Famous Streets of 36 Streets

Overview of famous Streets of 36 Streets

Old quarter of Hanoi is the oldest area of the city with a rich history of 2000 years. It was continuously developed and evolved in all those years. You can see a variety of ancient things and monuments while strolling in the streets. This area is known as “36 old streets” whereas there are more than 70 streets in this area. According to the researchers 36 number of streets were estimated in the 15th century. Each street has a specialty for which it got its name.

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Things to do at famous Streets of 36 Streets

There are plenty of things to explore in the 36 streets of the old quarter of Hanoi.

Hang Thung – Street of Buckets

There are many restaurants, fashion shops, hotels, historical places and shops to explore. You can also find preserved ruins of Tho Nam Temple that was used as a worshipping place for old town people.


Hang Bac – Street of Silver

It is one of the most interesting street to explore by walk. Han bac means silver.

 Hang Dao

This market becomes more lively in the night especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because of the Hang Dao night market.


 Hang Ngang

This is a 152 meters long street which is connected with Hang Dao street and Hang Duong Street. It is among the busiest market places of Hanoi.

Hang Tre – Street of Bamboos

This is a 290-meter long chicest place to explore with many restaurant, hotels, fashion boutiques, stores and bars.

Hang Gai – Street of thorns

It is the most loved street of Old Quarter by photographers.


Hang Voi – Streets of Quicklime

It is a large street that connects Hang Voi street, Lo Su Street, Hang Tre Street and Ngo Quyen and Ton Dan Street and goes to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hang Duong – Street of Sugar

This is best place for people with sweet tooth. You can try a variety of delicious sweet things.

Hang Vai – Street of Fabrics

It is one of the best areas to enjoy traditional side of Hanoi. It is a very less crowded area because of non-tourism.


Hang Muoi – Street of Salt

This street is located in the outskirts of the Hanoi old Quarter.


Hang Mam – Street of Fish Sauce

Street starts from Tran Nhat Duat Street to Hang Bac Street and crosses Nguyen Huu Huan street.

Hang Manh – Street of Curtains

Street of curtains is 152 meters long. It connects Hang Non street to Hang Bong street.

Hang Hom

It is 120-meter long street located on Co Vu Village.


Hang Ga – Street of Chickens

The 228-meter long street is located within Hoan Kiem district.

Hang Thiec – Street of Tins

136-meters street starts from Thuoc Bac Street and ends in the Hang Non Street.


Hang Khoia – Street of Tubers

This old town street is located parallel to the railways passing Long Bien Bridge.

Hang Giay – Streets of Shoes

220meter long Street of shoes is located in the areas of Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District.

There are some other streets in the district such as Hang Giay – Street of paper, Hang Quat – Street of Fans, Hang Chieu – Street of Mats and many more. You can visit them to enjoy history and culture of ancient Hanoi.

Accommodation (budget, moderate and luxury)

Hanoi Street Hotel

You can easily access many bars, restaurants and attractions from the hotel. Rooms have satellite TV, neutral dark wood décor, mini fridge and other amenities.


 Mayflower Hotel Hanoi

Entire hotel building has internet access. Rooms have flat screen TV, fridge, safes and some rooms have balconies.


Pullman Hanoi

This upscale hotel is located among many shops and restaurant. You can also access Temple of literature and Ho Chi Minh mausoleum easily from this place. Hotel has a restaurant, tapas bar, relaxed spa, outdoor pool and fitness area.


Places to eat

Every street has a variety of foods to try. You can try delicious International and Vietnamese foods everywhere.

Hanoi Garden Restaurant since 1998

You can get away from the city noise and sit in a peaceful garden to enjoy modern Vietnamese cuisines.

Hanoi food culture

Restaurant is located in a beautiful French colonial building in Old Quarter, Hanoi. You can have an amazing mix of food and culture of Vietnam in this place.

Hoang’s Vietnamese restaurant & Cooking class

This restaurant is located in the area of night market. You can try delicious lunch, dinner and walk around the city. It is an authentic Vietnamese food place and they also teach recipes to the visitors.

Airport info

Hanoi is the home to the biggest airport of Vietnam. Many local and international airlines operate from Noi Bai International Airport.



There is a good network of city buses in Hanoi. You can also hire private taxi or metered taxi to get around. Different bike and bicycle rental companies are also available in the city.

You can learn about the ancient culture and history of Hanoi from 36 streets area. There are many businesses existing from old times, passing through generations after generations.

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