Ngoc Son temple

Overview of Ngoc Son temple

Ngoc Son temple is located in the mid of a serene and beautiful lake, Hoan Kiem Lake. This lake has a small island on which the temple is constructed. It is a very picturesque place. This is the sacred historical complex and it has been a pride of the people of Vietnam for hundreds of years. The temple was built during the 19th century in the memory of a military commander Tran Hung Dao. His war strategies made Vietnamese army win many battles during the 13th century, Yuan dynasty. Temple is the worshipping place for Van Xuong De Quan, the Taoist and Chinese God of prosperity.

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ngoc son temple

Temple was initially known as the pagoda whereas pagodas are associated with Buddhism so it was changed to temple. This complex and its surroundings are architectural wonders which possess spiritual meanings and charms.

Things to do at Ngoc Son temple

It is a complex with many attractions around it, you can spend a very informative and interesting day in this attraction.

The pen tower and ink slab

Pen tower is located right before the Huc bridge. It looks like a huge stone pen pointing towards the sky and the pile of rocks under it represent earth. It was contributed by Nguyen Van Sieu. There is a stone slab next to it that has a carving “Ta Thanh Thien” writing on the blue sky. Vietnamese believe that their ancestors had phenomenal dreams, that should be written upon the sky.


The Huc bridge, Dac Nguyet Lau and Tran Ba Dinh

The wooden bridge can be recognized by its bright and vibrant red color. It is a work of Buddhist architecture that makes the lake and surroundings more stunning. It is designed as the cluster of sunlight that means luck, hope and happiness to the city. You will reach Dac Nguyet Lau after crossing the bridge. It is the moon gazing pavilion.


There is a turtle carving on the left side of the gate and a dragon on the right side. Turtle represents sustainability and longevity whereas dragon represents power and strength. On a further walk, there is Tran Ba Dinh or tidal wave defense pavilion.

Ngoc Son Temple

Take a left after Tran Ba Dinh to reach Ngoc Son Temple. There are two main sections of the worshipping hall. One is for Trang Hung Dao (warrior) and other is for Van Xuong De Quan (philosopher). There is a third statue of Amitabha, who practiced Mahayana Buddhism. These sculptures express the religious believes, peace and unity of the nation.


Accommodation (budget, moderate and luxury)

Vision Premier Hotel and Spa

It is a relaxing place to stay with many facilities such as complimentary breakfast, free internet, AC and full service laundry. It also has a restaurant to have delicious meals and a spa to relax.


Hotel De La Soie

It is a very comfortable place to stay. Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, 24-hour front desk, full service laundry and a lot of amenities.

Hotel De La Soie

La Sinfonia Del Rey Hotel and Spa

This is an elegant place to stay with the stunning views of Hoan Kiem Lake. Upmarket hotel is very close to the Old Quarter and Long Bien railway station. Rooms have TV, Coffee makers, mini fridge and safes. There is a restaurant, roof top bar, spa and a lounge.

La Sinfonia Del Rey Hotel and Spa

Places to eat

There are many delicious food places near the Ngoc Son Temple

Lake View Side restaurant & café Best Hoan Kiem Lake, Best Vietnamese cuisines & Vegan Dishes

It is the best place to try a variety of Vietnamese and international cuisines. There are many vegan options well. Different cooking classes are also organized from which you can learn some delicious recipes. Fresh and organic ingredients are sourced from farmers and local sellers.

Cau Go Vietnamese cuisine

You can try some delicious authentic Vietnamese flavors in the stunning restaurant near Hoan Kiem Lake. It is the best place to enjoy fantastic landscape while having the meal.

Downtown Café and Restaurant

It is a favourite place of local and international travelers. You can enjoy delicious food in the vibrant Old Quarter of Hanoi. Authentic Vietnamese food made this restaurant famous around the world.

Airport info

Ngoc Son Temple is the main airport for domestic and international flights. Airlines from all over the world, operate from the airport.


Hanoi is the home to this beautiful lake and fantastic temple. It is one of the main cities of Vietnam so the temple is very well connected with every part of the city. You can use public bus service, taxi or cab to reach various part of the city. Many tourists use bike or rent scooter to explore the city.

Hanoi has many amazing tourist attractions with rich history and strong cultural roots. Ngoc Son Temple is a superb place to visit to learn about the history, culture and importance of religion in Vietnam.

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