What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is not only the capital city of Vietnamese cultures and historical traditions but also the pleasant shopping environment of many things to buy. It offer various specialties such as the unique handcrafts, snacks, soft silks,…

If you are planning to buy some souvenirs in Hanoi, we are here to help. Here are “What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam” that you should be buy when visiting Hanoi.

1. Green Rice Flakes

Green Rice Flakes is a specialty food you should not miss when visiting Hanoi. Its flavor is the sweet and delicate taste of Hanoi autumn. It is made of rice, green peas, sugar and usually wrapped in lotus leaves.

Green Rice Flakes variety of different delicious types such as Com cake, Green rice Flakes sweetened porridge, stir-fried Com and fried Com. Talking about the place sell it, people cannot ignore Hang Than street, where is famous for many food stores selling Green Rice Flakes.

com-hanoi - What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

(What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam)

Price: Around 30,000 VND per produce

2. Lacquer Ware

Lacquer is the discovery and technology development from Vietnamese traditional painting. It is an art that has been handed down for generations.

Lacquer ware of Vietnam is one of those items that you should buy in Vietnam. It is known for its superior quality products. They come in all forms –   jewellery boxes, trays, plates and dishes, vases,…

Lacquer Ware - What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

(What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam)

Price: From 180,000VND to 1,250,000VND per item

3. Silk and Clothing

If you want to buy good quality silk at affordable prices, you should be go to Hanoi. Van Phuc Village is famous for making the authentic traditional silk because of their exceptional way of making the best silk in town. It is exceptionally soft, thin and lightweight. They create the high-quality and colorful products of this kind of textile. It is available everywhere in the Old Quarters, but mostly concentrated along Hang Gai Street and Nha Tho street.

silk-hanoi - What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

(What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam)

Price: From 100,000 VND to 5.000,000 VND per produce

4. Ceramics and Potteries

Hanoi is known as the cradle of traditional ceramics and potteries. It can easily be had at affordable prices.

Bat Trang Village is the best place if you’re looking to learn about making the ceramics and create your own ceramic piece by join its pottery-making workshops.

What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

(What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam)

Price: Around 30,000 VND per produce

5. Embroidery

Hanoi is a great place to buy beautiful and high-quality embroidery on any budget. Available products is very various such as embroidered bag, bed sheets, bed throws, pillowcases, table runners, napkins and many more. The images on it are also diverse, specially the majestic dragons and lotus flowers is the best designs to look for. It is seen commonly at Dong Xuan market and at the Old Quarters.

Embroidery - What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam

(What to buy in Hanoi Vietnam)

Price: From 100,000 VND to 500,000 VND per produce

6. Dried fruits

It would be a big mistake if you fail to taste dried fruits sold on Hanoi. It is dried fruits mixed with salt, sugar, chili, lime and ginger,… to balance of sour, spicy, salty, and sweetness. The most common fruits used to make it are apricot, plum, tamarind, jackfruits, peach, mango, kumquat, pineapple,… This type of snack is very well-known for their excellent taste, rich in term of species and affordable prices.

It is easy to store and keep for an extended period of time. This traditional specialty of Hanoi is abundantly sold along Hang Duong Street.


Price: Around 50,000 VND per box of 200g

7. Lotus tea

Lotus, the national flower in Vietnam, is one of Hanoi’s most prized specialties. The combination between tea and lotus makes a special tea that people will be mind-blowing by the whole essence of it. It can be found in many regions in Vietnam produce lotus tea but it is believed that the ones from Hanoi’s West Lake has an unique flavor.


1kg of lotus tea is made from 1500 lotus flowers. The process of making the lotus tea requires patience and skill from makers to achieve its exquisite taste. When you taste this noble tea, you will taste the flavor of high-grade green tea combined with lotus’s luscious fragrance. Lotus tea is perfect for what you need for a elegant gift from Hanoi

Price: From 500,000 VND to 800,000 VND per gram

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