Lune Performing Center Hoi An

There is quite a bit of culture throughout the town of Hoi An, and while you can find it almost anywhere you go, some of the best will be at the Lune Performing Center Hoi An.  This theater was originally constructed for local art performances, but it was also home to the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus.  This incredible building opened in February of 2018 and it has been a sensational attraction ever since.

One of the prominent features of this amazing attraction is the bamboo dome that measures thirteen meters high, as well as just over twenty-four meters wide.  The actual dome was designed to look like the full moon, which is a feature that is cherished by those who celebrate all the Asian cultures.

Lune Performing Center Hoi An

You will find the Lune Performing Center Hoi An where the Thu Bon and Hoai Rivers meet.  It is easy to find this theater and it is perfect for seeing gorgeous panoramic views from a different vantage point.

Lune Production is the entertainment company that oversees the Lune Performing Center Hoi An and it has been in business since 2012.  They spend hours researching, creating, and developing all their original productions.  They then promote their performances, but that is quite easy since they have a very large following.

in Lune Performing Center Hoi An

Currently, Lune Production is performing the A O Show, Lang Toi – My Village, The Dar, and Palao.  Some of those performances, as well as a few others, are performed at the Saigon Opera House, the Hanio Opera House, and the Vietnam Tuong Theater.  However, two of them, the A O Show and Palao – Phu Sa Se are performed at the Lune Performing Center Hoi An.  Shortly, Teh Dar and The Mist will be performed at this venue as well.

a o show

a o show 2

a o show 1

The shows are performed on specific nights throughout the year.  Currently, shows are held on most days of the week, except Mondays and Thursdays, at six o’clock at night.  The Lune Performing Center Hoi An only has two hundred ninety-nine seats, so it is best to purchase your tickets in advance for the day you want to see a performance.  The box office is currently open from half past nine in the morning until six o’clock in the evening when the shows begin.

When you go to purchase your tickets, you can take advantage of the many specials that include a family package, as well as offers that include show tickets and a meal and a discounted price if you purchase tickets for more than one performance.

Lune Performing Center Hoi An ticket

While you can go to the box office for your tickets, we recommend that you purchase them online.  You can still purchase the special package deals and you will avoid missing out on the performance you want to see because the tickets are sold out when you get to Hoi An.

If you are unsure of which performance you want to see, you can watch a short trailer of each one on the Lune Performing Center Hoi An website.  After watching each trailer, you should easily be able to determine which show will interest you the most or at least know which one doesn’t interest you at all!

However, do not be surprised that you want to see them all and that is where that multi-performance package will save you some money.  Of course, you may need to plan your time in Hoi An carefully, so you are there for all the performances you purchase tickets for.  That is a small challenge to deal with though for all the amazing delights you will see up on the stage.

Lune Performing Center Hoi An at night

There may be quite a bit of culture throughout Hoi An, and the rest of Vietnam, but none of it will be better than the magic you see up on the stage of the Lune Performing Center Hoi An.  Your time in this theater will pass by quickly, as you sit on the edge of your seat, completely mesmerized by the beauty being performed in front of your eyes.  You may actually even wonder how the performance can be over already and think that there must be a problem, because time couldn’t have passed that fast!

background Lune Performing Center Hoi An on day

If you are looking for the best culture-wise in Hoi An, a performance at the Lune Performing Center Hoi An must be at the top of your list.  Do not skip over this magical experience, because you are too busy doing other things during your visit to Hoi An.  After all, there really isn’t a good excuse to miss out on seeing a performance wherever you are in the world, and Hoi An is no different!

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