Supermarket Hoi An

Where is Supermarket in Hoi An ? You are going to need, and want, to eat while you are spending time in the town of Hoi An in Vietnam.  While you can easily go to the Hoi An Central Market to get some fresh ingredients, or simply eat street foods or go to a local restaurant for every meal, you should be aware that the Hoi An supermarkets will have everything you need as well.

There are many different grocery stores in this town, so you will always be able to find the supermarket Hoi An that fits your needs the most.  Every Hoi An supermarket may seem small, but you can stock up on many basic items when you are there.  Some of the markets also carry specialty items, which is perfect when you want something unique to eat or want to enjoy something you love eating from back home.

Options for Supermarket Hoi An

Vinmart Supermarket

This is one of the newer Hoi An supermarket options, but it has become an overnight sensation and there are now more than a dozen stores scattered throughout the town.  This is a one-stop shop when it comes to grabbing fresh and frozen foods, as well as snacks and toiletries.  There shouldn’t be anything you are looking for that is not available on the shelves of this supermarket Hoi An.

vinmart hoi an - supermarket hoi an

9 Mart

9 Mart was the first of all the Hoi An supermarket options, but it is still quite small by many people’s standards.  This supermarket Hoi An has three levels that are filled with fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, coffee, and even a few souvenirs.  You may not find everything you want in this Hoi An supermarket, but you should be able to find enough to hold you over until you can get to a bigger store.

9 Mart

A Mart

A Mart is similar to a mini mart over in the western world, so expect to find all those easy to grab items that you would normally get from a convenience store.  This is an excellent place to go when you need a quick snack, batteries, and even a bottle of wine that you forgot to grab to go with your dinner.  The prices at A Mart are higher than average, but you are paying for the convenience.

a mart

Dingo Deli

Dingo Deli is more of a delicatessen, restaurant, and bakery instead of a supermarket Hoi An, but since they carry such a wide selection, many of the locals, and tourists, use it as one.  You can find anything you normally would at a deli counter, as well as frozen meat, fresh produce, and a plethora of baked goods.

Dingo Deli Supermarket hoi an

Bich Thuy

Bich Thuy is considered one of the best when people are talking about a supermarket Hoi An.  This Hoi An supermarket offers some really low prices on everything they sell.  You won’t find too many fresh food items at this store, but you will find a large variety of stable shelf goods, as well as wine, cigars, and cosmetics.  There is also a very large section dedicated to parents and everything they need for their child.

bich thuy supermarket Hoi An

AP Mart

The expats in Hoi An spend a lot of their time shopping at AP Mart, because it is always filled with items those people would normally only find back home.  Many specialty items can be found in this store too, so you won’t need to live without your favorite things until you return home.  Imagine grabbing some Australian beer or a favorite oil and vinegar blend to toss a bunch of vegetables with.  You can do that and so much more when you purchase from this supermarket Hoi An.

AP Mart

Moonmilk Supermarket

This Hoi An supermarket seems to have everything that every other supermarket Hoi An does not have in stock.  You can find many fresh foods, as well as packaged fruit, imported meats, condiments, and alcohol.  After you are finished with your shopping, you can always sit outside in their seating area to watch the locals go about their day.

Moonmilk Supermarket hoi an

Hang Nga

Hang Nga is also called Tiger Market Supermarket and it is one of the more reasonably priced markets in Hoi An when it comes to hard to find items, as well as western goods.  Their ready-made meal selection is huge, and they offer quite the selection when it comes to every other area of their store as well.  This is one of the best places to do your shopping, because you won’t need to haggle over the price of everything you want to purchase.

hang nga supermarket hoi an

This is a list of the best supermarket Hoi An and you will want to go to at least one of them for all your shopping needs.  If you happen to visit a couple different Hoi An supermarket options, you will be able to determine which one is your favorite.  This will ensure you know where you must go every time you return to Hoi An.

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