Weather in Hoi An 2020

The weather is showing the unexpected things around the world from the start of 2020. The biggest disasters are the bush fires, storms and earthquakes in different countries which are the reason of global climate change. The weather of Hoi An has also shown some drastic changes. Weather of different areas are different because of the locations like mountains, river side etc. The detailed weather of Hoi An in 2020 according to statistics is:

January and February 2020 in Hoi An

The January of Hoi An has rains and a little bit of fog. It rains for almost 5 to 7 days in the month of January. It is mild and pleasant to explore however due to unpredictable precipitation; you should be prepared. The hottest time of January is the first week. Pack your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses along with an umbrella. It is better to check the weather forecast in January before planning anything. It rains less in February as compare to January. The afternoons become a little warm in February. The humidity becomes high in both months. The evenings are colder so if you plan to go to a roof top restaurant or mountains then keep something warm to wear.

January and February 2020 in Hoi an

(Weather in Hoi An 2020)

March 2020 Hoi An

The month of March becomes hot during afternoons. The areas near the river and mountains are pleasant. This is a good time for outdoor exploring activities whereas the villages should be visited early in the morning because locals of the rural areas usually rest a bit in the noon. Climate change is bringing huge diversions in the weather graphs. Normally March is full of activities and exploration. The temperature and weather is perfect for beach activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking etc. The temperature of March 2020 is similar to last year until 20th however it increased in the end of the month.

March - Weather in Hoi An

(Weather in Hoi An 2020)

April 2020 Hoi An

April is the peak of spring in Hoi An. It is warm but pleasant with the maximum of 30oC in the mid-day. The weather in March 2020 showed a lot of changes like the irregularity of rainfalls and heat. The weather remains enjoyable during April. The expected temperature during the hottest day of April is up to 30oC. The spring starts ending with the end of April so the tourism also decreases as the month reaches to its end. The Lunar new year festivities are celebrated.

April 2020

(Weather in Hoi An 2020)

May 2020 Hoi An

The month of May is hot but tolerable in Hoi An. The temperature during the noon reaches a maximum of 32oC and it falls maximum to 25oC. You should plan the trip to explore villages and city center early in the morning so during the afternoon you can relax. It is a normal routine in summers that most of the Vietnamese take rest in the afternoon. The precipitation decreases and limits to 15 days. During the summer of 2015 the temperature reached the record of 40oC in May. Otherwise it reaches the maximum of 32oC. If you plan a visit in Hoi An during May, then most of the afternoons remain limited to early mornings or evenings. If you plan a visit to the villages or country side then keep your portable fan, water bottles and sunscreen with you along with umbrella.

May 2020 Hoi an

(Weather in Hoi An 2020)

June 2020 Hoi An

The month of June is extremely hot with scorching sunlight. The temperature reaches a maximum of 30oC with direct sunlight. The precipitation remains for 19 days in a month. However, with the passage of time the temperature is changing drastically because of climate change. The weather in Hoi An 2020 is completely unpredictable. The statistical data of the previous year cannot judge the exact temperature and precipitations. The month of May had a bad weather as compared to past years. The evening and early in the morning usually falls to 26oC. The bridges trips become pleasant because of the light winds, rains and low temperature. This time is not suitable to visit the country side and rural areas because of the unexpected rains. The day time you have to be mentally prepare for a heat wave and rain anytime.

hoi an in the sunny day

July 2020 Hoi An

July is also a really warm month and the temperature reaches the highest of 33oC. However, weather in Hoi An becomes a little mild in the evening with the lowest of 26oC. This is a very dry month with an average rainfall for 19 days. The sun remains tough for almost 6 hours a day. The expected weather in Hoi An 2020 during the month of July is extremely hot with the average of 35oC. The thunderstorms will also remain strong so it is better to keep the sunscreen and umbrella with you. The temperature never falls to a cold scale even after rains. It becomes mild and pleasant. The starting of the month will be extremely hot with thunderstorms and rains in July 2020.

July - Weather in Hoi An

August 2020 Hoi An

The third warmest month of the year in Hoi An is August so it is expected that it will remain extremely hot because of the climate change. The temperature in the day time reaches the maximum of 33oC and the lowest of 25oC. The precipitation is on the maximum point that sometimes it rains for almost 26 days in the month. Weather during the month of August shows the navigation from the mid of the month and by the end it becomes a little cooler. The early mornings and evenings become pleasant and rainy. This month is the beginning of tropical monsoon due to that the thunderstorms occur almost every day with rain falls and warm weather. The heat waves are also common in August. This is an extremely unfavorable and unpredictable month. The heat wave of August is also dangerous for the people with cardiovascular diseases. The weather in Hoi An 2020 during August will remain completely unpredictable because of the climate change. You should check the weather forecast with prior to your trip and be prepared for every type of weather situation.


September 2020 Hoi An

The September of Hoi An is normally wet and full of continuous rainfalls. The statistical data and the past ten-year weather is showing some changes due to climate change and unexpected happenings around the world. The weather in Hoi An 2020 will be unpredictable according to the statistical data. Normally it rains for almost 22 days during the month. Temperature starts decreasing and the maximum temperature of the day is 31oC and the lowest is 24oC. Thunderstorms and rainfalls become frequent with warmth. The sky remains cloudy with hot afternoons and the first week in September is very hot. During the 2020 it is mandatory to check the weather, according to the previous months before planning the trip. Be prepared for the scorching summer heat and rainfalls while being on the tour.

September 2020 - Weather in Hoi An

October 2020 Hoi An

The weather becomes better as compared to the previous months. Rainfalls start decreasing and the continuity breaks along with the milder climate. The maximum temperature in the mid-day reaches to 29oC whereas it drops to 24oC. The record of the weather broke during 2014 when the temperature reached 35oC and fall to 20oC in 2010. According to the last ten-year climate statistics, it is expected that during 2020 there might be some unexpected changes due to the climate change. In the city of Hoi An, the weather becomes pleasant in October. The decrease of rainfall and the monsoon clouds make it very nice to explore the village and country side areas. You can check the weather forecast to see the exact calculation of temperature and rainfall. The afternoon is hot with wind and a light breeze. Evenings of October are very pleasant. However, mostly visiting the islands are restricted which are only reachable by boats and ferries.

hoi an in the winter - Temperature in Hoi An 2020

November 2020 Hoi An

According to the statistical data of the last ten years, most of the floods occurred in the month of November. The weather becomes worst as compared to the previous months of the year. Due to the global climate change in unpredictable weather is expected in the month of November 2020. It is highly recommended to check the weather of Hoi An during the month of November and if you are planning to visit then take extra precautions. The rainfall decreases whereas the days when the rain falls is continuous. The floods occur in the village and coastal areas. It is better to avoid island visits and boat tours because Vietnam doesn’t have the boats of international standards. The maximum temperature is 27oC and the minimum is 22oC. Sometimes the days become extremely hot and sunny and sometimes foggy. You should be prepared for any kind of climate situation in the month of November. It is better to learn about the weather or plan the trip during the pleasant months. The climate change has made the month of November more unpredictable, so you should get the chart of complete weather forecast before your trip.


December 2020 Hoi An

The month of December is better than November. The rainfall also decreases, but the weather becomes colder. The highest temperature is 26oC during the afternoon and the lowest temperature is 20oC. The country side has cold river breeze and the evenings are also cold, especially the locations near the river. Villages and city center also have winds but it makes the afternoon very pleasant to explore the city. The unexpected rainfalls also end and it becomes nice to visit different areas. However, the water on the beaches is cold and they are windy so check the temperature of the day before visiting the coastal side. The weather of different areas is different from each other according to the location like mountains, seaside or main city.

December - Weather in Hoi An

Some additional tips:

  • During the very hot months keep sunscreen of SPF 30+.
  • Pack full sleeved shirts and trousers for forests and country side. Avoid wearing short skirts especially for the forests, bicycling and hiking trips.
  • A lot of eco-tourism areas are very well conserved so keep your trash bags with you and do not spill the garbage while exploring.
  • When going to the islands or other leisure place check the prices because food is very expensive at some places so you should keep snacks with you.
  • Never forget packing the general medicines and anti-allergic medications with you.
  • Some of the public toilets do not have toilet papers so keep your sanitizer and toilet paper rolls in the bag pack.

In the year 2020, the weather of the whole world is showing drastic changes. There are bush fires, earth quakes, volcanic eruption chances, disease outbreak (Corona Virus) and many other unfortunate disasters due to the climate change and global warming. It is mandatory to check the weather and the social condition of the place before going there. Some months of the year are generally unexpected in Hoi An so it is better to be prepared before travelling.

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