Best bars in Hoi An

Best bars in Hoi An ? The charming shops and river side bistros are the identity of Hoi An. The city with relaxing atmosphere surprisingly has a vibrant night life. However, most of the bars close early and the ones remains open till late at night remain crowded with most of the tourists. The diversity and crowds of the nightlife of Hoi An is increasing like the other big cities of Vietnam because of the tourism. The nightlife has two sides one is the old town and the other is the An Bang Beach. You can find some quiet, relaxing, romantic places and vibrant, interactive and fun places.

Old town has mostly visitors of every kind of choice. There are lanterns, fancy cocktails, colorful venues, and mostly live music that people enjoy. On the other hand, the beach bars are more vibrant with homogenous crowds and funky surroundings. Some of the nightlife places stay open until late at night. Mostly jazz, Latin, electronica and diverse music is played for the dance beats. There are bands which play live party music. Most of the night life places start at 7 pm and close at 11 pm, you have to ask for the timing if you are heading after 10 pm but there will be a few options. There are live music venues, trendy cafes, bars and pubs with big and vibrant dance floors. The list of activities in the night life is very long. There are some places which are ranked as the best ones according to their type. You can select one as you prefer.

Best for cocktails

Mango rooms

The beautiful riverside bar, restaurant and lounge was the first project of Vietnamese- American Chef that serves the contemporary Asian cuisines and signature cocktails. This is the perfect place to grab some creative and nice cocktails with food. It remains open from 9 am to 10 pm and at 7 pm the local beers and cocktails are sold on 50% off. The colorful place has the stunning views from its small balcony that resembles the Venice. After the 7pm not only cocktail prices become low but the live performances start and the place becomes a perfect party. This is a must visit place to enjoy the river view and try out the unique flavors.

mango room best bars in hoi an
(Mango room)

92 station

The tallest building of old town opens very early in the morning at 6:30 am and remains open until 10 pm. This is the three story building with an open air roof top and restaurant. The cocktail menu is very interesting and you get free snacks with the cocktails. The best thing about this place is the sunset view from the roof top so try to reach there before the sunset. The surroundings of the building in the heart of the old town, have historic clay roofs and the life of old era that make the views more amazing.

92 station hoi an - best bars in hoi an
(92 station)

The Deck Hoi An

This is the roof top of the five-star Hotel Royal located in the old town. The roof top area is open for everyone who is not a member or guest. It remains open from 11am to 12am and you can enjoy the happy hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm during that 1 cocktail is free with 1. The luxurious place and the stunning panoramic views of the Thu Bon river and the old town are perfect for a nice evening. The rainy evenings become a bit chilly so carry something little bit warm. The menu has a perfect combo of signature drinks and classic cocktails.

The Deck Hoi An - best bars in hoi an
(The Deck)

Sports Bar in Hoi An

Hoi An Sports Bar

This is the best lively place to witness the craze of people for sports and the fun they gather through live matches. The massive lounge has a number of big screen TVs where live matches are going on from all over the world. Plenty of seating is available everywhere and alongside the bar. A separate smoking area, a shuffleboard table, menu of chilled beers and delicious cocktails are perfect to enjoy the sports. It remains open from 11am to 11pm. The overall environment is friendly and interactive so you can get a chance to meet sports lovers and enjoy matches with the people having same interests as you.

watch sports best bars in hoi an
(Watch sports – best bars in Hoi An)

Best live Music Bars

Fender Bar

You can listen the Vietnamese love ballads to the Western Classics and rock live from the guitarist Tam Hu who runs the Fender bar. This place has more locals than tourists because of the famous guitar virtuoso. The live music plays from 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm and the best part is that everyone can participate due to that the locals enjoy this place a lot. This place remains open very late at night and the open mic and Dj is played from 11:00 pm to 4:00am. There are a lot of things unique about this bar like live jamming with a guitar maestro and very late opening hours. Sometimes the performance of tourists from other countries are wonderful and the people from same place join them. This is a very friendly place where you can interact with locals and tourists to enjoy the jamming and music more. Fender bar is the perfect place if you want to head to the bar at 10:00pm and to stay there till late, enjoy the live singing and want to play something of your own or just sit and enjoy the delicious cocktails. This place is a must visit.

Fender Bar- best bars in hoi an
(Fender Bar- best bars in hoi an)

Soul kitchen and Soul Beach

The sister businesses offer live music by the An Bang Beach, food and drinks. When you book your tickets, they provide the good spots for swimming, laying back and soaking up the sun along with the local and international dishes with refreshing cocktails. This is the perfect place to enjoy the beach with all the fun. During the night, the party starts and you will find a variety of international and Vietnamese talent. Sometimes musicians involve the guests and it becomes an electrifying jamming session. The latest programs are announced on the social media pages of Soul kitchen and Soul beach where you can easily select the day you want to go. They are the perfect combo of beach bar, live music bar and beach attraction.

Soul kitchen and Soul Beach
(Soul kitchen and Soul Beach)

Best Beach bar

The Shore Club

You can recognize this place by being the largest one and the other thing is the glamour. You will not find any other place as glamorous as this. The panoramic sea views, beach lounge, rustic interior and amazing music makes it a best place to get the perfect beach visit feel. It opens at 8am to 11pm so you can visit at any suitable time but the best time is 4pm to 6pm because they are the happy hours when you can get 1 drink for other. The menu has delicious Vietnamese and international dishes along with the Mediterranean and Spanish flavors. It is an expensive place for food so keep extra cash in your pocket if you want to try a meal. However, the amount worth paying because of the taste of food and the beauty of the ambiance.

The Shore Club
(The Shore Club)

Best night clubs and bars

There are some Best bars in Hoi An with their unique elements of style.


Kukun is a lively night club located at the An Bang Beach so you can expect some high quality time. The spacious and big dance floor has the coastline views along with the techno and electronic music played by the local and international DJs. This is an epic party place of Hoi An where you can have a vibrant and lively night. It remains open from 8am to 2am and apart from the night party people usually visit it in the daytime for sunbathing and relaxing. This is a perfectly fun place to spend an entire day and end the evening by hitting the dance floor.

Kukun bar - best bars in hoi an
(Kukun bar – best bars in Hoi An)

Dive bar

The expats and travelers finding late night place in the old town can head towards the Dive bar. It remains open from 10am till 12am. The bar is made in an old house of Hoi An so it is a nice place to chill out with the wonderful old town vibe. You can select the seating according to your mood because there are three options like sofas lounge, courtyard seating and pool table. The menu has local and international cuisines with drinks and shisha. Sometimes live music shows are also arranged but the routine music is electronic music.

dive bar - Hoi An Nightlife
(Dive bar – best bars in Hoi An)

Session Bar and Restaurant

This is a funky bar located on the riverside with a delicious menu. The BBQ is available at the sunset along with drinks. The best thing everyone enjoy is the style of welcoming the guests. This makes the expats and tourists become a part of the group immediately. It opens are 5pm and remains open u until late at night. Session bar is the best option if you are a solo traveler and looking to socialize.

Best options for backpackers

Tiger Tiger

The bar is a perfect place for the backpackers because it gives 1 free drink on entry during 5:30pm to 12:00am and different deals during the entire happy hours. It remains open till late night from 5:30pm. It is on an island of Hoi An where there are many other bars in a row. Most of them are very popular among the backpackers. The dance floors remain filled with people where the famous songs of Western artists are mostly played like Shakira, Britney, Taylor swift, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. If you do not want to be a part of the crowd, then you can go to the outside tables of the tiger tiger bar and enjoy the river side relaxation. The entire lane of Tiger Tiger bar has the best bars in Hoi An for backpackers.

Tiger Tiger hoi an
(Tiger Tiger Bar – best bars in Hoi An)

Craft beers of Hoi an

The craft beer of Hoi An is famous among the locals and travelers. They love the traditional places where it is available.

Hoi an Brewery

The spacious bar and the outdoor garden seating attracts a lot of tourists and locals. It is located in the outskirts of the old town due to that people exploring the old town stop here for a chilled glass of beer. It remains open from 11:30am to 11pm. The menu is a big list of sophisticated wines and a huge variety of craft beers. There is a coffee shop behind the brewery so anyone can enjoy in the surrounding. The best part of this place is enjoying a nice beer in the garden.

Hoi an Brewery - best bars in hoi an
(Hoi An Brewery)

The Shamrock Irish Pub

The bustling old town section alongside the river is the home of the Shamrock Irish Pub. This is the only place where you can get pint along with a variety of beers and a huge list of wines in the menu. There are burgers made from Australian beef that you can have at the meal time. The Pub opens at 7:30 am and closes at 12 am. You can listen to the live music on several days of the week otherwise watch sports on lots of big TVs that play different live sports from around the world.

The Shamrock Irish Pub
(The Shamrock Irish Pub)
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