Temperature in Hoi An

The temperature of Hoi An remains between average to very hot. However, the rain falls make it harder to reach some of the attractions. Different charts are as follows:

Average Monthly Highest Temperature chart

This is the maximum temperature in the mid-day of the entire month. You can easily decide about the clothing and packing during the day time. Never forget bringing the sun screens or sun block according to the nature of your skin because during the hottest days the sunlight becomes burning especially on the coastal areas. The months of January to August are extremely dry to moderate dry.

January 25°C

February 26°C

March 28°C

April 30°C

May 32°C

June 33°C

July 33°C

August 32°C

September 31°C

October 29°C

November 27°C

December 26°C

Temperature in Hoi An 2020
(Temperature in Hoi An 2020)

Average Monthly Lowest Temperature Chart

This is the average fall of temperature in the evening. The temperature varies according to the areas like the coastal areas, mountains and hills are colder as compared to the city center. Never forget bringing something warm to wear if you are going to a river side or roof top place during the colder evenings.

January 19°C

February 20°C

March 21°C

April 23°C

May 25°C

June 25°C

July 26°C

August 25°C

September 24°C

October 23°C

November 22°C

December 20°C

Average Rain Falls of Hoi An (days)

Most of the attractions are near the river. You can plan accordingly otherwise you will not be able to enjoy most of the places because they become inaccessible during monsoon. The months of September, October and November have more storms and the risk of typhoons because of heavy and continuous rainfalls.

January 5 – 7 days

February 4 – 6 days

March 5 – 7 days

April 8 – 9 days

May 14 – 16 days

June 20 – 22 days

July 19 – 22 days

August 23 – entire month

September 19 – 22 days

October 15 – 17 days

November 7 – 8 days

December 5 – 7 days

Detailed Monthly Weather of Hoi An

The monthly temperature in Hoi An along with the precipitation, humidity and other things are as follows.

in the cool day
(Temperature in Hoi An)

January in Hoi an

The hottest day according to the annual temperature average is 2nd January with 24°C and the lowest average temperature is January 15th with 19°C. The sky remains 53% to 49% cloudy during the month. However, the rainfall is very limited like it reaches maximum 7.0 inches. This is not an extremely pleasant time but still if you want to plan then it is a good time to explore the villages and historical monuments in the morning. The humidity of the city remains between 58% to 56% during entire month. The evenings are very pleasant and you can visit the bridges and night markets.

February in Hoi an

The maximum temperature during the month of February reaches 21°C and rarely exceeds 30oC. The lowest temperature during the month of February 20oC. It never gets too cold or too hot even for the outdoor attractions. Entire month remains cloudy and a couple of days in the month becomes partly cloudy. The winds are different according to the location whereas at most places, February remains mild and nice. You can easily assess because the winds remain constant whole month. If you are heading toward the beaches, then the water surface temperature also remains mild but warm. You can spend a nice day at the countryside near the river.

March in Hoi an

The maximum temperature in Hoi An during the month of March is 29°C and the lowest temperature becomes 23 oC. You will find rapid increase in the clouds during the day time. The partly cloudy days are 55% covered during the month of March. The rainfall increases to at least one week but it never happens continuously. The afternoons are hot and the evenings are mild with winds at the coastal areas.

hoi an in the sunny day
(Temperature in Hoi An)

April in Hoi an

The maximum temperature during the April afternoons are 30oC and the lowest temperature goes to 23oC. If you are going to explore the city center or countryside, then try to start your trip early in the morning and stay indoors during the afternoon. You will see cloudy days and rains at least for 8 days in the month. 1st April is the clearest day of the month and the clouds keep on increasing and reducing after that. Rains increase in April and it is better to check the weather and rains before visiting islands and coastal areas.

May in Hoi an

The locals usually work in the morning and rest in the afternoon during May. You will find this thing more common in the village areas. The maximum temperature in the day time becomes 33oC and it becomes very hot. The decrease of temperature reaches 26oC and it remains warm but the evenings of the coastal sides become pleasant. Almost 97% of the month remains cloudy during the month of May. The increase of clouds keeps on going until June. Rainfall also increases during the month of May and almost 60% of the month remains rainy. The winds decrease in May and the water surface temperature becomes 28oC. Check the details of rain before visiting the coastal areas and river sides.

June in Hoi an

The temperature in Hoi An starts increasing in the month of June because it is the start of Summers. The afternoon reaches a maximum of 33oC and the evening decrease reaches 25oC. The tourism becomes very high and the coastal areas become over crowded with tourists. Sometimes the sky becomes cloudy in the mountains and coastal areas so it becomes a little mild but sunny. The rainfalls become frequent due to that the islands are not safe to visit. The humidity also remains 100% and the winds remain constant. The surface temperature of water remains 28oC.

HA in the winter
(Temperature in Hoi An)


The temperature remains constant like the month of June. If you are planning the areas like vegetable village, pottery village, fishing village or some historical monuments then start the trip early in the morning. It is not a big problem in Hoi an because most of the places open at this time. You just have to carry the umbrella because the rainfall is frequent but not unpredictable. Check the weather to plan the trip accordingly. The clouds become constant and thick along with 100% humidity. The winds calm down during the month of July and the 26th to 28th of July are the calmest days of the year. The water temperature is also same like June. It is a nice time to visit the beach because of lesser crowds.


The good weather starts during the month of August. Mostly it is pleasant and beautiful. However, the month is very hot and humid but the monsoon showers and breeze from the river make it nice. The peak temperature of afternoon is around 32°C and the evenings becomes as low as 25oC. The rain showers remain from 23 days to whole month. 94% of the days are cloudy or partially cloudy with 100% humidity. The winds vary according to the areas but remain under 0.1 miles per hour. The water surface temperature is mildly warm so rain showers make beach very pleasant.


September is the start of monsoon season and heavy rainfalls starts in Hoi an. The islands and coastal areas have fear of getting flooded from September until November. The highest temperature is 31oC and the lowest temperature becomes 24oC. Rainfalls from 19 to 22 days in which it rains continuously for a couple of days. The clouds start decreasing and the sky remains mostly clear or partly cloudy. The percentage of rains and clouds vary according to the areas. Humidity remains 100% to 97% during the whole month. The wind speed increases by 50% and remains constant in the coastal areas. Evenings are wet and windy.

hoi an in the rainy - Temperature in Hoi An
(Temperature in Hoi An)


The warmth of afternoons starts decreasing from October. The maximum temperature reaches 29oC and the minimum temperature gets to 23oC. The heavy rainfalls become a little infrequent but continuously. During October it rains from 15 to 17 days. The storms and typhoons are not uncommon in coastal areas and islands. Most of the Vietnamese boat and ferry companies do not have international safety standards. It is a high risk to go to the nearby islands of Hoi an. You can plan some city center activities or can visit the beach after checking the weather. The clouds decrease by 80% and the sky remains mostly clear. The humidity starts decreasing to 95%. The heavy winds increase and the water temperature starts decreasing.


November starts becoming cold with the highest temperature of 27oC and the lowest temperature 22oC. The rainfall decreases to 7 days but there is a high risk of flood. Mostly the floods occur during the month of November in Vietnam. The clouds become infrequent and mostly the sky remains clear. The precipitations and wet days’ decrease to 41% in the month of November. Humidity also decreases to almost 81% by the end of the month. The wind speed starts increasing rapidly due to that November is mostly stormy. The wind is 9.9 miles per hour whole month. The water temperature starts becoming cold and keep on decreasing over the course of the month.

December in Hoi an

The average temperature in Hoi An decreases during December. The maximum temperature in the afternoon is 26oC and the fall of temperature reaches 20oC. The rainfall also reduces to 5 days and rarely it rains for 7 days. The sky also becomes clear and the clouds coverage is only 45%. The humidity decreases to 59% by the end of the December. However, the winds pressure increase and the 5th December is the windiest day in the year and the speed reaches to 10.1 miles per hour. After this, the wind speed start decreasing but the average speed varies according to the areas. The water temperature decreases frequently and it becomes colder every day.

Hoi An has a variety of locations like villages, old town, historical monuments, parks, island, beaches and a lot more. The temperature above is the average extracted data from the annual weather statistics. The climate change is bringing a huge difference in the average statistics each year. You can consult the provided data to make a plan of your trip and decide the time to visit the city. Never forget consulting the weather of your decided dates so you can plan and pack accordingly. During the peak summers it becomes very difficult to visit the villages and other outdoor areas because of the scorching heat. Never forget packing your small portable fan. When there is the monsoon season the snorkeling and diving activities are closed so consult your travel agency about the accurate information. Hoi an is an amazing place to explore where as you can have much more entertaining experience if you carefully manage the things.

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