Coconut Village Hoi An

When you go on vacation, do you love spending your time seeking out the locals and seeing how they work and live?  If you answered yes to that question, then you will love all the options that await you over in Vietnam!

One of the best places to visit the locals in Vietnam is Coconut Village Hoi An, which is also known as Cam Thanh Village.  This area is not only known for its locals though and it is the water coconut palm trees that intrigue visitors like yourself the most.

Coconut forest Hoi An

If you are like many people, you may be interested in a little history about Coconut Village Hoi An.  Cam Thanh Village was an Army base during both wars that occurred in the country.  Despite the horrendous history, this village is gorgeous and quite peaceful.

You will find Coconut Village Hoi An approximately five kilometers to the southeast of Hoi An Old Town.  And if you are not aware, it is as much of a cultural destination as it is a place of unspoiled beauty.

There are many ways to reach Coconut Village Hoi An, so you will want to determine which one is best for you as you are making your plans to visit.  Some people find that taking a boat there is the easiest, while others prefer a taxi or renting a motorbike for the journey.  You can even ride a bicycle from town to Coconut Village Hoi An.

The best time to visit Coconut Village Hoi An is during the months of February through April, because the dry season has arrived, and it is not too hot.  However, if you do not mind the heat, you can visit between May and July too!  The coconuts within the village always ripen during the eighth month of the lunar year, so you may want to plan your visit accordingly if you want to experience drinking the sweet juice from a completely ripened real coconut!

While devouring a coconut is one of the must-do items in Coconut Village Hoi An, you should also take one of the bamboo basket boat rides during your visit.  These boats are constructed quite well, and they will not tip over when you are out on the water.

visit coconut village hoi an

These boats will take you deep out in the coconut forest, where you can pick your own coconut.  Most of these boat rides last approximately a half hour at a cost of 150,000 VND.  Each boat can carry two adults and two smaller children, as well as the guide.

During your ride on the water, your guide will show you how to paddle this unique round boat.  They will then ask if you want to try to paddle on your own.  Don’t worry, because these boats are easier to paddle then you think and due to their design, they will not tip over!

It is best to spend a lot of time with the locals during your visit as well, because they can share so much of the history of the area, as well as the traditions that have been passed down through the generations.  You might even have the chance to listen to them share their fishing techniques and even get to help them fish!


One of the best things to do with the locals though is any of the numerous cooking classes at the local restaurants.  Simply sign up for a cooking class with a tour group and one of the local cooks will show you how to prepare some local delicacies.  Most of the ingredients you will be using for each dish will be fresh and grown locally, so you will get an idea of what all these ingredients should look like when they are high-quality.  A few dishes that are usually made during the cooking classes include fish and seafood dishes, as well as spring rolls, salads, and pancakes.

Coconut forest in Hoi An

Coconut Village Hoi An is not too far from Old Town, but you must plan your visit carefully if you want to have the best time.  Making sure you know how you are getting to this village and what time you are arriving and leaving will go a long ways towards your enjoyment, because you won’t need to stop and figure out how much time you have once you arrive.

It is also best to arrange for your boat rides, cooking classes, and anything else you plan on doing in advance, or at least have a schedule in place of what you want to do when.  By doing that in advance, you will save yourself a lot of time when you arrive at Coconut Village Hoi An, and that time can be spent enjoying more of the beauty that is within this part of the country.

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