Bai Dinh Pagoda- Ninh Binh

Overview of Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda is an amazing complex of Buddhist temples located in the Gia Vien District on Bai Dinh mountains. There are old and new temples which combined make the largest Buddhist temples complex in Vietnam. It is the most popular site where people from all over the country come for pilgrimage. A quiet forest surrounds this spiritual place. Pagoda complex has ancestor worshipping house, Bright Buddhist worshipping cave, Genie Cao Son temple, Dark fairy worshipping cave, Saint Nguyen temple, different grottoes and small caves.

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Apart from religious sculptures and worshipping structures, there are a variety of stalactites and stalagmites in caves. You can visit many other places in the neighborhood of Bai Dinh. Bai Dinh Pagoda complex was made by collecting materials from locals neighboring areas. Craftsmen from different Vietnamese villages worked on them such as wood workers came from Phu Loc, Ninh Van village sent Stone crafters, bronze craftsmen came from Y Yen village, Van Lam village sent its embroidery experts and many others. It is an amazing wonder of local craftsmanship.


Things to do at Bai Dinh Pagoda

It is a huge area with many attractions located near each other. You can spend an entire day in visiting places, eating and enjoying activities.

Tam Quan Gate

It is the main gate or face of the Bai Din Temple that is open for Buddhist believers, Bonzes and tourists. This is majestic and stunning, standing in complete harmony with the interior of the building. It is the main entrance that is constructed in the Vietnamese traditional architecture style.


Bell Tower

Bell tower is a three layered octagonal shape with total length of 22 meters. Bottom of the towers is 49 meters wide in the shape of a lotus. Bell tower has eight sides which are spacious. Bell tower has a big bell hanging in between. There is a stair case to reach the top of the tower. You can look at the earth and sky from the tower.

temple tower bai dinh

Bodhisattva Temple

This is a traditional Vietnamese architecture marvel created with precious wood. It is an unusual structure that is the worshiping place of Bodhisattva. When you enter the temple, there is a huge statue of Bodhisattva in the middle of the building. It is considered as the largest religious statue in Vietnam.


Temple of Buddha Dharma Lord

This is an amazing temple of Gautama Buddha (Thich Ca Buddha). Temple is 45.5 m wide, 30m high and 47.7m long. There are five sections of the temple. It is visited by locals and tourists for worshipping and admiring the majestic temple. 10 meters high Buddha statue is made of 100tons of bronze. This statue holds a record of heaviest and highest statue of Buddha in Vietnam.

Temple of three identical statues of Buddha

This temple is known as Dien Tam The in the local language. You have to climb 200 stone steps to reach the temple. It is the grandest and tallest building in the Bai Dinh pagoda complex. There are three different Buddha statues in the temple which represent present, past and future. In the year 2017, National office of intellectual property and Vietnam book of records recognized it as the set of biggest Buddha statues in the country.


Ancient Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Co Tu is located on the mountain. This area has a variety of worshipping and sacred places. Vietnamese people believe that many of their gods, kings, saints and popular figures were born and raised in this area. You can witness thousand years old religious history of Vietnam in this area.


Accommodation (budget, moderate and luxury) near Bai Dinh Pagoda

Ninh Binh Mountain View Homestay

It is a beautiful accommodation with restaurant, shared kitchen, bar, terrace and a garden. You can enjoy mountain views from the hotel rooms.


Mai Home

Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, swimming pool access, 24-hour front desk and many other facilities. It is a very comfortable accommodation.


Tam Coc garden resort

This upscale resort is located in a scenic area of Red River Delta surrounded by rice fields. This is a complex of 8 bungalows which are very well decorated with bamboo and stone accents.


Places to eat

There are many places to eat near Bai Dinh Pagoda.

Tam Coc Lantern Restaurant

It is located in the center of the Tam Coc Wharf. Customers can enjoy their meal or stroll around in the wharf area. Restaurant serves 100% authentic Vietnamese food.

Cao son restaurant

You can enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisines. There is huge variety of seafood and street food options in the menu.

Dao Phuket Bar

Bar serves delicious foods with cocktails and drinks. You can enjoy a wonderful night in the bar with rocking music and party environment. Menu contains Asian, British and European food options.

Airport info

You can easily visit Bai Dinh pagoda area from Hanoi. Noi Bai Airport is the largest airport of Hanoi where flights are available to and from all over the world.


Hanoi is one of the main cities of Vietnam so it has a very good transportation system. You can use bus service, private car or taxi to travel to Bai Dinh. Some visitors also rent motorbike or scooter to explore the city.

Bai Dinh Pagoda is a huge complex. You can spend an entire day in exploring every part of the pagoda because it is a very interesting area with rich history, religion and culture.

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