My Son Vietnam Dress Code

My Son Sanctuary is not too far from both Hoi An and Danang in Vietnam, which is why it is the perfect day trip option from either of those areas.  Construction began on this religious site back in the 4th century and the last building was erected during the 14th century.  Since that time, the My Son Sanctuary was practically forgotten, and then partially destroyed during the war, before it was rediscovered and turned into a popular religious destination once again.

Back in 1999, the My Son Sanctuary was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This gave people an even bigger reason to visit this historical site.

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The My Son Sanctuary is open every day from half past six in the morning until half past five in the evening.  The My Son Vietnam entrance fee is currently 150,000 VND per person, which is a small price to pay for everything you will be learning during your time at the ruins.

My Son Vietnam Dress Code

(My Son Vietnam Dress Code)

Since this is a religious site, you must be dressed appropriately if you want to visit.  The My Son Vietnam dress code is just like the dress code for almost every other religious site on this side of the world.  All visitors must adhere to the strict My Son Vietnam dress code, which states that modesty is required.  Therefore, you should cover as much of your body as possible during your visit.  This is not the time to wear a bathing suit or short shorts and a tank top.

While the employees do not strictly enforce the covering of knees and shoulders, it is best to do it out of respect to those who this area honors, as well as the locals.  We encourage you to follow the My Son Vietnam dress code as best as you can, so you do not take the chance that you will be turned away when you go to pay the My Son Sanctuary entrance fee.


My Son Sanctuary Dress Code

It is best to begin your journey at the My Son Sanctuary Museum, which is just beyond the entry gate.  This is where you will learn quite a bit about the ruins and the surrounding area, which will be helpful if you are not following a guide around during your visit.  A visit to this museum is included in your entrance fee to the ruins, so take advantage of it and learn everything you can before you start to explore the rest of the historical site.

When you exit the museum, you will see a bunch of electric cars waiting to take you to the ruins.  A ride in these cars are also included within your entrance fee, so take advantage of them to avoid the long walk in the heat to your destination!

My Son sanctuary

There is no wrong or right way to see all the remaining temples at the My Son Sanctuary, so you can venture in any direction you wish.  It is important to note that they are all labeled with the letters A through H.  Each letter group has their own cluster of buildings and the groups that have been preserved the best are in groups B, C, and D.

Some people prefer to see the temples in the worst shape first, so they can truly appreciate the beauty of the ones that have been carefully preserved.  You can choose which option works best for you or simply start walking around and stumble upon the temples you begin to pass by first.

My Son Ruins

It is usually best to arrive at My Son Sanctuary as early in the day as possible, so you do not need to worry about being there with a ton of people.  Plus, the early morning hours are not as hot as the afternoon hours, which is perfect if you are following the My Son Vietnam dress code properly and covering your shoulders, knees, head, and most of your body.  The locals will appreciate your efforts, as well as your willingness, to be as respectful as you can to their wishes.

Please remember, you can easily wear more skin baring clothes on your way to the My Son Sanctuary and then cover up before you approach the entrance gate.  The locals will not think anything less of you and may even be impressed that you gave your visit enough forethought to be so prepared.

Make sure a visit to the My Son Sanctuary is on your list of things to do when you are vacationing in Vietnam, because it is an area that never disappoints!  While you can skip over this amazing destination, you will regret it as soon as you board your plane to return home, so add it to your list today and do whatever you can to get there before you leave this beautiful part of the world.

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