List of What Souvenirs to Buy in Hoi An


Artwork is always an excellent choice when it comes to souvenirs and you will find plenty of options when you are wandering through this city.  Most of the paintings can be shipped easily, but you will need to have it framed when you return home for the best results.

Painting and photography - what souvenirs to buy in hoi an

Bamboo Root Sculptures

There are multiple items made from bamboo in Hoi An, but the most popular ones are the bamboo root sculptures.  The tree roots are carved into what looks like a mask.  They can be a little intimidating and scary, so you may want to use caution with whom you purchase them for.

Bamboo Root Sculptures - what souvenirs to buy in hoi an

Traditional Masks

There are many traditional masks in Hoi An and returning home with one, or a few, will have you reliving your travels for years to come.  Many of the masks feature characters from Vietnamese folklore and they make great conversation starters at parties.

Traditional Masks - what souvenirs to buy in hoi an

Áo Dài

The tailors over in Vietnam can create almost any type of article of clothing, but they are best known for their áodài.  That is a traditional article of clothing and beauty-wise, nothing else compares.

Ao dai - what souvenirs to buy in hoi an

Coffee and Tea

There are many different shops in Hoi An that sell coffee and tea and those make the best souvenirs, even though they do not last forever.  If you truly want the coffee or tea to last, simply pick up an accessory, like a set of mugs, a teapot, or a coffee grinder, to go with it, so you can think about Hoi An’s coffee and tea for many years.

tea and coffee - what souvenirs to buy in hoi an


This city is considered the City of Lanterns, so it shouldn’t be surprising that lanterns are on the list of what souvenirs to buy in Hoi An.  There are thousands of different types of lanterns to choose from, so take your time and find the one that you truly fall in love with.  Although, we personally do not think that you can settle on just one!

the beautiful lantern - hoi an city of lanterns

While you can purchase these souvenirs almost anywhere in the city, you can get all of them at one of Hoi An’smarkets.  The Hoi An Night Market and Central Market are two excellent choices when it comes to shopping and they are both open every day of the week.  The prices are normally lower at these markets than other shops along the streets, especially since you can do a little bargaining.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for at one of Hoi An’s markets, you may want to venture over to Xu Dang Trong.  They are open every day as well and you can find everything from painted masks to lanterns.  They also offer workshops for both those items, so you can learn how to make them yourself.  If you are looking for another type of souvenir, you should be able to find it amongst all the jade musical instruments, tribal pottery, silk scarves, and multiple other items.

If lanterns are at the top of your what souvenirs to buy in Hoi An list, then we recommend that you take the time to go over to Lantern Alley.  This store can be found next to the Miss Ly Vietnamese Restaurant over on Nguyen Hue Street.  They love helping customers find the lantern that is perfect for them without making anyone feel rushed during the decision-making period.  Plus, their prices are very reasonable, once you begin the bargaining process.

hoi an city of lanterns

Of course, you can also wander in and out of the numerous boutiques that line the street, just be prepared to pay a little bit more for the items that you purchase!

You cannot possibly leave Hoi An without purchasing a few souvenirs to take home for yourself and your friends and family.  The items listed above are perfect when it comes to what souvenirs to buy in Hoi An, so at least you will have a general idea of what items are better than all the rest.

If there is one last piece of advice that we can give you, it is to not pass by an item that you truly like.  You may say that you will come back for it later, but you may not be able to find that exact location later or the item could be gone.  And we know that you do not want to leave Hoi An without the perfect souvenir!

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